Written by pierre5

02 Jul 2012

Eased my wife into her first swing

I have thought many times of convincing my wife to enter the swinger scene, but simply did not know how to go about it. It is a tricky subject that can easily explode in your face. How do you correct the situation if she refuses?

I had earlier in my life had a scene or two with a couple that I knew from long ago. They were experienced swingers but really nice and sensible people.

My wife, Jenny knew them casually and did not know about their history.

Jenny and I watched soft porn occasionally and I thought she enjoyed it. We even made a film while having sex. This we both enjoyed and we watched it afterwards and I think it was a great turn on for her.

I once or twice mention swingers and swinger clubs and wondered how it would be.

While watching a video about swinger clubs, I asked her if she would be able to see herself as going there. She was not totally dismissive but also not overly keen. I left it at that.

It was a few weeks later while we were lying on the bed one afternoon that I decided to breach the subject again. We were looking at one of our videos.

Jenny is a really attractive woman with long shapely legs and a sexy body. Her tits are not massive but were soft and firm. She was stretched out next to me and I was playing with her nipple, rubbing it. I could feel she was getting aroused and her hand was on my leg. I started caressing her and moved my hand to her thigh and up between her legs. Her eyes were closed and it was clear that she was enjoying it. My hand slipped into her pantie and I could feel the softness of her pussy. I started rubbing her clit slowly. It was wet and her breathing became deep and her hand was now on my shaft and stroking me slowly. I thought this may be the right moment: “When would you consider a threesome or foursome, if ever.” I asked

“I don’t know, but maybe if it is a nice couple or guy and the situation is right.” She responded.

“We look quite good on the video, both of us. Some couple may find us attractive. But what if you or I get rejected?”

“I don’t think so looking at the video.” I said. “Yes maybe not, but I don’t know.” Came her response.

A short time later I bumped into my friends, Jackie and Will.

“How is Jenny, she still not interested?”. Asked Jackie with a smile.

“You know the story, right time, place etc.” I said

Will chipped in: “You know we will be careful and sensitive. Come over on Saturday and let’s see how it goes.”

“Ok , but slowly.”: I said

I told Jenny that we were invited to Jackie and Will. She liked them both and was keen to go.

Saturday arrived and I of course was excited as could be, but was worried that the whole thing may implode. This would be a disaster.

Jackie welcomed us and I must say she looked really stunning with a short mini skirt showing off her great legs. She smiled at me and winked. My mouth was dry.

The evening went well and a few drinks later Jackie made a casual remark about what was happening on the social scene. They know about a couple nearby who was part of a wife swapping club.

“I wonder what it is like. She asked.

“Probable a lot of old losers.” Said Jenny.

“No, I believe the people are like us, any professionals’.

“That may be interesting. My biggest fear is that we may not fit in”. Said Jenny

At that, Will said that he had a video showing what can be expected at such a club. Would we all like to see it? All agreed. The video initially showed very little of the sex but that came after a while.

It showed a couple explaining their experiences and how they enjoyed it. No harm, just fun.

Then it showed a scene with full sex.

“This part really excites me.” Jenny said and snuggled up to Will. He kissed her and rested his hand on her breast and playfully pinched her nipple. The action on the screen was now hotting up and a great looking girl is getting pounded.

Jenny was obviously excited and rubbing my crotch.

The girl on the screen was joined by a second girl who started liking her tits and fingering her.

Jackie moved over between Will and us. Will’s hand was under her skirt and obviously rubbing her cunt. Jackie looked at what was happening and I thought: This is it. She looked at me and smiled.

I slowly moved my hand and felt her pussy. She was obviously excited by what was happening.

I fingered her slowly and entered her pussy. She was now lying back. How sexy she looked with her long legs and blond hair, I thought.

Jackie at that stage turned to us and kissed Jenny softly. My wife just closed her eyes as if she knew she was too far away to resist.

Jackie removed Jackie’s pantie and the rest of her clothing.

My wife is lying there waiting. Jackie opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy while inserting a finger deep to reach her gspot. Jenny opened her legs. She lies completely exposed while Jackie stimulates her now soaking wet pussy. Then Jackie took Jenny’s hand and closed it on Will’s shaft and steered her to wank him slowly. She let go as Jenny moved her hand slowly along his shaft.

I was now so hot that I moved on Jenny. She smiled and opened her legs to let me reach her pussy. I was so stiff at that stage I thought I would burst.

Jackie and Will showed me to take it easy while we all were stimulating one another. I think they were worried that it all is happening to fast.

Jenny was now far away with Jackie rubbing her clit and I could see that she is moving faster on Will.

“Are you OK?.” Whispered Jackie. “Will would like to take her now”.

“Yes, just slowly.” I said.

Will took her hand off his shaft and now moved to Jenny’s pussy while Jackie started to kiss her and play with her breasts.

Will moved between Jenny’s legs and rubbed his cock against her inner thigh while he is slowly withdrawing his fingers from her cunt. Jenny was now completely still and drawing her legs slightly up. Her pussy is wet and waiting for Will. He then slowly inserted his head into her pussy. She gives a slight sigh as the penis moves into her. The lips of her pussy closing over the head and shaft. Jackie slowly starts to caress Jenny’s clit while Will moves into her. Jenny is now playing with my shaft while still stimulating Jenny while Will’s shaft is moving slowly in and out her now swollen pussy.

It is all in slow motion and Jenny now started pulling him onto and into her. She has her arms under his and thrusting her pussy up to meet him. It is incredible to see this. My wife lying on her back with another man slowly fucking her. I am now behind them to see him moving into her. Then he stars to fuck her faster and she moans louder.

Hi swet shaft is rubbing agains her pussy and the sounds of their fucking gets more urgent. Her eyes are closed and her legs drwan up to receive his deep thrusts.

“They are both coming.” Jackie said as both shuddered as they climaxed. Will’s body slapped against hers and she let out a sharp moan as he shot his load into her. The cum is wet on his shaft as he remains inside her for a time before finally withdrawing.

Then they both relaxed and Will kissed her slowly.

I could not wait anymore and turned to Jackie. She was hot and wet as I eased my prick into her pussy. We both fucked and she gave as much as she received. It was an incredible fuck as we both were now turned on as never before. I felt my prick moving in her tight pussy and I could feel that she is close to climax. I drove deep into her and felt the great feeling of her pussy lips rubbing against my now thick dick. I could feel the cum moving up and then I exploded into her.

All four of us just lay spent for the next few minutes.

So ended Jenny’s initiation. We saw them many times after that visit.