Written by Slowvelder

23 Sep 2016

There I was, standing in the middle of the room, naked, with my dick hard as a rock. I stared up at my wife, Patty, who was wearing only a t-shirt and her best friend, Sandy, who was topless, and wearing only an unbuttoned pair of short shorts. They were in the doorway of the upstairs bedroom and both were looking down at me, smiling at my predicament.

My predicament being that last night, unbeknownst to my wife, I’d fucked Sandy and now that the two of them obviously had spent the night together, my wife knew. And since nobody is yelling at me and they are both beckoning me upstairs, Patty must be cool with me fucking Sandy. I hoped.

Then there’s the fact that the two of them seem to be mostly undressed after having slept in the same bed. They were best friends before I even met Patty and they have slept in the same bed several times since Patty and I have been together; so I don’t know what might have happened last night. My dick started throbbing reminding me that I had a huge morning wood hard on.

In any case, I started up the stairs. I needed my dick relieved and this was the way to do it. Patty and Sandy went back into the bedroom and got onto the bed. I followed and stood at the foot of the bed wondering which side to get in. Sandy had a big smile but my wife had a devilish grin. I decided to get in next to her. She probably needed some reassurance and attention. I got in and kissed her. She kissed me back.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” I replied.

“Did you sleep well?”

“I slept fine. How about you? Anything unusual happen?” I asked.

“No, nothing unusual happened you moron.” She punched me in the chest. “Except that you fucked my best friend.”

“I thought you were cool with that.”

“I am,” she replied with a sigh. “What I’m not okay with is that you tried to hide it from me.”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry.” I leaned over her and kissed her again. She put her arms around me and kissed me back.

I ran my hand over her t-shirt and gently rubbed her breasts. Her nipples were hard. I rubbed my palm across one then the other. They poked visibly underneath the shirt and she whimpered softly as I rubbed. Her nipples had always been incredibly sensitive. She continued to embrace my neck as we kissed.

I moved my hand down her torso, below the hem of the t-shirt and to the top of her leg. Her skin was incredibly soft. Her muscles were firm and resilient.. I massaged her thigh and slowly slid my hand between her legs. She parted them slightly and I moved my hand up to her vulva. With the lightest touch, I began to gently rub back and forth.

Her pussy was soft, supple, and smoothly clean-shaven. I felt her inner labia poke out from between her pussy lips as I ran my hand over them. They were warm and moist. She spread her legs wider, allowing her pussy lips to part.

My middle finger slipped into her pussy and she moaned approvingly. She was exceptionally wet and slippery. Her inner labia surrounded and caressed my finger as I moved to find her clit, and when I contacted the underside, she gasped slightly. I circled the tip of my finger around the periphery of her clit and every third or forth revolution ran across the peak. She flinched and moaned each time from the sudden sensation.

“Oh god, you’re driving me crazy,” she whispered in my ear.

“I haven’t even begun to try,” I said as I pulled away from her embrace. I picked up her leg and positioned myself under it and perpendicular to her body. My head was now between her legs and I was lying on my flank, stretched out to the side. She rested her one leg over my torso and moved the other one out to the opposite side.

I moved in close to her wide open pussy and caught the sweet musky scent of her wetness. It was intoxicating. I flicked my tongue across her labia. She giggled. I ran my tongue over again, this time slower and with a little more pressure. It slipped in and out of her vaginal opening as it passed over. Patty moaned at the brief intrusion.

I plunged my tongue into her opening. She was full of pussy juice and some squirted out into my mouth. It was sweet, musky, and slippery. I pressed my mouth to her pussy to drive my tongue in deeper. I felt her leg muscles tighten as I circled my tongue inside her. My lips slipped inside her outer labia. Her inner labia were now between my lips and tongue and I gently sucked. She moaned with delight as her ample inner labia swelled and were drawn into my mouth.

Sandy reached down and grabbed my hard cock. I had almost forgotten she was in the bed with us. She began to stroke me which made my dick swell even more. Then she re-positioned herself with her head near my groin and pursed her lips around the tip of my cock. My dick began to pulse involuntarily. She moved her soft, moist lips over the glans and gently sucked. It was an overwhelming and distracting sensation. I concentrated on sucking Patty’s labia and running my tongue inside her vagina to take my mind off of my dick and keep from cumming to soon.

Then Sandy began to slowly slide my shaft deeper into her mouth while using her tongue to rub the head. Softly and gently, she went deeper until she had my entire length in her mouth. It was a warm sensual feeling. She moved her mouth up and down my dick, flicking her tongue on the glans. My entire groin began to tingle. Sandy continued to work on my dick and I lost my concentration. I was still sucking on Patty’s magnificent labia, but I was beginning to feel the urge to cum. I didn’t want to cum so soon and figured I had better be fucking Patty when I did cum, so I pulled my cock out of Sandy’s mouth. She looked a little surprised at the move, but the little smirk on her face showed me she knew exactly what she was doing.

I moved my head out from between Patty’s legs and knelt in front of her. “I want you now,” I said as I lowered on top of her.

She smiled wryly and I plunged my throbbing dick into her opening. Pussy juice squished out around my cock as I pushed inside. She closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy. I began to slowly move in and out. Patty murmured approvingly at every entrance and withdrawal.

Sandy reached over and began to rub my ass. My muscles flexed and relaxed as I moved in and out of Patty’s pussy and I could feel Sandy’s warm hand inspecting me at every stroke. I quickened my pace. Patty began to moan louder.

Then Sandy moved her hand to between my legs and grabbed my balls. It was an eerie yet exhilarating feeling. She began to fondle them. I thrust harder and faster at the new sensation and Patty wrapped her legs around my torso. Sandy continued to fondle my balls, rolling each one around between her fingers while I plunged in and out of Patty’s pussy.

It didn’t take long before I was getting ready to cum. The urge welled up quickly and there was no way I was going to suppress it. I thrust in deep and came. Patty screamed. I withdrew and thrust again, grunting and cumming at the same time. Sandy continued to fondle me as I thrust and ejaculated. Again and again. I came until there was nothing left. I was out of cum and out of energy. I collapsed on top of Patty.

“That was great,” she whispered in my ear. “I didn’t know having Sandy with us was going to make sex so hot.”

“Uh huh,” I mumbled my agreement.

“Now do Sandy.”

I picked myself up and gave Patty a quizzical look. “Now?” I asked.

“Yes, now.”

I was astonished. First at the fact she wanted me to fuck Sandy right here in front of her, second that she knew I’d already fucked Sandy last night, and third that I’d just had a great round with her and I was exhausted. Still, now was not the time to argue about my good fortune. I was going to fuck Sandy again and this time it would be with Patty’s blessing.

I rolled off of Patty and turned toward Sandy. “I guess we’re going to do it again,” I said.

“I guess we are,” she answered. She put her arms around my neck and began kissing me. I kissed her back. Then she stuck her tongue in my mouth continuing the kiss. I was beginning to find out she was quite skilled with her tongue.

I reached between her legs and she parted them slightly. I began to caress her vulva. It was as soft and supple as I had remembered from last night. I gently sucked on her tongue as she expertly worked it around my mouth. As I continued to rub her vulva, she spread her legs wider and her pussy lips opened up. My middle two fingers slipped in between. She was as wet as she had been the night before. Undoubtedly, Patty and I having sex right next to her was a turn-on. I pressed my fingers inside and began rubbing her inner labia. She retracted her tongue from my mouth and sucked my tongue into hers. I moved it around, but she actually did most of the work.

Then I felt Patty’s arm reach over me and grab between my legs. My dick had gone soft but not completely flaccid. She laid my member in her palm and closed her hand around it. I began to get hard again. She jerked my cock with the one hand and rubbed my ass with the other. My cock swelled in her fist. She kept a firm grip on it and jerked me until I was completely hard.

I had so many sensations coming from different parts of my body, I couldn’t concentrate on any one. As soon as I began to feel a new sensation from Sandy working on my mouth, Patty would shift her grip on my genitals and stimulate me. Then I would feel Sandy’s warm, wet pussy contract around my fingers as I explored her inner reaches. I was overwhelmed and had to do something to focus.

I lifted up to move on top of Sandy. She kept a firm embrace around my neck and lock on my tongue as I grappled with the acrobatics of the maneuver. Patty released her iron-fist grip on my cock and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands. I lowered myself onto Sandy and moved my cock around searching for the opening to her vagina. My cock was so numb from all the stimulation, I almost couldn’t feel the right place, but eventually, the tip slipped into her wet opening and I pushed my shaft in.

As I was pressing inside, Patty squeezed hard on my ass cheeks and shoved me forward. I flinched at the suddenness of her action and drove into Sandy. She moaned loudly at the unexpected deep drive, but her tongue continued to dart around my mouth. I could hear Patty giggling behind me.

I began to stroke in and out of Sandy’s silky smooth pussy, a little more rapidly than I had wanted to, but my dick was so stimulated at this point I couldn’t help it. Patty straddled my leg and massaged my ass. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing against the back of my knee as I moved in and out of Sandy’s pussy.

My strokes grew faster and deeper. Sandy released her hold of my tongue and whispered in my ear, “You’re making my pussy throb.”

“Do I have to ask your permission to cum this time?” I whispered.

“No,” she answered, “but you’d better ask Patty.”

I was starting to feel the urge to cum so I asked, “Patty, is it alright if I cum?”

Patty sat up on her knees, reared back and drove her knee gently, but firmly between my legs and into my balls.

“Ugh!” I grunted as I thrust forward and pounded deep into Sandy from the shock to my scrotum. “Why did you do that? I thought you were okay with this.”

“I am okay with this, you jerk,” she replied. She drove her knee into my nuts again.

I grunted and plunged deep inside Sandy. She giggled in my ear. The urge to cum left as now my balls ached. “Then why are you kicking me?” I asked.

“To remind you it’s alright if you have sex with my friend, just don’t do it behind my back,” Then she gave me another knee to the scrotum. I shot forward again and pounded into Sandy. She gasped at the deep plunge but then immediately began laughing.

“You’re not helping, Sandy,” I said to her.

“I’m not trying to help,” she said between laughs, “you’re burying yourself just fine without my help.”

“Okay, Patty, I get it,” I said. “Now stop kicking me.”

“Next time, tell me. I may want to join in.” She got up off my leg, sat next to us, and gently caressed my aching scrotum. It was soothing and stimulating at the same time.

Sandy was still giggling as I returned to banging her. I pounded deep and hard until the giggles subsided and turned into moans. She wrapped her legs around my torso and squeezed tightly. The soreness in my balls left as I was entranced by her embrace. I stroked quicker and deeper as she squeezed my neck and waist.

I could feel Patty caress my ass and legs as the urge began to build. My dick began to tingle from the walls of Sandy’s vagina rubbing against my glans. I held her tightly as my orgasm began and the compulsion to ejaculate came over me. I thrust in, feeling the entrance to her vagina squeezing my shaft from the tip to the root as I moved inside her. I came at the depth of the thrust, then swiftly withdrawing and plunging in deep again, ejaculating while deep inside her.

Sandy moaned loudly at every thrust, her cries heightening my orgasm. I continued to stroke in and out, ejaculating each time. Her pussy filled with my sperm and began to make squishy noises as the ejaculate mixed with her pussy juices. The mixture leaked out around my shaft and squeezed between us as we bumped together. I plunged in and out almost involuntarily, my actions on autopilot, my ejaculations automatic.

Soon, I began to run out of cum and energy. My orgasmic spasms went dry and I was exhausted from the exertion. There was nothing left and I collapsed on top of Sandy, totally spent. I could feel the contractions of her pussy around my cock wane as I lay there. When they stopped, she released me from her embrace and I rolled off of her.

I landed on my back, nestled between the two women, their warm bodies pressing against me. I reached out and put one hand on Patty’s ass and the other on Sandy’s thigh. I was elated. This was the best sexual experience I’d ever had and it looked likely that it may happen again someday.

“I’m the luckiest guy in town,” I said. “I’ve go two beautiful women lying naked next to me and they both did me this morning.”

Patty lifted her head, turned to me, and said, “And if you ever want both of us to do you again you’d better ask permission before you cum and maybe, just maybe, we’ll let you.”