Written by slaphead400

29 Mar 2016

Our story starts 45 years ago when we first met at 17 years old. it seems we fell head over heels ,and in complete lust with each other on our first meeting. we could not get enough of each other, making love at every opportunity.

After 10 months of courting we were married, but it soon became 'same old,

same old,. Then we started going out seperately, me with my friends and hers with hers.

One night, i came home from a night out with my mates, and noticed a van parked up just down the road from our flat, gently rocking. i did'nt take too much notice then, but it stayed in my mind. When I got indoors,Janet was'nt home,

I went to bed , and Janet got home shortly after.

She was reluctant to allow me to see or touch her, but I got though her defences, and felt her pussy which felt very wet and sticky. I came to the conclusion that she had been fucked but she denied it , then I rmembered the rocking van , and put two and two together.

I felt very angry and jealous, but extremely turned on. with a feeling that I had never felt before. I had a pain in the lower part of my stomach that felt sooo erotic, and enjoyable.but I was also very confused about my feelings.

We slept on it, and discussed it the next evening, it seemed that I was unable to give her the complete satisfaction that she so desired and needed.

We came to an agreement that she can go out with any guy that she chooses, and go as far with him as they both desire, as long as she fills me in with all the sordid details when she gets home.

This worked well for many years, and we had many erotic and sexy times.

i had a workmate at the time who I quite fancied, and who fancied Janet like mad. I invited him around to our flat one night and we all had a very sexy and exciting threesome. We made love and fucked her through many orgasms that night.She was shy and reticent at first, but she became very enthusiastic and orgasmic. It really was a wonderful night.

after that night on and off over the years , she had many affairs with my blessing, and we had quite a few threesomes, and even now we are in our 60s, we still have sexy fun and games and threesomes with other men who we meet on this site.

We are both very submissive and always try to please our guest