Written by N9NEINCH

05 Apr 2015


I always had this fantasy which i would wanna see it coming true one day.I've shared it with those who always say am very open minded and anything goes with them bt suprisingly it shrunks their balls,jaw drop to a point where their teeth fall off or an extreme arkward stare....am not married yet bt will do so in a few years to come hence to get this fantasy real i'll need to interact with a married couple accompanied with a valid marriage certificate as proof.

Fantasy:At least a couple who have kids will do,after we have known each other for sometime,done countless 4sums we now engage on a mutual agreement to swap wives for 3mnths with an intention of getting them pregnant.The whole idea is your wife to bear my child and my wife bear your child,you rear my child,i rear your child and in the process of rearing we can also swap them such that they can also grow near their bloodline.I will die a happy man without regrets if this could happen.

Is it a ridiculous,weird fantasy or am just one of those normal guys out there with a fantasy or fetish?