Written by Harambe911

14 Sep 2017

My girlfriend sometimes sends me messages, she does this when shes home alone and I'm at work. She says she enjoys being able to be honest with me after a long year of fake compliments. She has a Kik and talks to all sorts of guys also, and she sends me screenshots of conversations and pictures of them showing her their huge dicks. She loves a big cock man, and I cant wait to give her that... if she hasnt already cheated?

So here are three of the messages she's sent me recently!

First, let's talk about your dick. Its definitely average. And compared to others guys, its small. Not as thick. Average to MAYBE slightly above average thickness. Maybe.  And your hips are pretty wide, so your dick looks even smaller. And your body. It is different from others, but it doesn't look muscular. Not much definition. Your stomach is nowhere near as hot the other guys. Theirs look so firm and hard and defines, and yours preetty much look smooth. Almost definition. Nowhere near as much. But mostly, their dick's, make yours look small. Not as long, and big. And you don't really have those hot veins. The ones that stick out. And you don't have the sexy V. Its just stomach, then on to the thick thighs.

Message #2:

Ugh. Look at you. You look terrible. You look like a 5, nobody would want that. You look so fat, who would want you? And before, before you gained weight, your dick was average. Now that youve gained weight, your dick looks even smaller now. Disgusting. Its so much easier to make fun of you when your body looks so undesirable. I would MUCH rather another guy. You don't have any definition anymore whatsoever in your stomach. I need a daddy who I can lick their abs, and feel up and down their flat body. I'd pick another guy over you any day.

Message #3:

Oh lord see him? That's why I'm wet. His firm yummy stomach... I wanna rub all over him in a shower. And his huge dick, yesss. Totally opposite of yours. But when he jerks his, nothing jiggles. At all. Just stays firm and tight...his whole body...you're just...nothing compared to him. I'd fuck him all day everyday.