Written by biseth

26 Mar 2012

Hi all

Thought I would share my first time with a couple. I was based at a multi-national firm in Calgary and spent the weekend with my boss, also a guy in Toronto. We were in the boardroom one night and I was sitting at the head of the table, finishing up the presentation for the next day, when he came up behind me and started massaging my shoulders. It is strange as I never felt such strong hands with such passion, and he gently started talking to me differently, about how he felt about me and he would like to introduce me to his wife. He turned the boardroom chair around and sort of nudged me to stand up and leaned in to kiss me. It was very weird, but all I could think of the time was "do-it". He picked me up on the table and leaned down opening my trousers and started gently kissing me dick, apologies, cant think of a better word. His kissing changed to sucking and my usual 3-5 minute climax managed to stay for longer than what seemed a life time. He zipped me up and said he has a surprise for me, and we packed up, went to the car and left the office. I noticed him taking me to his hotel, as mine was closer. We ended up having the most amazing late supper with his wife and between the both of them below and above the table, they really made me feel amazing, physically as well as mentally, we got the cheque and went to their room. Her name was Sara and she gently started un-buttoning my shirt and pants and pushed me to the ground when done. They then started making out and having sex, taunting me I honestly did not know what to do and how to do it, but after a while they asked me to join in, it turned out she liked to watch her hubby and me and then he liked to see me with his wife, so it was a true mutual experience. That night I came about 6 times, and every time felt better than the one before. I also had my first anal experience with Sara that night and although the thought at first put me off, once inside of her, with her moaning and clinching my cock with her muscles I felt something I only felt once afterwards, it was truly amazing. After that, I received the promotion that brought me back to SA, but since then, we meet up every 6 months when they come back to SA .