Written by Gemma Owens

19 Jan 2018

Saturday night I was in bed early as I was bored silly, I had only been asleep for a short while when I heard the front door open, my hubby had returned from the pub, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, I was woken up a short time later with my hubby and his mate stood at the end of the bed, "this is Mike" he said " we are both horny and want some fun? Mikes wife is being a bitch and he has not had it in a while? my hubby explained with that he pull the covers off me, I only sleep with knickers on most of the time as it's more comfortable.

both striped off and got on the bed, I told my hubby I was not in the mood but he just said I will be soon, I had both hands on me and my knickers were soon removed, Mike was this mate that I've heard mention of by other but had never actually meet before, he a handsome mid 40 year old, with a all over tan and a very nice large cock, my hubby prompting him to stick it in my mouth which he did, hubby started to finger me and then put his cock inside me, how's the BJ my hubby asked, and Mike said "wow she's good" hubby carried on fucking me for about ten mins pumping away while I sucked on Mikes cock getting my tongue right into his japs eye before given it some long slow full deep suck, hubby then tapped Mike and moved away Mike wasted no time putting his rock hard cock inside me, he fucked me hard from the start while my hubby lit a cig and watched, his left hand on my right boob and his right hand was holding my hair as we kissed and he fucked me hard and deep, I looked over to my hubby and he was enjoying it even more than me, Mike was drilling his cock right down deep into my pussy I was moaning with pleasure and my hubby came over and took over, then back came Mikes cock into my mouth I was pretty horny by now and my hubby said to mike "you want to go again" he pulled out and Mike got on top and we fucked for time I cum over and over, Mike know this as he could hear the sucking noise with each stroke of his cock in my dripping pussy, then I rolled over and mounted Mike, letting my hubby slid his cock into my ass, I was moaning even more now as I was about to cum again then Mike finally finished and coming deep inside of me filling my pussy with his warm wet cum, I rolled off him and my hubby moved in and carried on fucking my pussy, pushing all Mikes cum out of me then he came inside me not long after, I finally managed to get some sleep.