Written by Tash

01 Sep 2017

We went to a swing club just to get back into swing of things..

We were on a swing break after baby

We walk in and the room was lit up off all sexy people dancing striping and pole dancing

Then I saw him and knew I want to have him inside of me...

While habby was getting us n drink I was on the strip pole striping with a DD red head...

We kissed and played with each others boobs.. When I saw him again and winked at him... He smiled back

Sitting down with habby he sat next to us and we started to talk... He got a nice smile

I lit my cigarette ,I exhale the smoke very sexy while he ask me if he can touch my boobs and habby was rubbing my back slowly..

He went down and start sucking on my nipple slowly and seductively and habby kissed my smoking mouth

After my cigarette I turned and sat on his lap with my legs opened and we kissed and he continued .. I was topless but still got my pants on..

After the drinks we went to the private room were Things really turned up

I was sucking habby and MNR Smile and they were sucking my nipples... I turned him over and put his strong cock in my wet pussy and started to ride him slowly while habby was kissing me from the back

I did not even think of double pussy Just his big cock in my small pussy... I was mouning and hissing while habby suck my nipples and I ride him harder and harder... I turned over and have habby but his cock in me and I was sucking Mnr Smile cock with all my pussy juices on him...

I was cumming over and over while the two Stallions was fucking me hard..

I turned and got back on his cock it slipped right in because of all me wet pussy juices

Then I heard it.... Habby was asking me if I am ready?

And I ask him ready for what?

To blow my mind?

He got behind me and Mnr Smile open up his legs so that habby and get a better grip

Mnr Smile was still fucking me when I felt habbys Big dick slidding in my pussy... O my gosh

Two big dicks in my small pussy and I was cumming already..

We started slowly moving and I can feel how my pussy stretch bigger and bigger ... Ooooo fuck I cum again...

Then I started to moun again and moving my pelvis deeper and deeper on to the two cocks inside of me

The two stallions was now fucking me deeper ,harder ,stronger... When I ask them not to stop

Please let me cum, let me cum., let cum.... My pussy juices was dripping of the two cocks inside of me... Sweat was running of my nipple... When I cum so hard I collapses on top of Mnr Smile

The two stallions was just exhausted after that and we went to get drinks and to get in the Jacuzzi ...

After the party we went home with my legs still shaking after a MONSTER orgasm...

Will love to try it again and Ladies it was a orgasm heaven

Love Tash