28 Jan 2015

This happened some years ago in our early days of swinging. We lived in Durban and decided to go beach camping the weekend for the sake of the experience. We hired a camp tent, sleeping bags, lamps, the whole works and went out to a beach on the south coast, pitched it on a Friday. I had met this Chartered Accountant a little while back. We were in our early 20s and he was in his 30s. He was so into Indian women and wanted to get into my wife at all costs.

I invited him to visit us at the beach and have a drink. It was pitch dark and only a candle light burning. We sat outside the tent, had our drinks, then got drunk, stripped naked and then all landed on top of a sleeping bag. "Kevin" was extremely well hung and very thick. He had stuff on his cock shaft that look like beads. He was pounding her to his hearts content and I held her head, kneeling behind her. Suddenly in the darkness, my cock was in Kevin's mouth and he was sucking it as hard as he could. Being young, you are horny 24/7 and can cum almost instantaneously.

I did not know what to do as my wife expected me inside her after Kevin. I took her hands up to my cock and got her to feel Kev's face on my cock. At least she then knew. This went on for about 20 minutes and I really tried to contain myself. This was the first time a guy had my cock in his mouth. Then suddenly I could not hold back anymore. I did not know what to do. I tried pulling out of his mouth but he refused. I tried to hold his face and push him back but he shook his head.

I then exploded in his mouth, a load so huge that I was scared he would choke. He savored every last drop and then exploded inside my wife. WOW, what an experience. I will never forget that first time.