Written by Some guy

16 Jul 2017

This story really happened. It was a few years ago before I was married with kids. I was out on the town and although I was on the "wrong side" of a small town there was some talent in the bar I was in. The night was a disaster and I decided to have one last drink and head home. This really nice blonde came and sat next to me. Well built with a nice ass and average boobs. She told me that she too was on her way home and asked if I wanted to join her. So being the gentleman I am I gave her a lift home. We got to her place and she asked me to "fuck" her. So I did. After a few minutes of missionary I had filled her. All of a sudden I heard this noise. It was her husband! He was helping himself in the corner the whole time. I was freaked out and didn't want to continue. Until she asked nicely. He joined and went down on her as she gave me a blow job. He asked me to fill her again and I did. While I was busy for the third time he started fucking me. He didn't have a huge dick, but he knew what he was doing. Afterward I was so tired. We promised to meet up again but they moved away. What a fun night.