Written by orangeswingza

19 Feb 2013

It was around 22H15 when Jean and Karine arrived. They'd stopped by Stephane's place, so he was with them as well. I'd anticipated their arrival, so instead of having the door bell rung, I just opened the door when the head lights of the car flashed through the front window.

I greeted them at the door, as did a very surprised wyfie, who didn't have time to go upstairs and change. She was, as predicted, already in her sleepwear. Kids were long asleep. I left wyfie to offer our friends a drink, while I went to the guest room. I lit a few scented candles around the room and dimmed the lights. I put on a little soft music from one of our local radio stations. We didn't need the music, but it does sometimes herlp to mask other sounds that could arise during the night.

Returning to our guests, I found the guys with drinks and Karine with a glass of red wine. It's nice to take the edge off. A good way to banter before going "wam bam thank you m'am!". of course, it is never that way! Wyfie was seated between Jean & Stephane, and I was next to Karine. As we chatted, the guys both had their hands on wyfie's lap. Karine was eager to ensure I didn't feel left out so her hand rested on my thigh and more to the inside. It was very intimate. As the drinks got closer to the bottom of the glass, the talking seemed to be replaced by more physical communication. Jean's hand was now undoubtedly inside wyfie's undies and Stephane's hands were cupping her breast, rolling her nipples while his tongue explored her mouth.

Jean began to encircle her clit and revolve his finger around her clit and labia, slowly increasing her sexual senses. Her change of breathing confirmed that Jean's finger and Stephane's mouth on hers, his hands caressing her breasts had started the inevitable craving, the hunger, the lust, the need, the desire to be taken and fucked hard!

Karine ended up feeling my crotch, cupping and squeezing my balls, while kissing my neck, while I enjoyed the show on the other couch. I rewarded Karine's efforts with a bit of French kissing, before I lowered my head and unbuttoned her shirt, expsoing her ample breasts and reddish brazen nipples. I sucked the one side, revelling in the taste of her flesh, the feel of it in my mouth. Then I worked the other side. My hand found it's way past her skirt, her g-string and I had two fingers probing a rapidly moistening cunt. Then I sat up, looked at her and licked my fingers, tasing her pussy of it. Karine took my fingers and licked them too. Then she slid down and unbuttoned my trouser, freed my cock and dropped her head onto it. I threw my head back and closed my eyes while Jean's wife sucked my cock and gently squeezed my balls. I was in heaven. I didn't want to fuck her. I just wanted to cum in her mouth for starters. I place a hand on her head, ran my fingers through her hair. Her mouth worked tirelessly! Then she wanted to pick her head up off it. That wasn't part of my lusty need. I needed my balls unloaded and THEN I would fuck her until she wept! I applied a gentle pressure over her head and she yielded, submitted, by again proceeding with her oral appreciation of my cock. She turned to me, my cock still in her mouth, I smiled back at her, she nursed harder on it, moaning as she did. Her vocal cords had a vibration effect that increased my pleasure. I now needed to cum in her mouth. I held her head with both hands and used my hip to thrust my cock slowly at first. Then I increased the pace. Karine held her mouth open with tongue outstretched for me. This let me penetrate her throat. I belted her mouth and throat for what seemed like 5 minutes before her hand gently squeezing my balls and her warm wet mouth triggered my ejaculation. The first ejaculate, ocurred with my cock deep into her throat. She never tasted, just swallowed. Then I pulled and held, to which she locked on and sucked. I seeded her mouth and tongue until I was spent. Still she kept my cock in her mouth, keeping it licked, sucked, so that it would go from rigid to semi-rigid then back to full mast. Only then would she be able to use it properly.

My pleasure giving me wonderful sensations all over my body, I now took in the sight opposite me. There was wyfie, mouth dropped in Jean's crotch, his hands in her hair, his cock gently thrusting while she nursed on it. On the other end, Stephane had raised her night shirt, removed her undies and was licking her pussy and ass from behind. I could see his tongue dip into her pussy. She felt it, moaned when he did it, which made Jean moan as his cock felt her verbal vibrations. Then Stephane got up, one foot on the floor, one knee on the couch, he split her legs slightly in scissor position, as she lay on her side. Reaching below, Stephane wanked his cock two or three times, confirming it's solidness, then he rubbed the head along her pussy slit, then over her clit, then back up. He parted her labia with his fingers and pulled back the foreskin on his cock. Then her bent or knelt a bit and pointed it to her pussy, thrust in completely until he was balls deep. The move pulled wyfie's mouth off Jean's cock as she gasped, struggling to accomodate his length and girth so quickly. Jean's hand slowly pushed her head and mouth to his cock, where he resumed fucking her mouth and throat. Stephane fucked her pussy slowly but every stroke went from tip of the shaft to base of the shaft. He stroked her cunt in a way that soon had her moaning and purring non-stop. Her breathing was very irregular and soon her body was shaking as her first orgasm swept over her!

Jean looked at Stephane, " You gave her that first orgasm. She's nice and wet now. Stephane looked at Jean but couldn't speak. His face was contorted, his pace a little more rapid than earlier. Arching his back, bending more, Stephane sunk his cock balls deep and groaned. Wyfie gave a sharp cry, then moaned as she felt her ovaries getting showered with Stephane's seed. Stephane held the position while he flexed his cock. He gave her every drop and even then he made no effort to pull out. Jean looked at him, "my turn". Jean delicately lifted wyfie's mouth off his cock then went back to where Stephane was. As Stephane pulled out, very slowly, Jean quickly switched position and replaced his Stephane's now partly solid cock with a very hard and erect cock of his own. His entry was swift, sliding in on Stephane's semen. Still it made wyfie gasp as he locked up inside her cervix. Stephane took Jean's place and soon, wyfie was tasting her pussy off his cock. She sucked his cock like her life depended on it, almost in gratitude for the service he'd done her pussy, for the seed he'd placed inside her. Stephane didn't need to guide her head or run his fingers through her hair. He just smiled as he looked down and watched her work his cock. he knew that five years ago he'd been the first to fuck her mouth and her pussy and plant his seed. He owned her. He knew it, I knew it, she knew it.

Jean pumped her pussy, a little more rapidly than Stephane had done but Jean had always been good at lasting that little bit longer and so he used this to his advantage. He soon had wyfie in the throws of another orgasm. All he did to push her over, was to place a finger over her puckered asshole and fuck her so he bumped up against her cervix. Wyfie was simply overcome with lust and sensation. Her loins were ablaze and her pussy filled, stretched, suffocated by a rampant cock. Wyfie's body shook and shivered as Jean's thrusting and anal probing forced her over the edge. Then in the midst of her orgasm, Jean arched his back, went deep and inseminated her. She moaned, face in a lost, lusty expression while she received his seed. Stephane let her enjoy the moment, before he playfully flicked his cock against her lip. She instinctively sucked his cock back into her mouth and a few minutes later, it was Stephane that was moaning and filling her mouth with semen. Wyfie sucked, swallowed, sucked, squeezing his balls. She had him inside her pussy. Now she had him in her tummy.

The guys decided to take wyfie back to the guest room. As they got up, wyfie came over and kissed me, her mouth reeking of semend, yet it excited me, I kissed her back. She turned and left towards the guest room, Stephane leading her, Jean close behind her. Yet as she turned, I saw a bit of semen on her inner thigh.

I invited Karine to join me upstairs. We tiptoed upstairs so as not to wake the kids. Once in my room, I locked the door and soon, had Jean's wife in wyfie's place on my bed. Karine is a very warm, affectionate woman. SHe loves the sex, but she loves to feel loved before being 'fucked'. I took my time, making love to her. I made her toes curl. I was missionary over her, raking out her womb, devouring her nipples. She hooked her legs around my back and raised her butt, forcing my cock deeper up pussy. I French kissed her while I inseminated her. She never unhooked her legs. I felt so connected to her. We chatted for a bit. Then she went down and sucked my cock while I spoke to her. I so wanted her ass, so I pulled her up, turned her onto her tummy, spread her legs. I thrust into her wet cunt, nothing like semend and vaginal fuck juice for lube. Then I pressed that into and pushed past her sphincter. Karine has regular anal sex with Jean so she was used to the foreign object up her bowels. I took my time, took my pleasure, made her grunt into the pillow while I lustily sodomized her asshole. Having cum a few times previously, my dick lasted longer and I found her ass easier and easier to fuck, until I was stroking in and out of it like it was her pussy!

That night, I fucked Karine everywhich way from Sunday. Around 3am we had falled asleep. Around 5am I got up and got Karine up. We went down to the guest bedroom. Wyfie was asleep, facing Jean and spooned by Stephane. I awoke them as the kids would be awake soon. "20min" came the call from Stephane. Wyfie was very tired, we all were. Yet they were not quite done with her. Jean straddled her chest, propped her head with a pillow and fucked her mouth.

Stephane went below and sucked her clit, while thrusting two fingers into her pussy. Karine knelt on the bed and shared wyfie's clit with Stephane. Stephane then knelt and fucked her pussy, holding Karine's head to wyfie's clit. Stephane fucked her hard and fast. My cock became rigid watching them use my wife. Stephane wasn't fucking her for her joy, more for release of his morning glory. He soon moaned as he flooded her tubes. I tapped his shoulder, and took over, hard and fast, forcing wyfie rapidly over the edge, Karine licking her clit and my cock as it enterred and exited wyfie's pussy. I soon spilled my seed inside her. Jean had no reason to be left out, so he came down, replaced me and soon was arching his back and sowing seed. All done, they each kissed her and then the three of them headed for the shower before leaving quickly.

I stayed with wyfie in the guest bed. It reeked of semen. She reeked of semen. She smiled, "thank you for last night and this morning". She seemed to have enjoyed it all alot. I took her upstairs, we showered together. Her body was covered in red and blue marks from the kissing, holding, spanking. Her pussy lips were blue from the fucking. Her ass was a bit red. I washed her body and she washed mine. We kissed in the shower. She went down and sucked me off. She hadn't got much sleep. She'd been inseminated repeatedly, analized, dp'd and throat fucked. Nothing brutal of course, but she WAS properly fucked. Her pussy felt a bit tender. Still wyfie was all smiles.After that first time five years ago, we're now seriously addicted to our kinky lifestyle.