Written by Ebony_Ivory_1

21 Sep 2014

Mr had some swinging experience and even though we'd had group sex before we'd never really been swinging together. So we were in London and a couple friend -let's call them C&T- who are swingers, wanted to meet for dinner, drinks and some swinging. Hubby and C decided we'd meet in our Hotel bar for drinks.

I was trying to decide what to wear when hubby got a text from C that another girl would be joining us. I was worried another girl? How is this gonna work? She got to the hotel before C and T and we sat at the bar having a few drinks,getting to know each other. C and T arrived and after a couple of drinks we went to a pub near the hotel for some dinner. After dinner the ladies, myself T and let's call her M went up to our room where we all changed into sexy outfits. T and M both wore lingerie and I wore a slutty dress Mr had bought for me a few months earlier.

We got to the club, it was a nice club with a dungeon, a glory hole wall, a stripper pole in the middle of the club and a playroom with a one-way window. We went downstairs and put our stuff in lockers. We got our drinks and moved back upstairs.

I sat and watched nervously as T and M played next to the pole and touching each other while all the men watched. A good looking middle eastern guy started chatting me up, he loved my nipples and asked if he could suck them, I let him suck them right there. He wanted more and asked if we could go into the playroom and we did. When we got there he lay me back and started licking and sucking my pussy. He was delicate and I came in his mouth. I was enjoying his tongue on me again when I looked up and saw a different middle-eastern guy between my thighs. This guy slipped on a condom and began pumping me. I was enjoying it when he stopped. I looked up when I hear girls voice saying 'oh cool black pussy', this white girl licked and sucked my pussy and I came again.

Hubby came over and motioned me to another part of the room. I was surprised at how many people were in the room now. A guy started pumping my pussy from behind and C had his cock in my face. I started

Sucking it. I looked up to see Hubby licking M's pussy. I got jealous and joined in licking her, we had been wanting to share a black pussy and this was amazing. We stopped and kissed and continued licking and sucking her pussy.

The guy who was fucking me earlier said he wanted to cum and I jacked him off while another guy started fucking me.

T and M appeared and we had to leave. I was having so much fun I didn't notice the time. In the car, everyone laughed at how much fun I had had and apparently everyone in the group has been watching me with all these cocks through the one-way window.

Fun times in London! Can't wait to go back.