Written by Magnum Opus

03 Sep 2015

It's 3am in the morning, I am still half drunk and need something to quench my thirst. The party took its toll on me I think as I stumble to the kitchen half asleep, half drunk. I hear a faint rustling in the living room as I turn to head that way. Carefully I walk around the corner and see three bodies entangled on the carpet.

Now I recall, you weren't next to me in bed. Is that you?

I flip on the light switch and see you sandwiched between two guys. My eyes still adjusting to the light, I can hardly make out who they are. It's my best friend and that random guy from the bar. Slowly the night's events return back to conscious thought. We went out for drinks, had way too much and came back home. The last thing I remember was going to the bathroom, I must have passed out on the bed on my way there or back.

Balls deep in you, the random guy covers his eyes while my best friend thrusts his cock down your throat one more time. You all jump to your feet, searching for any scrap of clothing you can find as I turn around, waving you off, saying I'm going back to bed.

I walk back to our room and get under the covers as I hear echoes of your whispers from the room. I don't know if they are leaving or staying, but a feeling of intense excitement comes over me as I lie in the dark imagining what you might be doing. I lie there for another 15 mins after the whispering stops and decide to peek in on what's happening. I ease my way back to the living room as I peek around the corner. No one there.

Wondering where you may be, I catch a movement from the corner of my eye and your shadows outside in the backyard. I move towards the window in the dark as your silhouettes light up underneath the moonlight. Again I see you being fucked, this time on all fours, my best friend taking you from behind, ramming you deeper into the impressive cock of the the random guy.

This time I watch as you swap positions, my cock in my hand as I frantically tug on it as if it were a cup of dice. My best friend pulls out as he cums on your back, swapping again with the random guy. Within moments I see him tilt his head back, he stops thrusting as his butt cheeks spasm. I assumed no pull out for him as I blow a load against the window.

I hurry back to bed as you make your way back inside and lie awake until you get in bed. As I awaken from a deep slumber, I see you are not next to me, I wonder if you are going at it again. I walk downstairs to find a cooked breakfast awaiting me as you greet me with a cheerful good morning.

Not a word is spoken about last night, as if it were but a dream.