Written by online_only

30 May 2016

Our husbands stared at the scene unraveling right in front of them, it can only be described as unleashing tiny humans in a candy shop. I suddenly realized that my desire for Mrs X suddenly turned into a scene out of a porn movie, just another title added to the portfolio they have been working on... so i stopped. i squeezed her gorgeous breast and jokingly asked who wants another round, at the same time standing up not waiting for the reply.

My desire and lustful intentions for Mrs. X was not a show, it was not planned and i was not going to let it unravel in this way. I felt too powerful now. Power handed to me by Mrs. X's body, wanting me too. The thought of it making me spill a drink in the kitchen. I quickly cleaned it up and composed myself. I knew that i would own every second that would follow. I have a mission now, I am in my element...carefree, a little tipsy and fearless. Like toddlers being unleashed on a playground.

i walked to the patio door and announced that the drinks were inside and that they should join me... asking but not waiting for a reply, i returned to the entertainment room. I changed the channel on the TV to my favorite music channel and sat down as they walked in. No one said anything about what had just happened outside. The men looked frustrated but tried to hide it. The general consensus being that i chickened out. we were new to this. tonight was supposed to be casual, no expectations and basically just to meet as friends. Testing the water because we were still undecided about our swinging future...

Mrs. X looked even more seductive than the moment i first saw her when we arrived. Fuck, the things i would do to this woman! She whimsically danced up the stairs saying that its hot-tub-time! Our husbands looking at me, almost seeking approval, making sure that i wouldn't feel uncomfortable with it. Mr. X automatically reassuring me that the hot tub was not a ploy, it was simply where they love to spend their evenings with good friends. Mrs. X reappeared with some towels and we followed her to a sliding door. It was a beautiful room. Wooden floors surrounded by glass stacking doors that were closed, a small modern bar in the corner and the hot tub almost in the middle. The floor was scattered with bean bags and giant pillows. Mrs. X still moving so naturally in her whimsical way turned on the tub and then the big screen TV. She changed the channel to the one i have selected in the entertainment room, turning her head and winked at me. I immediately lit up inside, if she just knew what i had in mind. She didn't turn any lights on as the TV was sufficient in creating the perfect ambiance.

The men were distracted just outside the room, talking, but their words not clear from inside over the bubbling of the tub and the music playing. It was obvious that they were giving us a head start to undress in private. Mrs X must have put on underwear while fetching towels, i caught a glance of her slipping into the tub. She had a light pink bra and lace hot-pants on. I was suddenly overjoyed that i had the good sense of wearing sexy underwear too. I slipped in, leaving my clothes next to her bundle beside the tub. the water just covered my body as Mrs X announced to our husbands that they were welcome to join us. They brought our drinks with and not so mysteriously undressed while keeping their conversation.

The conversation was very light, we laughed so much and it seemed that what happened earlier was now just a distant memory. No one bringing up the topic, assuming that i would feel uncomfortable. It was perfect. We were playing a game in the tub. Most probably more easily explained to drunk people. The game was simple, there was a glow in the dark tube that was passed around. the rules were simple, the one who had the tube could choose anyone and ask them a question that they needed to answer truthfully. if the question was something you didn't want to answer you had to take a shot and the master of the tube would stay in control of it until someone answers truthfully, in turn becoming the owner of the tube.

After answering a question about how old i was when i had my first girl-on-girl experience, i received the tube and amazement from the men. Tapping the tube on my palm, changing into what i have hidden to them, naughty, lustfully biting my lip, i pointed the tube at my husband and demanded that he get us another round. as he obeyed i pointed the tube at Mr X and told him to keep his hands behind his back and that when my husband returns it would be his responsibility to convey the same instruction to him. Sitting there, with their hands behind their backs, my husband wanted to say something and i immediately stopped him. I have the tube, I am in charge now and I am changing the rules.... any objections? Not sure if their silence was out of excitement or shock, i turned to Mrs. X and waited for her reply. She looked at me in a way that had me fighting to stay in control. Her lips slightly parted as to say something, but no words came out, she licked her lips so seductively and then only replied after what seemed like forever. i got lost for a moment staring at her. Her reply feeling like a challenge, "I am not scared that easily babe".

I stood up, the water barely covered my lower body as i took two steps towards her. she gazed up at me as i gathered her hair and twisted it around my hand again. One of our husbands let out a moan in approval, i turned and pointed the tube at them and said "not one word, understand?" and threw the tube to the side. partly for emphasis, but mostly because i had other plans that required a free hand. i gently pulled upwards and brought her to her feet. i sat on the edge of the tub and pulled her back, forcing her to sit in front of me on the step. her body barely covered in water, facing the men.

I pulled her head back towards me, as if to whisper something into her ear. My words against her skin, but directed at her husband... is your wife a dirty little slut, Mr. X? the emphasis effective in throwing the tube to the side, because he kept quiet. in approval, i looked up and gave him a wink. I then traced my tongue on the side of her neck, when i arrived at her ear, i asked her... are you a dirty little slut? i know you are, you need to be taught a lesson baby. Her body lost all power, it felt like she became weak and the tension on her hair increased in my hand to keep her in position. She reached up and put her hands in my wet hair, i felt the urgency in her reach, i let her, she moved her body to the side and kissed me. it was better than i thought it would be. her tongue knew exactly what to do, almost advertising its capabilities to me. she had gained control over me in that moment, i lost the grip on her hair, my body begging for this to unfold, but i quickly regained composure, pushing her away even if it was the hardest thing to do. i needed a second, i couldn't think clearly. i saw the tube, grabbed it and pointed it at Mr. X. You need to come and tie your wife's hands behind her back, throwing him with her top but keeping my eyes fixed on her, she really is a dirty little slut, she needs to be restraint.

after he tied her hands with the top, i couldn't help but notice that he did a pretty good job. her hands bound tight and so skillfully that she would not be able to free herself if she tried. Mr. X clearly wanted me to teach her a lesson. i sat her back down in her previous spot on the steps. one hand feeling her skin, allowing my palm to slide over her thighs and my other hand removing her bra. i threw her bra at the general direction of the men, reminding myself that i was not alone with Mrs. X, it was easy to forget about them. every part of my body and mind was focused on this woman . i needed to stay in control, i needed to use our husbands as a distraction in the moments that i wanted to get lost. loosely twisting her hair around my hand again i made her stand up on the step, i went down to my knees, her lower body at eye level. Her pussy so tempting, i put my mouth on her pussy with her panties still on. the lace almost see through, so close, i exhaled, my breath was warm against her, i pulled back. keeping my eyes on her, feeling addicted, i told my husband to remove her panties for me. He put his hands on her upper thighs, slowly sliding his hands down with her panties. her pussy unwrapped in front of me. when it reached her ankles, she stepped out of it one foot at a time. with her toes she picked it up and lifted it to the height she could manage while keeping her balance. it was a gift to my husband, standing behind her, he took the panties and made eye contact with me. i could see through him. my husband was no longer here. He has been stripped of his sense, the husband who tends to be responsible has disappeared, the person looking into my eyes, was a cave man. filled with testosterone, filled with lust, he has been consumed with this moment and had no more intellect or concern. he was now my puppet.

i helped her backwards, making sure my sexy prisoner wouldn't slip, i sat her down on the edge of the tub. i took her previous position on the step. my hands on her knees automatically gripped more than what was necessary, reminding her that i was in control. i parted her legs. i made her open her legs as wide as they would go. i had a view of her gorgeous pussy and so did they. she was so wet, the situation she has found herself in clearly being accepted as her pussy visibly became wetter in front of me. my finger followed the trail of her juice... fuck! Mrs X is so wet! i looked up at her, she was a hot mess, her breathing became heavy, her face had a glow and her breasts were amplified due to her hands being tied behind her back. unintentionally begging me to acknowledge them. i moved closer to her, on my knees, i gained access to her breasts.

i kissed her nipples, i playfully painted them with my tongue, trying to keep my own breathing under control. i asked Mrs X, do you like this baby? i know your pussy loves it. you are a dirty little slut, aren't you....she moaned and bit her lip. she was so sexy, her face was giving her away, she wanted this as much as i did, she was so affected that it almost seemed as if she was in pain.

Do you want me to stop baby... putting two fingers inside her pussy, so wet that they slid inside without any effort. her pussy was so tight, warm... fuck i want to eat her, i need to taste her, my body shaking with lust, like an addict going through withdrawal.... Your pussy doesn't want me to stop. you little slut, you better stop moaning or you'll force me to make you cum. every word made her pussy wetter and tighten around my fingers.... oh yes, you like it baby, i can feel it. cum for me.... oh you are so dirty, sliding my fingers in and out of her, she was moaning louder with each word, her legs shaking, forgetting that she has been put on display, she came... i almost died. it felt so good, her cum covering my fingers, my hand, her legs... i slowed my pace... Oh did you think i was done? i'm not done with you yet baby... she instantly came again. i didn't waste a second, i removed my fingers and slid down to taste her. her cum was so sweet. i lost all sense of my surroundings, i finally had my tongue on her pussy. it felt so good. my husband appeared behind me, removing my panties, with one motion my bra was off... i lost interest in the game i planned, i didn't care if he sat quietly with his hands behind his back anymore, i was on fire, i was tasting Mrs. X. i lightly sucked her clit and moved back down again, pushing my tongue inside of her as far as i could, slowly licking her like a ice cream on a hot summer day, only stopping the stroke above her clit and then starting at the bottom again...then getting back a sense of reality, i was now put on display, her husband had a perfect view of my tongue on his wife's pussy and my husband's fingers inside of me, so wet that it could be heard over the bubbling of the tub, it was so intense that i stopped licking in the few seconds leading up to my own orgasm, moaning, losing myself. i didn't care if Mr. X was going to witness something that has only happened privately before, in that moment i was so filled with lust, i would probably not have cared if it was Mr X's fingers inside me, it felt so good, i came ... my husband didn't stop either, following what i have done to Mrs X, i couldn't take it anymore, it was too much, her pussy still displayed right in front of my mouth, my heavy breathing onto her pussy was only arousing her more, Mr. X put his hand on my breast,my husband had now had enough and penetrated me, he was so hard it almost hurt me... i came again....

to be continued... again

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