Written by online_only

28 May 2016

My husband and I are very different people. He is very responsible when it comes to the important stuff. Being a free spirit, it has stripped me of consequence, i don't have to worry about the world, my husband has that covered.

We were invited by a gorgeous couple to have a very casual braai with NO EXPECTATIONS, knowing that we are swinging virgins and very cautious. We planned on having a drink or two, sitting outside and enjoying the last few moments we have left of this summer.

We have heard all off the horror scenarios, how horribly wrong swinging experiences can go. falling off the cliffs and walking away scarred for life. But this couple had their shit together. We struck gold with our very first meet being with a married couple who are still in love, they have walked this road many times, knowing the in's and out's. it felt like we had access to our very own experts in the field. We could learn from their mistakes and we felt safe because of it... well i'm sure my husband did. I was nodding and responding with all the correct ques, but actually i got lost after i met Mrs. X.

Her string top teased me with cleavage, tight jeans screaming "i]m wearing no panties". While the adults were talking about serious topics, i was trying not to stare and secretly wondered how they could invite people over...if this was my wife...i would be doing some dirty things to her rather than entertaining guests.

After a few drinks, everything seemed to settle into a more casual vibe. We just met, but it felt like we knew them for years. Mrs X was very relaxed and confident in her skin. She shared a few naughty experiences that she has had with a lady or three and i lost more of my intelligence with every word. She was almost bragging about her bi-sexual portfolio, confident that she has done it all.

i went to get us another round and when i got back the party has moved to lawn, next to the pool. I served everyone and sipped on my drink while still standing. I had too much too drink... i promised myself that i would behave, knowing that my husband is very cautious and still unsure about our swinging future, Fuck it, they should've put me on a leash or tied me down three drinks ago. Mrs. X is sitting on one end and the two men in front of her, almost forming a triangle. the conversation stopped and all the attention turned to me, at first no one used words, but their gazes tried to figure out why i was standing there, looking all lost and confused. finally the silence was broken by Mrs X playfully tapping the spot next to her and saying, sit down sexy... i sat down behind her, she is now sitting between my legs and i lightly pulled her back to rest against me. Our husbands not wasting time, making jokes about our intentions. we laughed it off and continued our conversations about work, life, kids and responsibilities... the men got very involved in a conversation about cars. I could't give a shit about anyone's conversation, i had Mrs x's body beautifully displayed for my viewing pleasure. i took her hair and twisted it around my hand, pulling her head back so that i could have access to her ear. I whispered.. "your cleavage is driving me crazy" finishing my sentence with a bit of tongue and a nibble on her ear. She didn't respond with words but her body told me everything that i wanted to hear. her nipples became visible, goosebumps sprinkled all over her gorgeous full breasts. her lower body moving slightly. i tightened my grip on her hair, pulling her head back again, my free hand sliding into her top to feel her bare skin on my hand, her nipple in my palm, i whispered, "do you like that baby". this time she responded with an audible moan. instantly stopping our husbands conversation,leaving them silent as they tried to wrap their minds around what they were seeing.....

to be continued...

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