Written by mxzabackup

16 Apr 2012


I had an interesting introduction to the cuckold lifestyle!

I've never really considered this lifestyle - as I'm not really into humiliating,dominating people. I'm an easygoing guy, and very open minded - normally just go with the flow - no hangups

I've met a few couples over the years that invited me over for a 3some. I've always loved this - one of my favorite things! Would make it a hobby, but I haven't had the chance in years!

There was this one time were a white couple invited me over during the day on a Saturday. It's a bit of an unusual time for a 3some, but I wasn't complaining!

I show up and am greeted at the door by the husband - he seems to be in his 50s, tall, chubby, grey hair with a bald patch. I was a little concerned because the pics I had seen were of the lady - and she looked great, so I was wondering if I'd been conned.

He asks me to come thru to meet his wife who's in the bedroom. This is a bit faster than normal, ppl usually chat a bit first or have a drink or something, but I'm always up for new experiences!

When I get to the bedroom, he knocks and his wife tells him to come in. She is stark naked lying on the bed playing with a small vibrator while watching a porn movie! This is the stuff of dreams I thought! She was gorgeous- reddish hair, a bit pale, lovely C cup tits with large areolas. She was quite fit - athletic, toned body. And she looked to be in her early 30s

My mouth practically dropped open, and I could feel my cock thickening as she contined to play with herself while looking right at me. She called me over and starting rubbing the front of my jeans. Her husband sat on a chair next to the bed.

She unzipped me and yanked out my cock, pulling my underwear down as well so she should could feel my balls. She started licking my balls and stroking my shaft till I was rock hard and the veins on my cock stood out! All the while her husband was sitting in the chair, rubbing his crotch thru his track pants.

It seemed a bit strange hat h wasn't joining but I didn't think too much about that when she started sucking my shaft-she gave an Amazing blowjob. It got even stranger when he asked her if he could wank!

She told him he'd have to wait! She asked me to strip, and then took her time running her hands and tongue over my body making lovely moaning sounds. She told him it was ok, and he whipped out his dick- it was Quite small-about 10cm or so and not very thick. He was practically dripping precum tho- so he must've been really turned on!

We then started fucking- she said she wanted it doggy style and for me to really pound her. It was awesome- she had a somewhat muscular ass that pulsed to grip my cock-fucking fantastic! Halfway through she asked him to "help out" and see how "it's supposed to be done". He lied down behind me and started rubbing her clits and massaging my balls while I was fucking his wife!

This was almost too much to bear- it felt amazing (still one of my highlights!) and it didn't take me too much longer to cum. When I told her, she said she wanted me to cum on her. I pulled out, peeled the condom off and came as she turned around- spurt after spurt of my cum landing on her stomach and tits- husband massaged my balls even while I was cumming!

Afterwards she asked her husband to massage my cum into her skin. He used some my cum as lube and wanked himself onto the bed.

Turned out that I was called in to be the Bull. An accidental Bull

I met them a few more times after that, but sadly they moved to Australia a few years back. I've never found another couple like them, but always remember that first time fondly!

I'm not sure if this counts towards me being into the "cuckold lifestyle", cos it was unintentional - but I did enjoy it!

Would love to hear if others had similar experiences