Written by James Our Adventure

21 Nov 2017

Thank you for the views and feedback for part 1 and 2 well here is the ultimate installment in this story..... so Tanya now has two cocks in her hand we are all three in the jacuzzi. Tanya looks at her husband James and motions her eyes to Rays penis, as if asking for permission. James looks into her lust filled eyes and nods a yes, the moment was almost too surreal to actually be happening Tanya wrapped her lips around Rays penis and in one movement she took his hard throbbing cock into her mouth, slowly at first and then picking up with rhythm she had her hands on his ass pushing him into her mouth. It was enough to send Ray over the edge he came gasping pulling his cock out as he tried to not cum in Tanya’s mouth it was too late and she realized too late as well. Instead of pulling away she swallowed and licked cleaning up any trace of cum on Rays cock. He sat back smiling they kissed and then Tanya looked at James she straddled James and his cock entered her she rode him fast and rough wanting to cum urgently, James knew that Tanya had orgasmed her pussy was wet and juices were squirting out of her her breathing was ragged and she held him tightly wrapping her arms around him whilst keeping her rythym bouncing on top of him his cock moving in and out of her. James came quickly he could not take it any more Ray had his tongue in her mouth his hand was flicking and rubbing the outside of her vagina on her clitoris Tanya was besides herself as she came up for air Rays hand continued the rhythm Tanya commanded James to enter her and James smiled and said Baby not this time round.... Tanya was shocked and at his point in need of having her pussy filled. James motioned to Tanya and Ray that they should be getting it on... Tanya was besides herself her face flushed she looked at Ray and asked him, do you want to fuck me? Ray teased Tanya whilst playing with her her pussy he responded sorry did I hear right? At this point Tanya had lost all inhibitions she pushed Ray backwards so that he was sitting on the jacuzzi seat she kissed him fiercely and sat on top of him riding him fast and hard. Tanya came after a few minutes with the help of James attention towards her from behind. They lay there floating in the jacuzzi in each other’s arms Ray excused himself. James wanted to ask Tanya how she was feeling there was no need for that, Tanya grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the Jacuzzi shouting we need to go to the dark room baby......