Written by James Ouradventure6

13 Nov 2017

So leading in from part 1 my wife Tanya and Ray had just kissed and I was so turned on Tanya asked me to close my mouth when they were done lol. The evening entertainment had just started and all experienced swingers were no now showing off their bodies. A natural phenomenon that takes place amongst swingers as it gets later in the evening it seems. We danced a little more and Ray joined us admittedly he was not that good looking, but he was there and Tanya was loving the attention of two men. The entertainment had finished and it was now a guys birthday he was getting a lot of attention with a stripper and burning candles. Ray being the experienced one amongst us suggested we go to the jacuzzi as it was available. To my surprise Tanya was game and off we went just the three of us. At this point Tanya's face is flushed the love balls inserted into her vagina in part 1 of the story had done the trick she had had several small orgasms during the evening, we undressed and all three of us got into the jacuzzi. Ray sat at distance waiting for permission. Tanya and I were getting it on she had climbed on top of me and was taking the full length of my cock inside her now already very wet and excited pussy lips, we kissed and she rode me for a while until she motioned to Ray to come over they started kissing whilst she continued to pleasure herself on my cock, rays hands were on Tanyas breasts mine were on her back and ass staying rhythm I slowly slipped out of her she now has two gents cocks in either hand( whatever controls rules boundaries we had until that point no longer mattered Tanya was horny excited and very very willing......