29 Mar 2017

Well its that time of the year when everyone lets go a little more than usual and this year was no different , as a married and successful couple that work extremely hard 6 days a week its great to be able to let loose and expect nothing in return. WOW was I wrong... The evening started like most other at a restaurant with groups of people joining tables and catching up on the year gone past. Friends of ours arrived and eventually 6 more couples arrived(non of them know our secret) and naturally drinks and shooters were on order. I admired my sexy wife and imagined a fun evening with her when we eventually would get home.

As it turned out another couple arrived and wow they were very sexy, we moved up and offered them a seat opposite us but also a double shooter for being late. They gladly gulped them down saying "this could turn out better than expected"???

As the evening progressed and the drinks kept coming both my wife and our new friends wife became quite chatty and touchy but in a polite way. I looked at the husband and read his mind in a flash so their and then mentioned a quite chat at the bar. The giant leap with the assistance of several drinks I said" What do you think about our wives and New Year"

He never hesitated nor blinked but by the grin on his face I did not have to ask any further. "His reply" I would love to watch them do that in the nude whilst we enjoy the show"

12 pm and hugs and kisses and a little squeeze hear and their we decided to have our final rounds and head home.

Well home it was with our new friends for a night cap.......

I got out the drinks and our new friends wife asked my wife for a tour of the house whilst I fixed drinks. This took a long time but didn't notice as we were chatting about the evening. Next thing my wife walks in and asks for their drinks and proceeds to show our new friends wife the rest of the house. Possibly 35 minutes later and my wife walks into the lounge wearing a nighty and beckons us to follow. Well no second invite was needed by either of us men and off we ran to our bedroom, what a sight my wife and our friends wife in nighties laying on the bed touching each other asking do we want to watch a show?

Did we YES and immediately started to ask and request them to do things to each other. We were told to shut up and watch and not to touch. My wife proceeded to slowly nibble on the most magnificent breasts with erect nipples, swirling her tong over and over them till they were almost pushing through the nighty .I was fascinated by this and heard a movement next to me - Her husband was nude and bearing a hard on I was afraid of. He pleaded to his wife to join but the answer was no ... watch and play with your self and enjoy what you will get if you are obey. Obey I asked myself but my mind was on this twisted and shaking body on my bed with my wife. Naturally the movement next to me was mesmerizing as he continually stroked, squeezed and thrust his now rock hard cock into his hand. My wife slowly inserting her finger into the molten honey jar that was dripping wet was almost deafening. I now wanted more and quickly undressed and although not as big as my new friend was rock hard. I also started playing with myself.

Could this be a fantasy becoming a reality at home on New year. To be continued