Written by garfield_kzn

12 Jan 2015

my greek isle holiday will always be remembered for the sunny skyes and deep blue seas .

but also for the beach fun . nudity on Europa beaches is more common than an honest politician in rsa . my friends went on an island tour by bus while I decided to walk the rocky coast line to discover more nude spots . by then I lost my office tan and fit into the mange of bodies all over . I saw a couple in the distance sitting on a croppy ledge and wandered closer .

she was topless and had her perty nipples sunny side up . he was on his side ..but sported quite a hard on . I could see his subtly moving his finger over her g string bottom . slipping a finger in accidently . she squeeked and tried to move...but was lost when he hit her fun button . he noticed me getting closer ..but didn't stop . she was not older than 19 and him at least 40 odd . pulling her g string aside I saw a shaved mount venus ....straight slit . she opened her legs wider for his finger to enter . by then I was panting as I climbed the last rock to be about 5 metres from them . his finger moved faster . her head was flung back as she moaned out load ...shuddering into cumm land . I nearly rolled off the cliff . he laughed at me and motioned to come closer . miguel he introduced himself ...and said this is his cousin anna . oops I thought ... have a beer ..he handed me an ice cold greek pale . wow that went down well . anna sat up and sipped on a long mix drink he poured for her . we chatted for over an hour when she dared us 2 to follow her into the sea to slash off the sweat . she ran but we caught her in the shallow waves . she didn't protest much as I became braver now . I held her from behind with hands on the perty nipples . mmmm I nearly came . she pressed backwards and rubbed into my groin . im also in the 40s but she wanted more from the 2 older guys . he took her g string off and stood in front of her kissing her and rubbing her clit again . I felt her legs go wobbly . we moved to very shallow water ...she fell on top of me . by then she got my cock out in the open and started to suck me . he moved in between her legs from behind and entered her with force . she nearly bit my cock off in excitement . slamming into her sloppy wet cunt he let rip and came with a grunt . I thought that was my share of the fun ..but she crawled onto me and with ease slid my cock into the quitest pussy . riding me hard and rubbing her clit we were off to orgazmo planet . I tried to keep goin but she rode me soo hard that I blasted my male juice deep in her . she kept on for another 2 orgazms . we just lay there in the water and sun .

later we exchanged celnumbers and they went to their hotel .

2 days later I got a call from her ...I jumped awake ...she wanted to see me urgently ...o dam ....what now

she arrived 10min later ....I opened the door ...she was there in full glory . Miguel had to go to Athens for a few days ....she wanted company ...would I mind to go stay with her a night or 2 ?

well.............tell u next time about that 3 days with nympho anna.....