Written by Tonguemansa

23 Jul 2013

We have known this couple for three years and think they are fun people to be around. John and Mary Andrews are childless couple with considerable expendable income; she owns and manages a fine successful restaurant and he is a doctor. The Andrews's home has almost every toy known to man including a sauna, pool room, massage table, exercise room with many machines, and a large multi-jetted hot tub. Of course, dinning at the Mary and John's house is wonderful because Mary experiments with guests trying out new recipes before she introduces them at the restaurant.

John asked me several weeks ago what our plans were for the Easter weekend and whether Anja and I would like to come over for a braai, fun and games. Little did I know what he meant by fun and games, but I thought it would be OK, if Anja agreed. He thought we could play cards one night and party hardy the next. Well, I did have some sense what they had in mind when he suggested a party.

I talked to Anja that night about John's invitation and she thought it sounded like fun, we were all friends with similar interests and spending that much time together shouldn't be any big deal. It was decided then, we were going to party down with the Andrews'. As it turned out, we were also bound to become intimately close with the Andrews this long Easter weekend, and begin a relationship that would ultimately intensify our friendship.

As the important weekend neared Anja seemed excited. Great food, friends and fun. Being horny most of the time I thought it would be good for Anja to pack her string bikini bathing suit, short skirts and sexiest underwear. Might as well include a little adult entertainment in this extended weekend of fun. Actually, as Anja packed my talk about what sexy undergarments she might wear seemed to turn her on. One thing led to another, and I suggested that Anja should model different sexy outfits for me. These were clothes that she would take on our weekend outing.

Funny thing was Anja was into talking and acting sexy for me this night, maybe it was her being horny, turned on by my suggesting she dress like a slut for John and Mary, or a combination of both, but between changes she would come over to me for some good loving. Anja is a well built attractive woman in her early forties. She exercises regularly and eats healthy food. Aside from being in good shape, Anja shaves her pubic hair and freely lubricates when sexually excited.

As Anja would try on one suggestive outfit or another, I asked her come to me for some sexual reinforcement. A caress, kiss, hug; she was ready to go. Needless to say, as Anja packed we also had fun. I love to kiss Anja's clit when she is hot, this usually sends her over the edge, and this evening was no exception. Nothing turns me on more than to see a beautiful woman have an

orgasm, and multiple orgasms are even better.

I like to drag the orgasm process out as long as possible. Just before Anja comes I pull back and she misses her climax. Anja gets tired of this activity in short order, but this too keeps my motor going. When she does have an orgasm it is a mega explosion leading to multiple mini explosions. That's when I get serious and hop on for a nice smooth ride to organism bliss.

We arrived at John and Mary's house around 4:00pm on Friday evening. After a wonderful dinner we settled in for a movie about a sexy American spy involved in a plot of intrigue carried out in some foreign country. During the movie we drank several glasses of wine each. We were feeling just fine, laughing and having a good time talking and teasing one another. Anja came dressed in her short denim skirt and tank top with no bra or panties. I told you she was hot to come this weekend, and come she did. John thought it would be great to spend some time in the hot tub before bed, as it was getting on to 10:30pm.

This seemed like a good idea and we put on our suits and fetched yet another glass of wine. As Anja and I went to our room to change, she said she was getting drunk and should not be held responsible for her behavior if she started acting wild. I hugged her just to let her know I was OK with her sexy self and would watch over her throughout the night. When we got back to the hot tub John and Mary were already in the water. It didn't take them long to get ready as us because they chose not to wear any clothes.

The water was a perfect temperature and the bubbles were lively. What was remarkable about this hot tub was the jets opened on the floor of the tub, in other words occupants ended up sitting on the jets if they were properly positioned. Anja liked this a lot as she had a jet directly under her swollen pussy. In a matter of minutes Anja was wiggling around the tub and moaning deep in her throat.

I don't think John or Mary realized that Anja was about to have an orgasm by getting off on a jet stream of water beating against her clitoris, but she did. What surprised me was that she still seemed to be horny afterwards. She reached over and started to rub my cock under the water. As excited as I was it only took a couple of strokes for me to get off. All this playing around and I didn't think our friends were any the wiser, or maybe they were. Mary ask Anja why she didn't take off her suit as the water was wonderful on her skin. Anja was quick to comply and soon we were all in the buff.

Anja actually went with John to refill our wine glasses. Mary scooted around the tub to sit next to me. We talked about the water temperature, plans for the weekend and my previous orgasm. I was a little shocked when Mary mentioned that she thought it was sexy and cute that Anja and I to tried to get off indiscriminately. She reached over and felt my hot semi-hard cock, which quickly responded.

Anja and John came back and I took this opportunity to change locations so Anja could return to her seat next to me. Nothing more happened in the tub aside from our downing the wine and chatting. At this point I was fairly inebriated and fuzzy. Anja must have been three sheets to the wind. We all decided to call it a night and start fresh Saturday with all new adventures. There was already a point of no return with our group in that we were naked on the first night when we went to our respective rooms. Sleep came quick and soundly.

Next morning John had everything planned out for us. This day would be spent on the motorboat sunning ourselves and continuing the party. John has a great Harley motor cycle and he insisted Anja ride behind him on the drive to the dam. Mary and I followed in the car procession style which allowed us an opportunity to talk about last night in the hot tub, and to watch Anja and John. Anja had her arms around John and snuggled close to his backside.

Surely the vibration from John's motorbike excited her somewhat. When we got to the dam and boarded the boat, John decided to take us to a remote cove for swimming and sunning. We had lunch packed, plenty of beer and wine and beer. Anja had on her skimpiest string bikini and Mary had much the same. John and Mary were quick to let us know that they were nudist and really hoped we would be comfortable with them in the raw, and feel free to join them. What protest was I going to put up with all of us running around nude the previous night, and enjoying the idea of Anja showing off her beautiful body to another couple.

Mary and John are not too hard to look at either. Mary is a little heavier than Anja, but with beautiful breasts and a well proportioned body. John is tall and is considerably well endowed. What do they always say, "size doesn't matter", or is it that size does matter. Well, let the games begin. After a swim and lunch, we sat around listening to music and drinking. Not too bad.

Anja and Mary lay down on the bow of the boat, nude, along side of each other on the same towel. John and I talked about all manor of stuff, but kept looking at the girls. Eventually we got around to talking about how sexy we thought Anja and Mary were and how we consider it perfectly natural that we might be attracted to each other's wife. Thinking back on John's super sized dong, it would be no surprise for me to see Anja loving sex with John, especially if I was supportive. At this point I looked up at Anja and Mary, and Mary was rubbing oil on Anja's back. This was a fun scene because she was liberal with the oil and rubbed it on her back, legs and butt.

Anja appeared to be asleep, but her legs were spread well apart. Before you knew it Mary was rubbing the oil between Anja's legs, and John and I continue looking on intently. Anja was now moaning and rolling her hips. The rubbing action, moaning and rolling started to accelerate and Anja cried out that she was about to come. Mary has gotten onto her knees, leaning over Anja

with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

After Anja had exhausted her orgasm, she rolled onto her backside and propped herself up on one elbow. We couldn't hear all of what is being said, but we observed Anja start to rub oil on Mary's breasts, stomach and legs. Instead of oiling up Mary's pussy, Anja leans over and starts to lick Mary's clit. In less than five minutes Mary was bucking like a possessed woman and Anja was tonguing her to what appears to be a wonderful and very visual orgasm. They had just enjoyed what I would consider a beautiful afternoon of intense love making.

It was getting late in the afternoon and time for us to resume the party back at the house. John pulled up anchor and we all headed for home. The sun had gotten the best of us but after some wine and dinner we would be relaxed and hopefully ready for John and I to catch up on some of the fun we missed on the boat. Anja and I rode together, on the way back to John and Mary's house, following the motorcycle, in our car.

I suspected Anja was having a ball. She felt so sexual having both John and Mary turned on to her, and loved the fact that I encouraged her libertine behavior. On the drive back Anja and I promised each other that we would not get it on with either John, Mary or anyone else outside our union. Sexual intercourse was the line that could not be crossed, and we were both OK with this simple rule.

Later that night, after we arrived at the Andrews's house, the next door neighbor's two sons dropped over for a brief visit with John and Mary. This was somewhat unexpected, but we collectively corrected course and added Ron and Adam to our party. Ron was eighteen and

recently graduated from high school. Adam had just turned seventeen and was a senior.

Both boys were athletic and a lot of fun. They were looking forward to life's great adventure, whatever that might be. The night promised to bring considerable stimulation and probably many future nights of wet dreams for these two young lads. The boys had worked in the garden all day and were really beat, we on the other hand were beat for other reasons. Well, leave it to John to conjure up a cure.

The boys couldn't take their eyes off Anja throughout the evening, this was probably a result of her wearing a short A-line skirt and braless halter top. I noticed her nipples standing erect and surely everyone saw the same. Anja was playful and talkative, sitting on the floor cross legged. She seemed to think she was at some kind of slumber party rather than a mixed gathering with young horny boys. We played some card games and watched TV with sound off and rock & roll music on. We told sex jokes, played pantomime, and dared each other to do outrageous acts.

One of the boys suggested the other should wrestle Anja to the carpet and give her a big French kiss. Of course Anja protested, but we all laughed and urged the boy to proceed. And proceed he did. It was sexy seeing Anja fight off this boy's advances, only to quickly give up the fight and lay on the floor embraced in a passionate kiss. She really liked this and held on until it started to get too hot. Anja complained about pulling her neck in the wrestling match, and asked someone to rub it for her.

Mary, being the super hostess that she was, suggested that Anja remove her blouse and lay on another of their toys, a professional massage table for a real backrub. As Anja did not have on a bra, she changed in the other room and wrapped a towel around her chest. When she got comfortable lying face down on the padded massage table, Mary removed the towel and started rubbing Anja's neck and back. Rob, because he was the guilty boy who wrestled Anja to the floor, wanted to also help and started rubbing Anja's lower back. Before you knew it John and I were standing at the table and started rubbing Anja's feet.

Adam wasn't to be left out and stood next to the table and rubbed Anja's thigh. Anja didn't say a word seeming to like all the attention. However, this harmless scene didn't remain harmless for long. The next thing I knew Adam was sliding his hand up Anja's thigh and under her short skirt. From the looks of things this was also OK because Anja opened her legs a little. In no more than 15 minutes, Anja was completely nude with five people rubbing and stroking her writhing body.

Adam was now fingering Anja's very wet pussy, and I was so hard that I almost had an orgasm just watching. Hands were all over Anja's body, John was rubbing her two globes, Mary was doing her back, Adam had her clit and Rob and I had a leg each. Anja started to shudder, she was humping the table for all she was worth and rocking her pelvis back and forth. Anja let go with the biggest orgasm that I have ever seen her experience. She started screaming for someone to mount her, "please fuck me, please fuck me," and then just screaming and undulating. "Oh God I'm coming!"

It was a pure treat to see anyone get as much pleasure from sex as it appeared Anja was currently experiencing. I could tell that the boys and John wanted to take Anja up on her request, but I knew that tomorrow she would regret being gangbanged and protested that we should back up and give her some time to recuperate.

Amazingly, they complied and we all reconvened in the living room to relax and have a few drinks. By this time it was nearing 2:00am and the boys thought they better take off. I told John and Mary that if we were to be able to do anything on Easter Sunday, we all might want to call it a night. Anja and I went to bed and made love for another hour. Happily exhausted we fell asleep in a comatose state.

By the time Easter Sunday rolled around John, Mary, Anja and I were like one big tightly knit family. At breakfast Mary wore a t-shirt and nothing else, and Anja had on a semi-transparent short, short night shirt, and nothing else. John and I wore shorts, but there was already a sexual overtone to the day. John had taken the role of camp planner and that was well received by the rest of us. He thought this day should start with a sauna, swim and group exercise. All of this was before lunch! Anja and I were planning on heading home around two or three that afternoon, but here and now was the present.

John had already turned on the sauna and we striped for a 30 minute sit. The steam heat felt wonderful and I was sweating like crazy. I didn't realize how invigorating sitting in a sauna in the nude could be, and interestingly enough it was not a sexual feeling. After the sauna soaked the be-shit out of us we headed to the pool for a swim and some sun. Still we were naked, but now with the sun cooking my body I was starting to get horny. John brought out some Bloody Marys and we proceeded to get as tipsy as anything, thanks to the sauna and direct sun. At about 11:30am John suggested we go in for a few drinks and we all agreed. Needless to say this set Anja right off and she was ready for anything. Where were those boys when she needed them?

The music was on and the mood was mellow. John suggested we play a real fun game called Spin the Sexy Little Bottle. This game required us to sit in a circle on the floor and take turns spinning a wine bottle. If the bottle ends up pointed to another person the spinner gets to tell what that person what to do, sexually speaking that is. The only rule was that there would be no intercourse with the other couple's partner, everything else was fair game including eating pussy or providing a blowjob. We were all convinced that oral sex does not constitute intercourse.

Naturally, guests were first and Anja wanted me to take the lead. I took the first spin, but the bottle stopped back on me. I missed my first opportunity to order another player to do something sexual. Anja was next and when she spun the bottle it stopped on John. Anja's request was for John to masturbate shooting his load on her stomach and pussy. John was more than eager for this assignment, and I was shocked that Anja had the nerve to ask such a thing. Anja lay back on the carpet with her folded arms under her head and her legs spread.

John kneeled between Anja's legs and rubbed what I though was a rather huge penis. As John masturbated the head of his penis touched Anja's swollen lips, but this was no problem for her. John rubbed and rubbed but didn't seem to be working up to an orgasm anytime soon. Mary and I talked and laughed, probably distracting John from completing his assignment. Funny, Anja was paying close attention and seemed to be getting sexually excited.

I noticed John touched her with his penis several times more and she offered no protest. At this juncture John stopped rubbing and started running the head of penis up and down on Anja's exceeding moist slit. He inserted about one half inch of this penis head into Anja's pussy, and I thought I was going to die. Anja somehow had the inner strength to speak up firmly and loudly again reinforcing that there would be NO sexual intercourse, I do not know how, but she held her position.

John continued to rub his penis up and down her slit and pleaded to insert only an inch of the head, as this would help him have an orgasm, would not constitute full intercourse, and he could then do as requested and shoot his load on her stomach. Anja didn't say anything and John took this to mean that it was OK. At that point I believe Anja was too far gone to stop anyone or anything as she was only thinking about her own passionate orgasm.

John proceeded to push in the tip of his penis in her pussy and Anja started to moan. I couldn't have maintained control and do not know how John managed, but he only inserted the head ever so slowly at first then more rapidly. I could tell that he was getting close to shooting his load, but Anja decided that she wasn't having any part of this mini-fuck. Before he knew what Anja has done she grabbed John by the butt and pulled him deep into her pussy.

I swear in less than two minutes they are both coming like gangbusters. Anja was being righteously fucked right in from of my very eyes, and I sat on the sidelines shooting my load. I felt sorry for Mary but saw that she was busy fingering herself to a massive orgasm. Wow, this was some climax, and you know we all felt great about the experience.

So much for NO sexual intercourse.

John and Mary are close friends and we regularly get together. Anja and I are more sexually active than ever before, and I am anxiously looking forward to next Easter. Hopefully, John Andrews will take the lead as Camp Planner again next year.