14 Nov 2014

It was Friday night, and my wife and I decided to go out for drinks. We got dressed up all trendy and sexy and headed to a nice hang out club in London west end. When we arrived at the place it was busy filled with people of all ages. We started drinking and then had a few dances. We returned to the bar to find 2 ladies located where we were and they offered us a drink and we all began chatting.

The one (Jen) was about 1.70m with blonde hair just below her shoulders, green eyes, dressed in black tights and a short red top and the other (Melissa) was a 1.65m with brown hair about half way down her back, blue eyes, dressed in a mini skirt and a shinny blouse.

As the night progressed, Melissa took my wife for a dance and Jen kept me company. We continued to dance, chat and drink until the late hours.

Then Melissa and Jen invited us for a night cap at their place. We headed to their place and found ourselves continuing to drink.

Jen excused herself and went into the bedroom, while Melissa was showing great interest in my wife.

Jen returned dressed in a robe and had tied her hair in pigtales, after she had a shower. Melissa then asked my wife to join her in the shower and they both left for about 25 minutes at which time Jen started role playing with me that she was a naughty school girl, she undid her robe and sat on the chair opposite me and began rubbing herself, she suddenly got up and went to the bedroom, she returned after a few minutes with glasses on.

She asked me to tell her what she should do, at this time I took of my shirt and she began to rub and kiss my chest. I then bent her over the couch and started spanking her for her bad behaviour.

Jen was moaning and in a sincere voice saying she will not misbehave again.

Then Melissa dressed as a nurse and my wife dressed in all black lace lingerie walked out of the bedroom.

I then left the 3 ladies and went to have a shower, when I returned I found Melissa between my wife's legs and Jen behind Melissa. I was only wearing a towel.

I watched the 3 ladies go for a while and then they turned their attention to me where all 3 started giving me a blowjob and asking me to forgive them.

After a while I lay all 3 ladies and started playing with all of them using all I had, my tongue, my hands and penis.

We continued moving from missionary, to cowgirl,

to my wife lying on her back while melissa was giving attention to my wife's vagina, and I was doing doggystyle on Melissa while Jen was coming from the side and kissing me and rubbing the other 2 ladies.

Melissa and Jen then offered us to play a new role, where Jen was a celebrity and Melissa was her maid, I was the pool boy and my wife was the dance instructor. We moved this to a semi domination and controlling scene.

Jen was demanding favours from me, and we had wild sex in numerous positions, while the maid was satisfying my wife.

my wife then tied up Jen along the bed post and we all began to tease her, Jen arrived at an explosive orgasm. She then was released and rode me until I climaxed.

This was outstanding experience and we saw them again a few times and continued having tremendous fun.