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24 Oct 2018

I've posted a couple stories on some of my experiences that I have had from this site. And believe me, words cannot convey how much fun they were. Truth be told I have been very lucky as a single guy on this site and in the lifestyle. Single guys have a hard time in all honesty. We are obviously the majority, and therefore for every couple or single lady there are at least ten men. All horny. And a lot of the guys have made it difficult for the genuine guys. So it becomes hard to seperate yourself from the crowd. If you are lucky you have a 10" cock, or you have the body of Adonis and an 8" cock...or you are rich and can provide an experience that makes up not looking like a Greek god or having a cock a Donkey would envy. For the rest of us though...we have to hope we get lucky when we roll the swinging dice.

I suspect I have been luckier than most, but I have had some scary and hilarious encounters over the years that I have been on this site. And while it would be easy to moan and complain about how hard it is to be a single guy on the site, I thought it would be funnier and more interesting to share the more peculiar encounters I have had.

In my first few months on the site I was very proactive, making dates and pitching up all expectant. Only to encounter the usual 'white lies' that people tell on sites like this. I am very polite, so its hard to point out that when I can see you are north of 55 and not coming up to your 45th birthday, its hard for me to take you seriously.

First couple up definately were not as they described themselves. They asked me to meet them at their place, but asked me to bring milk and sugar as they had none for the coffee. First red flag. Then it was made clear that they needed money for rent...and it would be expected to make a contribution to them if I wished to enjoy the wife. So that never went anywhere.

Then there was the couple where the wife was so drunk she kept calling me by her sons name...I wont lie, that freaked me out and again, I left before I had to call her "mommy"!!

Another couple had a very drunk husband who was a little too angry at the world and I figured it was highly likely he would have a melt down if he saw me playing 'just the tip' with his young wife...so again, home I went.

Then there was the blatantly bad liar who lured me to the house to play with him and his girlfriend, but when I got to his place in an older Northern JHB suburb, she was delayed at work. He sat down and chatted, put some porn on and started to wank infront of me. Each to their own. But he suggested I join him while we wait for her. I didnt and said I was leaving. Funny thing is, a year later he makes contact under a different alias on the site. His intro message was verbatim as per his message from the year before. Maybe in part because I have a twisted sense of humour and another part an eternally horny optimist, I agreed to meet at his place. Again. I was laughing as I arrived, he didnt even recognize me when I removed my bike helmet. In we went...it was serious Deja-vu...porn playing on the telly, she was delayed at work. We sat down and he suggested we wank while we watch porn and wait for her. When I started laughing and called him out, he got kinda angry. Asking me why I came then?! So I left...pretty sure he will message me again in the future!!

Nothing though, comes close to the couple I met via a dogging ad. This ad pops up on the dogging thread...and its at a venue less than a kilo from my place. We confirm via message and off I go. I pull up next to the car described. They seem ok. Lets see where this leads...initially they are keen to play in the carpark but I point out that there are kids close by and we are just asking for trouble. They suggest heading back to their place. Cool with me.

We get to their place and I am welcomed inside. I sit down on the couch and hubby immediately downs enough Brandy to render a normal human comatose. She wanders off to the bedroom and says she will be back soon. Hubby and I chat...well, I chat and he drifts in and out of consciousness. Twenty minutes later she wanders into the room wearing a killer sexy body stocking and a 6" strap-on cock. Yes...I did a double take. "And now?" I asked her nervously..."I'm gonna fuck you properly" was her reply. Just so you all know, Maxidor products can be opened without a key. Very simply. Needless to say that while I dont judge anyone, a comatose drunk and a hellbent woman with a strap-on is a scenario that never ends well. Ever.

God I could go on for hours with the stuff I have seen...but I'll keep them for another time.

Yes...being a single guy sure is tough on sites like this, but well worth it when you meet a nice couple or a single lady with a sex drive that cannot be quenched. (Who also lives a kilometre from me!)

My advice to the single guys...quit pretending you are Conor McGregor and enjoy the couples.

My advice to the couples...not all of us single guys are twats...and could end up being longterm buds. Who fuck. Often.

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