Written by Ordinary

03 Sep 2017

One of my fantasies was to always see my wife with another man. But I wanted someone to fuck her hard; not be soft and gentle.

The opportunity arrived. The guy seemed respectful and not pushy, so it felt unforced.

We got into a room. They started groping each other and kissed a bit.

My wife's clothes came off, but she kept her boots on. He got undressed and licked her pussy a bit. He took out a condom and put it one side. My heart was racing.

He got undressed and he had a fairly sizeable dick.

My wife stroked his dick for a bit and then he put on a condom. It was about to happen.

He laid her back and she spread her legs. He penetrated her wet pussy and I saw her pussy stretch to take his hard dick. It hurt her a bit, but she got used to it.

He pumped his dick into her hard and fast. I stood by her and held her legs up in the air while he fucked her pussy. She came within seconds; moaning and groaning in pleasure.

He fucked her pussy hard and deep. It was a proper naai.

All I cared about was that my wife was having the time of her life.

They switched through a few positions, and I got so excited. I felt I was about to cum just from watching. I unzipped my pants just in time to avoid cumming in my pants. It was all so surreal.

They continued fucking in all positions and she came 2 more times. He eventually came while fucking her from behind.

It was an incredible first time experience.

It almost happened again later that night, but then we met someone who just a bit pushy and forward. Zero respect. Almost spoiled the evening, but that first cuckold experience was something we will never forget.