07 Aug 2017

My wife sent my this when I was away on a business trip - what do you think, should she be a writer :)

Last night I was thinking of sending you an email and while I am taking a break drinking my coffee I decided to send something now...........

You are travelling currently and havent seen your wife in 4 weeks. You get to your hotel where you are staying for the night before getting to your next job.

You sit at the bar and enjoy a nice hot chocolate. You look over to the other side of the room and you notice a woman that looks exactly like your wife, but it cant be her. The room is dimly lit and doesnt help.

She is sitting with a man and you can see that he is fingering her right there. She opens her legs even further and now you can see his hand under her mini skirt, moving in and out. You keep on looking from his hand to her face and cant believe how much she looks like your wife but know that it cant be her cause she is at home in South Africa.

She catches your eye and you quickly look away. When you glanced back that way, she and the guy is walking towards you. When she walks pass you, she puts a key with a room number on the counter and she whispers in your ear - come and play with your wife........

Before you can realise what is going on, she is in the elevator. You quickly pay for your hot chocolate and go to the room number on the key. You open the door and walk in, not sure what to expect.

There, on the bed, lies your wife, completely naked with a huge smile on her face. She tells you to come and get in bed with her and explains how she managed to surprise you without letting anything on.

You make amazing love and just lie in each other arms and talk all night, like the first time you met.

Your wife tells you how much she loves you and cant wait for you to be home again. You nod off and when you wake up, you realise the whole thing was a dream.......................

When I dreamt up this story last night, I had to let my vibrator come out to play :)