19 Jan 2019

it all started with a wink that I got from her . ended up meeting up with her at her home , we sat and talked about our week and all the tangents following from it for an hour as we nursed a scotch.

finally she smiled and and said " have you ever had a threesum with two white women ?"


the only threesum I have had was with couples .both black and white and still keen to experience with a Indian couple .

suddenly the was a hooter at the gate and she said that must be my friend .and here I was hard rock and the was a friend coming in. what could go wrong .

the friend came in and made it all worse short skit crop top and no panties. could see that when she was seating on there side of the couch

long story cut short

the host leaned in to kiss me and her tongue thrust deep into my mouth searching for mine , she pulled away to drop her skit and said " tonight might be your lucky night "

I pushed her panties down, and as she gasped I lined my self up at her pussy lips and thrust hard into her , she cried yes god and I thrust crazily as my cock sunk deep in to her cunt , she was steaming hot , all she could say is " don't stop am on fire "

the friend joined the show and she had a bottle of milk , never seen that before , pulled out and she started sucking the cock while the host sucked her ass like it was candy , she bend over and started fucking her anal like crazy ,next thing half the milk was put into the anus I was in heaven , I fucked the anus till I cummed hard the host eat out the ass with every drop of milk going out with my juices .

I would not mind doing that again great night I had .

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