Written by Tonguemansa

22 Aug 2013

I met Heidi on Facebook and flirted with her outrageously from the beginning because I thought she was the sexiest woman that had accepted my friend request. She was a stunning redhead with wonderful green eyes, a very naughty smile and stunning big boobs… my personal favorite! As our friendship grew and we began to learn more about how close we had actually been when I was still in the air force, the applications and invitations we began sending, became more and more raunchy. Soon we began exchanging naughty emails and I sent her some of the stories I had written. This ignited our passion and although we are both happily married; we soon began making plans to meet when I was back in the country on vacation.

I often thought about how much I'd enjoy seeing her laying naked in the bed with her legs spread wide, while wanting to slide my hard dick inside of her and fuck her. And Heidi really wanted to be with me also. She could imagine me kneeling between her legs and licking her pussy, letting my tongue flicker all over it, sliding it in and out of her, sucking gently on her clit, getting her wet and ready for me to fuck.

Not long after I met Heidi, I met Lesley on Facebook as well. Once we had become friends, I noticed that we had a mutual friend in Heidi. Little did I know that they were in fact very good personal friends whose husbands actually worked together! As with Heidi, my chats with Lesley soon progressed to the raunchier side of life and we exchanged may fun and naughty thing. I also sent her some stories to read. With both sexy ladies, I discussed my fantasies and desires openly. As with most men, I revealed that I would love to have a threesome – little did I know then that Heidi and Lesley would discuss this fantasy of mine one night during a night out on the town flirting with men and drinking tequila at Lords and Legends!

After they got over the fear of telling her friend she was sexually attracted to a friend on Facebook, she realised that Lesley had the same desire for the same friend. Heidi told Lesley about my fantasy of having a threesome. Lesley said that she had never done this before but was open to the possibility of doing it with Heidi and me. So Heidi arranged for the three of us to go out together one evening after I arrived back in South Africa.

I could not believe what was happening – I was the center of attention to two beautiful and sexy ladies. And I got lucky. Lesley and Heidi liked me and were agreeable to the idea of a threesome. With this matter decided we left the restaurant and went to my holiday apartment.

In the car, Heidi and Lesley shared the front passenger seat and began to kiss and touch each other outside of their clothes. They could tell that this was turning me on as I drove. They did try to tone it down a little so that I didn't get too turned on and wreck the car. Lesley's lips and tongue were so warm and moist as Heidi explored her mouth deeply with her tongue. Her tits were firm and so sexy. Heidi enjoyed touching them and was looking forward to seeing them uncovered as soon as they got to the apartment.

As soon as the three of us were in the house Heidi and Lesley hurried to the bedroom with me right on their heels. I sure didn't want to miss anything since I had waited for this to happen for quite some time. Lesley wanted Heidi and could tell that Heidi wanted her, too. They also wanted to perform for me - they had talked about it extensively in the months before our meeting.

Once in the bedroom, they turned on the radio and I sat down on the bed, as the two women got real close to each other. They touched as they danced together. At first, they were kissing and touching with their clothes on, but then they began to undress each other. They could feel my eyes staring at them lustfully and knew that my dick was growing hard. When they were both completely naked they wrapped their arms around each other, pressing their naked bodies together, while still kissing – letting their hands roam freely as they explored each other.

They slowly worked their way into kissing each other's ears, necks, and chests. Then Lesley kissed and licked Heidi's breasts as Heidi played with her long, soft, dark hair. After this Lesley covered Heidi's nipples with her mouth and began to suck on them. They were hard and her mouth felt so good on them, Heidi thought. She just couldn't believe how good it did feel, this was the first time she had ever been with another woman and she hadn't been sure if she could actually go through with it, despite her fantasies,

when I first suggested this. But now Heidi moaned and felt a tingling sensation developing between her legs. She couldn't wait until it was her turn to suck on Lesley's nipples. They were nice. Heidi could see that they were slightly red in colour and big, swollen with excitement. And Heidi knew that I was looking at them. I always liked to look at something new, especially if it was an attractive female.

When it was Heidi's turn, she placed her hands on Lesley's breasts slowly. They were much larger than hers, but she liked them. She bent her head down, kissing and licking them as Lesley arched her back. Then she covered Lesley's nipples with her wet mouth and began to suck on them. She could feel Lesley's body react to the sucking motions her mouth made. She moaned and played with Heidi's hair while I continued to watch.

They'd told me that they would let me know when it was time for me to join in. Then as Heidi sucked on Lesley's nipples she felt Lesley's hand slowly slide down her belly until it found her pussy. She stroked the outer lips of Heidi's shaved pussy and Heidi sucked on her nipples a little harder. Heidi felt her body quiver as Lesley worked her hand between her legs. Then Heidi was ready to touch Lesley, too. She left Lesley's nipples and straightened up. They started kissing again as Heidi let her hand travel down to Lesley's thighs. Heidi rubbed her inner thighs, they were so smooth and soft. The she felt Lesley's pussy twitch when she touched it. It was warm, moist and she liked how it felt. Heidi smiled and thought that she kind of understood why guys enjoyed pussy so much as she rubbed Lesley's.

Finally they decided to move the action over to the bed. Heidi sat on one side of me and Lesley sat on the other. They took turns kissing me on the lips and ears and neck. They allowed me to put my arms around them, but that was it. They removed my shirt and kissed me all over my chest before they finished removing my clothes. They both saw my wonderful hard on and admired it, but they weren't going for it, not yet. Lesley wanted to spread Heidi's legs and get a good look at what was between them first. And she did.

Heidi lay down on the bed and Lesley got down between her silky thighs, opening them wide. Oh god, she had a beautiful pussy, Lesley thought. She was clean shaved so that Lesley could see how the white flesh of her outer pussy lips contrasted with the glistening redness of her inner cunt. Lesley leaned down and licked her outer lips, tracing around her inner thighs, and then returning to them. Then she gently opened them wider.

Oh yeah, she had a fine looking pussy. It was all shiny and growing redder as she got more excited. Lesley could see her clit swelling and then she focused her eyes on Heidi's glistening hole. She couldn't wait to taste her so she began licking her pussy all over. Oh yeah, she tasted good, Lesley thought. Heidi was getting hotter as Lesley licked her good and I moved closer to get a better view. Lesley let her tongue flicker on and around Heidi's swollen clit, nibbling at it gently as she moaned louder and shivered with pleasure. They could hear me breathing heavily because I sat so close to them, watching excitedly. Lesley's tongue travelled from Heidi's clit to her ass and back a number of times.

They could sense how badly I wanted to taste them myself, but not yet.. Lesley slid her tongue into Heidi's moist hole as far as she could, working it in and out.

They both knew that I enjoyed a beautiful, sweet tasting pussy all the more if it was nice and smooth. As Lesley licked her she thought my cock would feel like it was in heaven when it was working it's way in and out of Heidi's tight, wet hole, until I exploded and overloaded it with my cum. And she wanted to see that. Heidi on the other hand wanted to see me fuck Lesley, to see me enjoy giving it to her deep and hard until I came. And then she wanted to be there to lick Lesley's pussy when I was through with her - to lick the mixture of our cum right up and then, suck and lick my cock clean.

Finally, Lesley knew I must have been ready to go crazy so she stopped eating Heidi's pussy and looked up into my eyes. She pointed out how beautiful it was, like I needed her help to see this. Lesley told me how good she tasted and reached for me. As she pulled me over she whispered, "Come on, taste her and see for yourself. You'll like her, Mike."

She rubbed Heidi's lower belly and watched me kneel between her legs quickly with my tongue ready. Her body shuddered as my tongue made contact with Heidi's pussy. It made her pussy tingle to see me eagerly licking Heidi as she had just done. I was lapping Heidi's pussy up. Lesley could see my tongue teasing her clit, driving her crazy. She moaned much louder and Lesley could understand why. I was doing some totally amazing things to Heidi's cunt with my talented tongue.

All of us were getting more excited by now. And Heidi just knew that I wanted to stick my dick in both of their pussy's so badly. But it wasn't time for that, not yet. Heidi had worked her head over close to Lesley's legs as I ate her pussy. Lesley could feel her hand traveling up and around her inner thighs. Heidi then made me stop so that she could position herself between Lesley's legs and she lay back to enjoy it.

"Oh fuck," she murmured, as she felt the warm, wetness of Heidi's tongue on her cunt. It felt so good as she licked her.

I managed to sit close to them and started touching them both, wherever my hands wanted to roam. And they decided to give me a little freedom to touch them more now. I had four wonderful tits to play with and I did. He touched both sets of tits as Heidi tongued Lesley's pussy and clit so thoroughly. Then as I lowered my head to suck on Lesley's nipples she reached out and rubbed my inner thighs. She found my throbbing cock and began playing with my balls.

Lesley stroked my hard cock as I sucked on her nipples. Then I shifted my body and positioned it so that I could suck on Heidi's nipples. Lesley could tell that she liked the way I did it because Heidi started licking and nibbling on her clit so intensely while working two of her fingers in and out of her pussy faster. Lesley moaned louder and her body was twitching like crazy.

"Oh fuck, yes" she murmured, she knew she was going to cum soon.

And I realized this and moved my attentions back to her tits, playing with them as Heidi continued to lick her into a frenzy. Then Lesley let out a loud moan and her body shook uncontrollably as the two of us made her cum. It was fantastic and she felt so satisfied when we were finished. Then Lesley focused on the two of us. It was our turn to feel as good as she did.

Heidi sat up and leaned over my throbbing hard on, licking it and sucking it as Lesley spread her legs and began to began playing with her own pussy. Heidi sucked me slowly, teasingly. She didn't want to get me so excited that I came in her mouth. She wanted me to fuck Lesley and pump it into her hot, wet cunt instead. Heidi let my cock slide in and out of her mouth rhythmically as Lesley tickled at my balls, while still fingering herself. Heidi could see I watching the two of them when she glanced up briefly. I was rubbing Lesley's tits as Heidi sucked my dick.

Then Heidi and Lesley switched places and Lesley was sucking my cock while Heidi started licking Lesley's pussy again to get her ready for me to fuck. Heidi felt Lesley's legs begin to shake and her pussy started to quiver. She knew she was going to make her cum so she sped up, using her tongue and fingers on her a little harder until she got her off.

Lesley stopped sucking my dick as she got closer to her climax. Then Heidi felt her pussy contract and her tongue was right there at her hole lapping up the juices that flowed from it as I took the whole scene in. When Heidi was finished she knew that Lesley was ready for me. And she knew at this point that I was dying to stick my dick inside her so badly and fuck that smooth wet pussy of hers real hard. She looked up and caught my eye as she ran her hands over Lesley's cunt one more time.

"Mike - She is ready and waiting for you," Heidi whispered. As I got closer to her, Heidi kissed me quickly and added, "Fuck her. Enjoy her. And make her feel real good, baby. I've always known that you'd be the best!"

Then Heidi moved to the foot of the bed to watch as I got on top of Lesley and Lesley wrapped her legs around me. Heidi watched closely for the moment when my wildly throbbing cock made contact with Lesley's glistening cunt. She wanted to see me penetrate her and work my cock into her deep. She thought it was so sexy and always wondered what a guy's dick felt like at the moment it first made it's entrance. She was sure it must feel great, but she would never really know what it was like to experience it from the male perspective. And then it happened. Heidi saw me rubbing the head of my cock against her wet cunt. Then I was pressing it against her hole so I could enter her. Heidi heard Lesley gasp and saw her quiver. She knew what Lesley was feeling. Oh the pleasure it was giving her, she thought. Now I was going to fuck Lesley like I would fuck her also. Heidi took a deep breath and placed her hand between her legs, rubbing herself, as she watched the head of my cock enter Lesley and begin to disappear. Oh yeah, fuck her good, baby, Heidi thought, fuck her good for both of us.

I worked it into her pussy slowly at first. Her pussy was tight, just like I liked it, Heidi could tell by the way I reacted to it. She watched as Lesley cried out, grabbing my ass, and pulling me into her deep and fast. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her, to fuck her harder and faster. And this was all I needed to hear. I buried my cock in her like a dog buries a bone.

Heidi rubbed her cunt harder and stroked her nipples with the other as she watched the two of us excitedly. Lesley worked her hips up and down, meeting my thrusts. Heidi could see that she was enjoying it and it didn't surprise her. Heidi worked another finger into her cunt as I pumped Lesley's tight wet pussy harder and faster. She could hear me breathing heavily, grunting with satisfaction. It was mixed with the sound of Lesley's moans and squeals.

Heidi saw both of us breaking out in sweat, our bodies glowing with moisture and heat from our desires. By this point, Lesley was crying out about how good it felt and Heidi was sure that she wasn't exaggerating. She could tell by the way Lesley dug her fingers into my ass cheeks, with her legs wrapped tightly around me, taking every bit of me eagerly.

She could see that Lesley was ready to cum just before she arched her back and did so. Her body shuddered and she held onto me tighter as she coated my cock with her cum. And Heidi could tell by the way I was panting and thrusting my cock in and out of her that I was nearly ready to cum, too. Heidi wasn't surprised though, she didn't think that I would be able to last too long in such a hot, wet cunt, no matter how much I liked being in there. Heidi waited to see my body tense up, the way it always did before a man came. And it happened suddenly. Lesley shrieked with pleasure and I moaned loudly. Heidi was sure that she knew the exact moment that my cock exploded inside of her. She swore that she could almost hear my cock pumping Lesley's pussy full of cum as she got herself off.

Then after a few moments I pulled out and slid off of Lesley, running my hands over her tits as I lay down beside her. That's when Heidi eagerly got between Lesley's legs again. Her pussy was so hot and swollen. It was much redder and so damn wet from her pleasure trip with me. She could see drops of my cum – mixed with hers, of course, slowly trickling out of her hole and Heidi stuck her tongue out to taste it. It tasted slightly familiar. So she stayed down there and licked it all up until she couldn't get another drop. Then she rolled over and knelt between my legs. She cupped my balls and proceeded to lick and sucj my cock clean of all traces of Lesley's pussy juices and my own cum. When she was done she lay down on the other side of Lesley and they kissed. Then she moved in to the crook of my arm and kissed me lovingly and passionately. She was sure that both of us must have been able to taste the cum on her lips and tongue.

After a short rest, Heidi got a vibrator from her bag. She and Lesley played with it, used it on each other slowly, letting me rest and watch. Then Heidi went to town, working it in and out of Lesley and licking on her clit until she made her cum again.

My cock was hard again by the time that she finished so it was Heidi's turn to get fucked. Heidi quickly straddled my cock and lowered herself onto it. She wanted it so bad after watching me fuck Lesley. She took a little bit more each time she rocked up and down on it as Lesley watched. Then she felt Lesley's hands squeezing her tits as she fucked me faster. Suddenly Heidi felt something against her ass as she fucked me, she realized that it was the vibrator and lifted her ass up a little to make it easier for Lesley to work it into her. She gasped loudly as it penetrated her, but it felt great being so full. And Heidi was sure that I could feel the vibrator inside of her. She also figured that it might have heightened my pleasure almost as much as it did hers. Heidi moaned and cried out frantically as Lesley began working the vibrator into her ass at the same pace as she was fucking I. It didn't take long for Heidi to get off, in fact, she got off twice before I exploded inside of her.

The three of us rested together on the bed afterwards, before Lesley said that she had to leave. So she got dressed and kissed Heidi and me good night, agreeing to get together with us again soon as possible but before I left.