20 May 2016

Chapter 2


It was quite strange, she seemed so sure of herself as she approached and that smile, was captivating. It is not often one feels such chemistry and I sure as hell was. What was it, had we met before I did not think so but there was something about this woman talking to me that had my pulse racing. I could not resist touching her arm and the movement happened before I knew it. I had not meant to be this forward but I could not have stopped myself even if I had wanted to. It was like an electric shock, I felt her shiver as my fingers brushed her arm. The air around us seemed to crackle and in that split second I knew I wanted this woman more than I had ever wanted any woman in my life…

She seemed to be distracted, I wondered..Had I sparked another memory in her. Was it a good or bad won I was not sure but I could see her expression change and even though the light was low I am sure she was blushing. How very interesting, she was a lady but gave off the appearance of someone who could be very soft and vulnerable.

I could not help smiling this felt very comfortable in deed. We were total strangers and yet I did not feel awkward or embarrassed in anyway at being forward with her . Maybe we had lived a past life as I felt I could say just about anything and it would not offend this woman. Close up she was more stunning than I could believe, but there was more to her than first met the eye. It was almost as though she had an inner secret , but was not able to hide it completely. Maybe she had been hurt, maybe she was just open to my friendliness. I could not quite put my finger on it… There was a defiant air of mystique and intrigue. She was looking straight at me not just pretending or as some woman did while you spoke to them there eyes wondered or could not look you straight in the eye and you got the impression they were looking past you. No this woman held eye contact almost too long. I felt a little embarrassed by it I have always had long eye lashes and I was often told they belonged on a woman not a man. It had not bothered me for along time but the way she looked at me made me conscious of it and I wondered if she had noticed. I could not remember the last time someone had looked at me in that way. It felt wonderful. I looked straight back into her eyes, hazel/brown ( Help me here?) but it was the shape that caught my intention, wide and open and very soft at the edges, I think she would melt any mans soul with that look. Because I am fairly tall 5.10 I looked down into her face and she was smiling, I liked that, She excused herself and went to the loo, I watched her go and again felt that stirring, I had not had good sex for awhile, my last relationship ended sourly, we had been great together, sexually and she had been very adventurous and open to suggestions. It had been great hours of fun and she was mutli orgasmic so I really enjoyed it, until the jealousy and ugliness of the break up. The strange thing is there had not even been any one else I just could not be owned and controlled. I wanted my freedom and I wanted an open trusting relationship. It was over the minute she tried to take over my life and I was not ready for that.

I had got divorced 3 years ago , was ready to get involved again , but I would never be manipulated and controlled. Unless we were roll playing in bed of course. Then I often liked to let a woman take the lead, satisfy herself and if I could do that then I would allow her total domination if it made her happy. Now that brought back a few good memories, clubs we had gone to and a concert were we really got wasted and had the most explosive sex afterwards. Sigh, I missed that, but could never go back she had hurt me really badly and emotionally as well. In fact it had been a more difficult break up than my marriage. At least my ex and I respected each other and we were still on friendly terms. In fact in all my ex relationships we stayed friendly except the last one that had been bitter and very ugly break up. I had even ended up in court to get an interdict. I was being stalked, what a joke, but it was serious enough to believe she was not a full bag of marbles.

My phone rang , damn I had wanted to catch her on the way back from the loo. What would we do to be a fly on the wall while she was in the loo. Now now I thought that is not on, or is it? I always wondered why woman went to the loo in pairs, there must be something they do in there that keeps them away for so long. We men just go in take a leak and leave. Some of the guys don’t even rinse after taking a pee. So what did these women do in the loo. Maybe I will find out one day. I remember a friend of mine getting lucky in the ladies loo once, fucked this hot young babe right in the stall. Ha , that must have been something for the other woman to listen to. Then again Joe was real dog on occasions and he would fuck anything with a fanny.

Back to my phone, it was my partner, also a mark he and I had become great friends, since our mutual divorces. His wife had left him at the same time mine did. So we became mates and then business partners. He always wanted to chat on the phone and was worse than a lot of woman on the phone, could really bend your ear. I watched her return from the loo, I was not concentrating on my phone call at all. Hey buddy you should see what’s in the Grand Slam tonight, the grand slam was our local drinking hole. I described her to him and said this was one I really would like get to know. He reminded me of the last woman. I had met her at a singles party, she was 36, never married, no kids. Not that kids bothered me , but it seemed quite perfect at the time, single , no baggage, Perfect I had thought but I should have known better. Every one has a past and history. I should have questioned her more, why had she never really been involved. I found out way to late and look were that landed me.

I watched the three of them sipping champagne, they were celebrating and it looked like this was going to be a long evening. I wanted to go over straight away but they seemed quite involved and the other two did not interest me at all. Too straight I could see the one was Italian and looked very conservative, probably straight laced catholic. Sex is for making babies type. Now that was not me at all. I believed sex was an art from to be enjoyed, experimented with and there was not much I had not done or seen. I wondered about Tish, that was what she had called herself when I introduced myself. Now Tish looked a lot more open minded and fun to be with. I bet she gave a great blowjob, those lips, wow I was getting turned on just thinking about it. I sipped my beer and she turned to face me looking past her colleagues and I caught her eye and smiled ,lifting my glass in a salute, Cheers I mouthed the word as I am sure she would not have been able to hear me. She smiled and I saw her mouth the words. Thank, why don’t you join us?

Was this possible , I had not been wrong there was definite interest here, and I could not turn down an invite like that. I picked up my phone and glass, and walked over to them. Hello ladies, are you celebrating something private or may I join you? They turned to me, and Tish immediately stepped in, you are most welcome she said, please let us get you a drink we are celebrating our new business and this is Gina and Catherine, she said. I barely looked at the other two, my eyes were fixed on Tish, and She stared right back, eye contact and seemed to look straight into my soul. So I said tell me about this business venture of yours?

She started to tell about there business, and I watched her very carefully, listening to her describe, with pride and passion in her voice. I was totally captivated by her voice and I watched her mouth move , she really did seem so open and spoke with pride, but not arrogance about how there business was taking off. I really enjoy listening to someone speak with such passion and despite the physical attraction I was feeling I also got the distinct impression she was enjoying talking to me and the ice was broken so easily. I felt very comfortable around this woman. What was it about her? Yes there was a very definite physical attraction, but it was more almost like a promise of more and better things to come that was intriguing me more and more by the second…I studied her face, watched the way she brushed her back as spoke. My she was very hot and I could also pick up a faint scent, what was she wearing , it smelt lovely and expensive I thought. It was also the way she was looking at me. I have never thought of myself as handsome, or a hunk . I am not that but I do know that I give off an air of confidence and some people say I can fry a person with one look when I am pissed off. My eyes are blue and I know they can be very expressive, they are after all the windows to the soul, and it is often a womans eyes that will attract me as well. She was laughing as she chatted, there may as well have been no one else in the pub as all my attention and will power focused on her. She also started asking me questions about myself, she was interested in me as a person and when I spoke she hung on each word as though it meant something . A lot more than some of the woman I met who spoke but never listened at all.

We stood chatting it was amazing , chemistry and I was totally captivated by this stranger, What was there in this strange meeting, I really did want to get to know her and learn about her. I hoped she was not involved, but she did not mention anything so it seemed she was single. No rings but that meant nothing now days. I asked her casually, So where is the lucky man in your life to celebrate with? I wondered if she picked up that I was fishing for more about her personally. She did not hesitate. I am not involved she said. My business keeps me so busy I don’t have time right now for a relationship. Now that was good news I thought, but my reply was. Oh ,but that’s because you have only just met me, and I laugh…

Your turn , sweet stuff…