09 Jun 2016

Epilogue: A True Story: Chapter 1

Almost 10 years ago, I finished writing, My Story, I did not write it for a general audience, or anyone in particular, but the story did not end there, and in fact became more interesting . I would not today be sitting down to continue to write this story, but for the encouragement I received from total strangers and a good friend who shall remain nameless, without whom none of these stories would have been read.

So to the past 10 years , and of course the past, let me pick up the story of “ The Journey”, and my wish and desire for complete freedom from all my past, loves and lost lovers. Of course that is just a dream, we cannot escape our past or even hope to forget about it, and so while I was living this life, to the full, we are not immune to any of it. I found my little place in the sun, moved away from the corporate lifestyle, and of course my philandering. Well so I thought anyway. I had achieved my main objective; I set myself that beautiful evening in the middle of the Karoo. I was free, both financially and emotionally; I had most certainly paid my penance and was starting fresh, a new chapter a new lifestyle, a new town and even new girlfriend. This was my dream a dream I had only shared with one other person in my life, but now it was a reality.

The following chapters will follow this journey to the present; once again, names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope you enjoy this story as much as the first one. I look forward to writing it, but I will warn you in advance, it does not start with a nice story, but rather a story of love, sex, hate, deceit, betrayal, lies and manipulation. This is a story that I must tell, or I will always be victim nor be free of it, and only by writing this story can I hope to put it to rest. This is my story of XXX,.

Epilogue Chapter 1. My Stalker

We met through a mutual friend, and we only dated for a short time, and our happiness lasted but a few months, but what kept me coming back for more was the sex. The sex was incredible, probably the best I have ever had, but it was even more than that. I do believe we can love more than one person, and in my case polyamory and addiction to love and sex was a feature of my life. She fulfilled all my fantasies, all my desires for what a woman should be sexually. She really did ring my bell and played many wonderful games, which I was a willing participant too, but and it’s a big but, she could not share me with anyone, and that included friends and family. We don’t always pick who we are attracted to sexually or physically, its only after the heat of passion do we even really get to know someone, and it is during this time that this story continues.

I was living out my dream, a new life until I came home one night to find a gift box with a rose inside lying at my front door, there was also a message a room number at a Hotel I frequented often as a guest. The message to me was clear and I went to the room with a lot of fear expecting to find the worst, but instead I found her.

The Hotel has a great pub and it was frequented by the salt of the earth South Africans, mostly farmers and their families. A place of normality. A simple life, Church on Sunday, good honest very hard work during the week, and lots of sex over the weekends, but that weekend, we broke all the laws of morality and sexuality and we did not need any help to do it.

I cannot explain the lust I had for this woman, and despite our ongoing fights and break ups over many months I still could not resist what she gave me. This time it was different, we had no contact for more than a year I believed my break was at last final. I had finally moved and was living hundreds of miles away from her; we had no cell contact, no contact at all. And yet she was here.

When I went into the room, and following the message instructions, and time, she was waiting dressed only in a long black coat, with long legs and heels and stockings. I watched her said nothing and allowed her to make the first move. All the bad memories faded with each new revelation, first the legs, strong, and firm, her ass she called a jelly bum, nice lots to play with and hold onto. Then my surprise, after more than a year she revealed herself to me, slim body small tits, I liked it but her pussy, normally cute and available, was hidden behind a growth of hair, black and long, forming a perfect triangle above her lips. I was riveted to the spot and believe me my cock was wide awake.

She commanded me to kneel, and slowly approached, full hips, flat belly, and that beautiful hairy pussy. I knew what I must do, she wanted control, maybe even punish me for such a long break, but was it worth it. I had to try take back control from this woman , she had the core of what I wanted and there it was in front of my eyes and framed with soft curly pussy hair. It was quite perfect and there was nothing that would stop me from licking, sucking and devouring her. But I was not in control.

This tease lasted for what seemed minutes, but in reality it was probably seconds. As she stood in front of me she parted her legs, just enough to give me a stunning view of her ass cheeks and a glistening wet pussy, the lips swollen, and she must have been masturbating before I arrived. No matter she had so much juice it was wet and swollen. With my face level with her sex I could smell her soft perfume, and feel the heat coming from her body, it was almost too much to bear. I am a sucker for a juicy pussy, excuse the pun.

I was then told to do what I do best, eat and suck her pussy, and I happily obliged, first as she stood in front of me I licked her, tasting her and finally getting her juices and sweet taste in my mouth. Savoring her lips, and sucking on her clit. She changed position and bending in front of my face I buried my tongue into her soft hole, wet, tasty, just the best experience ever to eat and taste a pussy. The hairy pussy was somewhat of a novelty, but I was used to hair, as it was not fashionable to completely shave in my past. Love soft hairy pussies, just gives a hint of mystery and modesty to my taste. Finally she lay back on the bed and lifting her legs up to her chest, I made sure I kept her juices flowing, and finally she had her first orgasm, soft small a shake of her body and a moan of delight, and the juices ran freely. I must say it was a night I will not forget, and I have a wonderful video to relive it. Oh yes I forget to mention she liked videos, and happily participated. The sex lasted most of the night, but the consequences can last a lifetime.

It was not for many months before I heard from her again. She now knew where I lived and I was no longer totally free, she could arrive at any moment and she did make a number of trips, arriving at odd hours, and even once on Christmas morning, but that is another story. After one encounter at the Hotel, and a weekend of sex, lots of coffee joints and alcohol and always an undertone of tension, she had left. It had been another tearful good bye and a promise that life would go on and we were better off apart. But she never gave up and that is when I received the email.

The email contained a real shock, she was pregnant and it was my child conceived during her last visit. I was shocked, did not believe it possible, but finally after many months I accepted that I was going to be a father again and I was happy and sad. Maybe some good would come of this; I had always said I wish I had a daughter’s love. Would it ever be possible that I would know this new child? I was persona non grata again after her last visit and with her and her friends and family. I was too blame for her mental state her complete breakdown after we split up and I had left to start my journey .I was after all a philandering bastard addicted to sex. They never knew the full truth. I was guilty of all of these things I had admitted it and told the truth, in an effort to gain some understanding from her for my lifestyle I had shown her the clubs and introduced her to my lifestyle, but only to the extent she wanted, We had been regular visitors to clubs always staying on the outside, voyeurs, and exhibitionist. That had been enough for her and after all ‘woman rule’ she wanted me to show her and so I did. She always was in control, from the bedroom anyway. But she was not in control of my lifestyle and that I think made her crazy and hate me.

So it was with huge sadness that I celebrated my daughter's first and then second birthday, from afar and never once questioning what she had said. But was it true, and that is why this story is full of lies and manipulation and ultimately her revenge.

Before her second birthday, I knew the truth, there was no child there never had been, and a woman scorned will have her revenge. I will not make any excuses, there were no more lies, or so she said. She had arrived on the Friday night, but by then I knew the truth, it had just been her way to stay connected to me and a reason to come back for more. There never was a child, and I was fucking relieved, about that. But she was back for more.....

Ps; After such a long absence I will try to fnish this story. I hope the ending will not shock you but I said it is a true story.

To be continued in chapter 11 but please be patient it's a work in progress or just plain old life.