11 May 2017

Sometimes pleasure comes without us having to seek it out. A few years ago, I had to go on a course in Durban. The course was the final course of three that were required for certification. The company had booked all the attendees into a bed and breakfast close to the training centre in Westville. I checked into the BNB on Monday afternoon (the course was to be held over four days), and our hosts welcomed me warmly. I was the first to arrive as I stayed only two hours away. The other course attendees were from Vryheid (Hans and Johan) and Newcastle (Elsabé) and had a bit further to travel. We knew each other well from the previous two courses we had attended. I got dressed into my baggies and took a dive into the pool. I enjoyed the cool water and swam a few laps before sitting on the steps in the shallows. Hans and Johan stepped out of their rooms onto the verandah that overlooked the pool area. We greeted each other and then got into our usual joking and ribbing routine.

Hans was a dark-skinned Afrikaans guy who was as thin as a pole. Johan was a heavy-set Afrikaans guy with a huge boep and double chin. The small spectacles he wore just rounded off the nerd look. Johan walked along the verandah to the bar and grabbed three beers before joining me and Hans at the pool. We quickly caught up on what was happening in each of our branches. We all turned our heads towards the verandah at the sound of approaching footsteps. The final one of the KZN IT gang had arrived. Elsabé was a twenty-something big beautiful woman. Curly auburn hair ran down to her shoulders, below which, she displayed a nice curvy body. Elsabé was not a model but had a certain sex appeal. She was married as were the rest of us, so none of us had gone beyond playful flirting. One thing can be said for Elsabé, she partied hard and was able to keep up drink for drink with the rest of us. I got up out of the pool and gave her a huge bear hug before she could duck out of my arms, making her white top fairly see-thru. Hans gave a cat call and we all had a chuckle.

We sat down on the verandah and had a couple more beers as the sun set. Something was wrong with Elsabé, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She cracked a few jokes and laughed at ours, but the usual sparkle just wasn’t there anymore. We ordered in some pizza and enjoyed the pizza with a couple of beers. We then all retired to our rooms with a little buzz.

Tuesday was the usual rush in getting registered, before sitting down to the lectures and practical sessions. As the day dragged on the personal messages starting flying left and right across the room. I sent a GIF of a guy flashing his cock to our gang.

Elsabé quickly wrote back “Ag shame! Too small to excite”.

Hans wrote back on the group that she was just a size queen and nothing smaller than a donkey’s dick would satisfy her highness.

The usual emoticons followed before I replied with “Call me Sir Ass! I have just what her highness needs!”

“Dream on little man!” Elsabé typed.

The afternoon session came to a close with a training project due the next day. We all left and met up at the house. I took a dive into the pool and was soon joined by Johan and Hans. When Elsabé emerged dressed in a one-piece we all whistled loudly, and she sashayed like a model to the pool’s edge before diving in. We all chatted in the shallows before heading to the bar on the verandah. We cracked a few beers open and then fetched our laptops to start working on our project. The project was done and dusted within an hour, and we all headed to our rooms to get showered and changed for dinner. We all traveled together in Elsabé’s car to a local restaurant. Elsabé got silent mid-way through the meal and seemed distracted. I asked if we were boring her, and Elsabé replied no never. We had all seen the change in her and fished about what was causing the mood. Still no answer. We then seemed to settle into our usual ribbing and playful banter as we drank a few more drinks after dinner. Elsabé was the designated driver and called a halt to any more drinks, but that did not slow down the rest of us.

Late into the evening, Johan was pissed. He was really “slim, ryk en mooi” and started rambling about how tired he was of the same old sexual routine that he had been shackled with over the last two years. Hans chimed in that he was also tired of porn and Mrs. Palm and her five daughters. The two carried on a while about how their once lusty wives had turned into cold fish. Elsabé then popped up and said, “At least you guys are getting some. It’s been over five years since my hubby fucked me!”

The silence was deafening. Oops! Looks like we had opened a can of worms. I said that her hubby must be dof as I would never be able to sleep next to a hottie like her and not seek some action.

I tried to lighten the mood and added: “You know with a cock as big as mine you may never need another!”

The gang all burst out laughing.

“Well, at least I know where to go to get some relief!” Elsabé scoffed.

We finished up our drinks and climbed into the car and headed home. I undressed and climbed nude into the bed. The memories of Elsabé in her costume and the flirting had me as hard as a rock. I wanked off with fantasies of Elsabé. After cleaning up I started drifting off to sleep.

My trip into dreamland was halted by the sound of the door opening, and a sliver of light illuminated the room. The door opened further and in came Elsabé.

“Does your offer still stand donkey cock?” she asked.

I lifted the duvet and told her to climb in. She quickly climbed in and we immediately started kissing. I pulled her nightie up over her head and discovered she too was nude underneath. I rolled her onto her back and started playing with her nipple with my one hand, while I licked and the sucked on the other. Her nipples turned into little hard pebbles and Elsabé’s breathing started getting faster. I let my one hand drift south. Her pussy was shaven, and I soon found out she was sopping wet. I parted her pussy lips and rubbed all around her pink snatch, focusing on the outer lips. I only did this for about a minute before she arched her back and ground her pussy against my fingers. I took this as a sign and knelt between her legs and lick her up and down her slit. I pulled her cunny lips open to expose her clit. I lightly ran my tongue around her clit, careful not to make contact. She started pushing down trying to get my tongue to make contact with her thick clit. I kept evading her successfully. By now she was breathing in quick gasps. I then flicked her clit with the end of my tongue and stuck a finger into her cunt. She gasped as she came, her chest now a bright pink. By now her pussy was soaked. I leaned up and kissed her. She grabbed the back of my neck pulling me in to give me a deep French kiss, licking all her juices off my lips.

I rolled onto my back and she quickly rolled over and grabbed hold of my cock.

“Mmmmm…you weren’t lying King Dong!”

I laughed briefly but had to grab the sheets as she deep throated me in one go. Fuck! No going slow with this one! She gagged as she bobbed up and down my cock coating it with her saliva. I felt my cum starting to boil up, and gently lifted her head off my cock. I knelt between her legs and pushed three fingers deep into her soaked cunt. I then pulled out slightly and stopped when I felt a spongy texture on the top of her vagina walls. I started a rhythmic pulsing pressure and slow rub over the squishy flesh with the tips of my fingers. She quickly started thrusting against the pressure and then squirted all over my hands as she came. Her body started shaking and she panted for air as she came. I moved up and kissed her. I knew by experience that she would be super sensitive right now and would need a little time before we started another round. We kissed gently and she reached down and played with my cock and ran her fingers over my balls. I rolled over onto my back and lay still for a while.

“Squirter!” I teased.

Elsabé giggled and then rolled on her side next to me.

“First time with another guy!” she confessed in a gentle whisper.

She straddled me and my cock slipped easily into her stretched soaked snatch. I was dribbling so much pre-cum, she could have been as dry as a bone and I would still have slipped in easily. Elsabé rode me slowly at first, but then built up a speedy rhythm, before I exploded inside her. She had not cum again so I pulled out and rolled her over, before sticking four fingers into her cunt. I thrust fast, hard and deep. Elsabé seemed to enjoy the rough treatment and my fingers were coated with a mixture of her juices and my cum. She squirted a second time and this time it flew right up into my chest.

We lay gathering our breath before hitting the showers. In the shower, I washed her all over and managed to slip a finger into her tight ass. I only could get a semi, so we didn’t do much again but clean up.

Elsabé slipped out back to her room so that the others wouldn’t be able to work out what we had been up to!

The rest of the story will soon follow….