11 May 2017

So I've placed many adds here in the past and have received a few responses. Most of them are tyre kickers and some just pix collector's

So I posted an add about visiting durban and was looking for fun. A guy from here responded and told me about a fantasy he has about another guy being with his wife and seeing her inner kinkiness coming out.

So we chatted but unfortunately could not meet and then I stopped chatting to him. I then visited durban again and posted a add, which he saw and contacted me. I told him I was not open to games and he should send me her info and I'll contact her directly.

He told me about a bar she frequents and described her but was not willing to share pictures due to many reasons.

I headed to the bar and walked up n down a few times smiling at all the white women there alone. I received a few dirty looks and started to give up. I eventually sat at the bar and started having a drink or 2 and keeping an eye out for this women that was described to me.

I eventually started creating some idle chit n chat and sparked up a conversation with this hot milf. I noticed the huge rock on her finger and questioned why a hot lady was sitting here all alone.

We chatted for some time and she explained that they high up in the corporate ladder, work is stressful and they don't have much time to have fun and celebrate life.

I then asked her to elaborate on what she meant by fun. She giggled and said depends on her mood and my imagination. I said my mind is just thinking of unimaginable things I would love to do to a hot lady like herself. She asked to move to a booth, where she sat across me and I started complimenting her more.

She asked if she could take out her heels as her feet was sore. That was a light bulb moment, I offered to press her feet which she felt shy about but after some persuasion she gave in. I moved in closer so her feet could rest on my crotch whilst I massage her. As I massaged the bulge grew harder and the more I pressed her feet onto it. I could see her nibble her lips n twitch a lot.

I asked her if she has been with an Indian guy before or played out of her marriage. She responded, no but her hubby wants her too. She said she was afraid to go ahead as she would enjoy so much that her hubby may think differently of her there after.

I asked what she had on her mind, she responded with a huge smile and said I WANT TO BITE YOUR COCK. Without hesitation I paid for the bill and we headed to her car. She pushed me against the car, kissed me hard n grabbed my cock.

She punched in a location into the GPS and asked me to drive. I took my orders and proceeded.

Whilst driving she open my pants and began to suck on my raging erection and biting it hard. It was the 1st time I've been bitten that hard. It was sore, kinky and pleasurable all at once.

We got to her place and went straight into the lounge where she asked me to strip and wait for her. She came back naked with some lube and condoms. Lied on the couch across me spread her legs and said this pussy ain't going to luck its self.

I dived straight into her with my tongue n fingers deep in her whilst grabbing n squeezing her perfect breasts.

We then got into 69 position and I could feel twitches every time my fingers explored deeper. She was riding my face whilst biting on my cock.

She then eventually asked me to enter her from behind. It felt like I entered heaven. That soft wet velvety pussy sent chills all over. Was nothing that I had before.

I was sure to fuck that pussy hard but also make sure it lasted. I began trusting her slowly and deep making her moan and want more. I couldn't resist and all I could her thereafter was my body thrusting into her. As soon as I was about to come I stopped and began to finger n suck her all over. I was destined to make this last. Felt like a heavenly moment.

We continued like that for hours changing positions and I'm sure we created a few as well. She came numerous times with my tongue n fingers until she begged me to come on her. She bent over showing me that perfect ass with her pussy lips just hiding below.

I grabbed her and fucked her from behind like a sex slaved mad man until I turned her around and almost not pulling out the condom to burst my load all over her beautiful face n breasts.

I kissed deep n hard pressing my dripping cock against her and thanked her for the experience. I called my Uber and headed back to my hotel.

The husband called me the next day to find out all the juicy details whilst he jerked off.

Until we meet again ;)