18 May 2018

So we booked a place and headed there for a weekend of Hotwife fun.

Hubby knows his routine in preparing for my appointments which are booked in advance, love it. So my playmate

arrives, I'm all excited as he joins me in the lounge for a drink, I'm all hot and ready for a good time when hubby

suggests he drive us around and I get to play in the backseat. I was surprised but headed to the vehicle leading my playmate along. We both jumped into the backseat and hubby then says that he wont drive anywhere unless I take off my mini dress

My playmate is now really excited and agrees, I strip down to my new lingerie and heels and we head off, we drove around and I had the time of my life, I was being fondled and touched and kissed and penetrated all there on the back seat. I was in heaven. the touch of leather seats on my skin and the warmth of a strangers hand, my playmate enjoyed his ride also, he was given blow after blow and the excitement was just uncontainable, never mind the noise we made, it was really intense.

Got back to our flat after that, had to put on my dress again, but when we got in, the party started again

I ENJOYED MYSELF........ thanks hubby

Can we do that again soon, please