02 Dec 2015

my recent exploits in the swinging world lead me to a secluded beach in Greece .

I luv that blue waters and explore the coast daily when im there .

obviously in hunt for ..hidden treasures ''

so while idling I walked around a rock ..only to find a Cpl ..stark naked tanning

he was clearly much older than the tall blond next to him

those beaches are mostly clothing optional

he looked up and greeted while she just turned onto her side and looked me up n down

I had shorts on . and I was about to walk on when he asked if I want a beer

I agreed and thanked him

he gave her a cider ...and then she turned over onto her back

wow what a smooth bod ...oily tanned and hottt

she could see I am mesmerised by her boobs and silky smooth pussy

we chatted , with me stuttering some words

the cock teasing lady could see im getting a hard on..and asked if I don't strip

I half turned and took my shorts off

I couldn't hide my rock hard cock

he laughed and said ..its ok..she has that effect on all men

I lay next to her and drank my beer

she swung her leg over mine ..exposing a glistening puffed pussy lipps

you like ? she asked ...yyy ess yes I mumbled

want to eat it ..? again I mumbled yeess yes

go on she said ...eat me

he laughed again and said go on

I turned to face this heavenly meal

my tongue barely touched her clit and she started to groan

harder ...faster she urged

I lapped like a dog on heat

spreading her pussy wider I put a finger deep in

she shuddered in orgasm land

I almost drowned in her juices

resting a short while ..she turned me on my back

without warning she climbed ontop of me

she sank deep onto my rigid cock

without mercy ...she rode me hard n fast

I felt to cum...but she squeezed her cunt and rode my slower

I couldn't last and gushed my cum deep in her

she came again and again

we lay there fr an hour to recover

when it was time to go ..he invited me to their yacht the next day for a party

another Cpl would be joining us

I greeted them...still dazed

next morning at 8 I got a rude wake up..hard knock n door

half asleep I opened ...there she was...thin sun dress...she pushed me inside

kissing me ..she said he likes to sleep till 10...and she was horny for more hard cock

mmmmmmmm .....tell u next time of that morning