Written by muf

24 Nov 2014

Well although I have not really finished the Lea saga, I have decided to finish my short spurt of writing stories with this one.

After Dianne and Roger taught me to lick pussy I was transferred a few times in a 10 year period. One day I got a call from Dianne. When she said it was Dianne I did not know who it was. They had moved to JHB and I did not expect to hear from them again. And although I will never forgot her it was really unexpected.

Well she invited me over. I told her I was married. She said she would like to say hi, and no pressure. She had had a heck of a time to trace me, and she had spoken to a lot of people and gone to a lot of trouble to get hold of me again, and would be disappointed if I did not at least say hello. I agreed to pop over to the hotel where they stayed in Cape town.

I have to say I was excited. Had not had sex in a month and a half. My wife was pregnant with our first. She was nearly due and guys at work teased me saying every time we did it I got a free BJ. I stopped having sex right there!!

When she opened the door I noticed she had hardly changed. Still very sexy! A few more laugh lines, but still stunning. She made coffee and soon her hubby was there too. He told me that Dianne was looking forward to seeing me.

I must say it was really exciting to hear that and I felt flattered. The ice was broken because up to that point it felt a bit stiff and unnatural. Well suddenly we were laughing and talking and it was a real nice affair.

Now and then Dianne was touching my hand or arm and I felt chills along my spine; by then I had a big erection. Not having had sex for a while did not help. She playfully sat on my lap at some stage and she told her hubby "he is really happy to see me too"

"Take him to the bedroom and show him how lucky he is that you found him again" was his reply. I followed her and I know her hubby followed us!

We kissed and I cannot remember when I lost my clothes but I was naked before I even knew it. I was standing behind Dianne with my cock pressing against her ass. She was still fully clothed. While she looked at her naked hubby I kissed her in the neck while unbuttoning her blouse. I could see more and more of her cleavage. She was breathing deeply. Her chest moved up and down and I could feel her excitement. Finally her blouse was fully unbuttoned. She had on a strapless bra. It was red and really sexy.

My hands glided softly over her breasts and her enjoyment was clear by the outline of her hard stimulated nipples. You could see the impression of her nipples on her bra. Her open blouse fell to the ground.

I went into a daze because it felt like we were doing every thing in slow motion. Her bra disappeared as she turned around. I was going through the motions like a robot, lost in the ecstasy. I was not even thinking of her hubby any more who was sitting in the same room.

I felt her breath on my neck as I unzipped her short tennis skirt. It fell to the floor and over her shoulder I could see the rounding of her ass in the hotpants type of panty she wore.

I played with my tongue over her nipples. Her breathing was loud in my ear. Her nipples became hard and sensitive. My hand kept teasing them as my mouth went down south. I slipped my hands down, removing her stunning panty. Opening her pussy lips to my hungry mouth.

My tongue teased over her clit. I parted her pussy lips like Moses parted the Red sea. As I started to toy and tease her pussy with her holding my head in her hands she suddenly pushed me away.

"No, no, mister, I can see you have got much better over the years but I don't want to wait any longer for that nice formed cock to enter my pussy" she said.

"I waited 10 years and the wait is now over" and then she pulled me by my hair so that we ended up face to face.

As quickly as I was on top of her she rolled me over and was on top of me. Her feet were flat on the bed, her knees bent but together and pointed up in the air. Her hands were on my chest.

She did not give me a chance to adapt to the situation. She got up a little and adjusted her pussy right over my erected cock. Throwing her head back and with some thing close to a sigh she lowered herself on my cock.

I could not believe it but she was a tight fit around my cock. I nearly lost it. How she manage to pick up that I was going to cum I don't know. She screamed "don't you dare cum now" and closed her hand driving her nails into my chest.

"Come here Roger" she called her hubby over. "Make sure he does not come" she nearly ordered him in a lustful way. He came to us wanking his cock slowly with the one hand close to my face, and with the other he start playing with her clit. That did it! The moment was over and my orgasm stayed away. I was not even close any more with another man's cock so close to me.

I thought I could feel his finger touching my cock as he massaged Dianne's clit. I wanted to pull out but Dianne was definitely in control and pinned me down. Dianne rode my cock slowly. It was a perfect fit. She was wet but still there was friction. I could see my cock enter her and could feel my cock splitting her pussy open.

Her breathing was deep. Her eyes closed. She sat up, just the head of my cock was in her pussy and went down on me with my whole cock disappearing in her pussy. Her beautiful breasts, hair and facial expressions were all in harmony.

I believe till today that her hubby massaging her clit made her climax much quicker and on my cock. She lifted herself up again so that just the head of my cock was inside her and fell down again. It felt incredible. Without opening her eyes she continued to ride me and suddenly her pussy started to contract around my cock. She pushed her nails into my chest again and said "I am cumming, fuck me!!". "Fuck me" she kept on saying.

I started to thrust my cock up into her pussy. She definitely had a orgasm and tried to stop her hubby massaging her clit. He put her hands in mine telling me to hold them and prevent her from stopping him massaging her.

It was really difficult to hold her and keep pushing my cock into her. Her hubby moved in behind her, but his fingers never released her clit and gave her clit quite the work over. My cock was still thrusting into her. Sweat was running down her neck to the tip of her breasts. Forming a sweat drop on the tip of her nipple. It got too heavy and fell all the way down to my chest. Her pussy was really clamping down on my cock. It was all so sexy, so overwhelming that I did not realize I was going to cum. It just happened. My whole body ceased to function under my will.

It felt like an electric shock pulling my body together with amazing pleasure.

Dianne felt I was cumming and she fell forward on my chest. She said "I could not stop climaxing. It was amazing........" Her words started going softer. We woke up together nearly an hour later. Still hot with my cock inside her.

Her hubby was not there and I got a instant erection..........................

Thanks for reading my stories. I am not really a writer but enjoyed writing them and sharing them.