Written by Softone

20 Aug 2013

I wake up and it the most stunning day, there is no cloud or any wind blowing at all. I suddenly get the urge to get out somewhere and be by myself. I needed to go to the city, but meeting was soon over and so much time on my hands I decided to go to Sandy Bay.

I was walking on the path to sandy and became very horny at the thought of me naked in the sun. This was my second time out to sandy and the first time was when got out there with a couple, where she put on a show and me fighting a red face..

As I got to the main beach, I could see no one and did not feel safe all by myself..I looked around but could see no one..

I dropped my clothes and was laying on a big rock near the water edge, and as I was looking back a couple came in...going behind the rock..behind me on a ledge. I could only see them a bit and have to sit up to see what they are doing. I was laying there a while when I thought I must tell them the must indicate when they leave as I do not want to be left alone. They was having white wine in glasses at the time, she had that play full look on her face and they said yes they would tell me when they leave. They had a laugh and making jokes softly..I mind my own business and was there for an hour when I decided to leave.

I stood up and put my clothes half on without my shirt....showing my flat tummy..me pushing a six pack to show off...and walking nearer to them, to tell I am going. I was walking past the concealed entrance to walk...as I walk past and say thank you...I hear that she was saying something...I stop..stepped back and ask..sorry..I could not hear. She said: do you want to join in a 3 some..I was shocked. I walked nearer and said that sounds like fun.

She laughed and hided her face laughing still...she was so naughty and ashamed of what she was suggesting..

I went near and sit on the rock near to them, beside them..her one breast showing, she dark hair,rolling over her shoulder...he naked and having a soft penis..they so stunning two...I found out they never been with anyone else...They had this as a fantasy. I dropped my clothes and sit naked next to them..he looked at my smooth penis...she touched the head of my penis..laughed and felt ashamed at the same time...they was asking a lot of questions of how it works etc..I helped them and said I would sit between them so they both can see..she had this smooth short petite body,small privates...little black strip of hair..i started to touch her legs..up and down..she layed back and i went to her tummy..up to her breasts..his cock go up and down as I touch her..I can see he get aroused...I touch her above her pelvis..she grab my hand and put it on her privates...I do as she ask and play with her small lips..I slip one finger inside...the pussy so wet...felt liked someone had cum inside...she moaned...I play her for a while...she put her head sideways and take my penis to her mouth..she suck on it hard with her small mouth as i work her up..she ask him if he want to play as well,but he said no he just want to watch...I took it slowly so this would be a great experience for them. She was so worked up and grab my head and kissed me so passionate..I felt as her legs shut closed and feel her cumming...she cum for minutes..moaning and going on like a snake..I never seen that before..his cock rock hard and telling her the whole time what "feel what he is doing."this worked her up every time..She ask if he wanted to cum but he said he enjoyed the show..she thanked me and said it was a great experience..We all sit up and chatted a while before we got our clothes on and got back on the footpath..chatting all the time.

Hopefully this was a great time for them as a married couple and are now enjoying the lifestyle as a safe and enjoyable thing they can do as lovers..friends and swingers. May I meet them one day, in the hope that they have good stories to tell..