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Mark S.
1 Jan 2018

Cuckolding my cousin Sean


16 minute read

I am sorry for the length but this was my first time to be a couple's first experience with a bull. I wanted to express it to you with every detail, showing you how I got from Point A to Point B. Enjoy the ride like I did...... Growing up I lived with my Aunt and Uncle for my formative years. They had three kids, two girls and a boy, Sean. Sean and I shared a room and got really close. He was four years younger than me, but we did everything together. As we grew to teens, it was obvious that we were physically polar opposites. He was 5'6", skinny and a pretty boy for lack of a better term. I was 6'7" and very muscular. He was a a musician and a smooth talker with the ladies. I was more of an athlete but quiet and reserved. Our cocks were even different. When I was 16 Sean introduced me to my Uncle's porn collection. We used to watch videos when his parents were out. It was obvious even at that age, and as we grew up, that I was headed for big things and he was not. He was obsessed with the size of my cock and balls. On two occasions he even went down on me. I let him because my access to women at the time was limited due to my shyness, but women have always been my thing. Sean got married to Kristen when he was 24 and she had just turned 18. She was a virgin when they met, according to him. What a looker. I recall at the time remarking about how young she looked. She was taller than him, about 5'8" with long jet black hair, a nice rack, flat stomach and nice curves in her hips and ass. I was not sure how he landed her. I always figured it was his charm and prowess with wooing the ladies. It probably didn't hurt either that she hadn't seen him naked yet. Kristen was a lot like me personality wise. She seemed rather quiet and reserved around me. At the time I chalked it up to our age difference. Fast forward three years. I had been living in another city and had just moved back to town. I got invited to a party at an old friend's house and ran into Sean and Kristen. It seemed a little awkward at first. He was standoffish and she blushed a little when we hugged. As the night wore on, Sean started drinking heavily and began tossing darts with our host. Kristen and I sat on the couch and caught up. In the midst of our conversation I would catch her staring down at my trousers. "He fucking told her," I thought to myself. It didn't take terribly long for her to muster the courage to bring it up. "So, Sean told me you all grew up together." She had a mischievous smile on her red pouty lips. "Uh huh." I sipped on my beer. "You all shared a room?" "Yes" Awkward pause. She bit her lower lip and then blurted out rather quickly, "Hetoldmeyouhaveabigone...." Kristen blushed and looked away. "Excuse me?" I looked over at her grinning. Kristen looked at the floor and said rather softly, "Sean said you had a large cock." Now it was my turn to blush a little. She noticed this and began to apologize but I brushed her off with a smile. "No it's ok. I get asked this a lot." "Well is it.......NO! I don't wanna know.....but I kinda do. NO! NO! Don't tell me. It's not appropriate." She was obviously struggling with her curiosity. "Well without giving anything away," I started in, "Sean and I shared the same room for over ten years. He would know if I am big or not. Yeah, he definitely knows," I chuckled thinking of his face bobbing up and down on my shaft in his parents' room. This seemed to shut her up for a while. I think we both felt like we had dodged a bullet on that one, but as the night wore on and the booze kept flowing, Kristen inevitably came back to the subject. I was talking about my line of work when she blurted out suddenly, "How big is it?" "Excuse me?" "I gotta know now. How big are you?" She held up her glass which was about six inches long and asked, "Are you bigger than this?" I smiled, realizing I wasn't going to get out of this one. I grabbed an empty beer can next to me on the table and stacked it on top of mine. I then held it out for her to see. It dwarfed her glass by a long shot. "BULLFUCKINGSHIT!" she blurted out loudly, as Sean and our buddy looked back from their dart game to see what was going on. When they turned back to their game she whispered, "There is no fucking way your dick is that big. Dicks don't get that big." "How many have you seen?" I was enjoying the conversation. "Just Sean's." She blushed and looked away, "And he's not even as long as one of those cans." "Well....." I really didn't know what to say here, so I just went for it. "It's probably good then that we aren't going to hook up because you wouldn't be able to handle me any way. Most girls who have tried can't." "Oh, I don't know about that," she smiled coyly at me. "Excuse me?" She seemed to think twice about what she was going to say and replied with, "Oh nothing. You are probably right." I wasn't going to let her off that easy. "No. You had something to say, so say it." "I can't. Sean would be pissed." She looked down at her feet again. "Come on Kristen. You can tell me. We're family. Sean's my best friend. I would never hurt him. What you tell me is in confidence between us. Promise" Kristen looked at her husband for a minute, bit on her lower lip couple of times and the replied, "OK. But you cannot tell him I told you." I nodded my reassurance. "Sex with Sean was great until about a year ago. I guess it starts to get old with the same person when you keep doing the same thing over and over. So to spice things up in the bedroom, Sean bought a large dildo. I was so much bigger than him that I told him I was scared of it. I told him that dicks weren't really that big and it would hurt me. That's when he told me that I was wrong and that you had a dick that size." She paused, measuring the remainder of her thoughts in her head. I helped her along. "And so you played with it?" She nodded, took a large sip of her drink and then looked me straight in the eyes and said, "and ever since then I have thought about you every time we have sex." I was floored by her outright approach. By this time Sean was finishing up his dart game and gathering his coat. Kristen stood up, looked down at me and said, "Tonight when I fuck that plastic dick, it's your name Sean will be hearing coming out of my mouth. It's always your name. You have been fucking me in our fantasy world for the better part of this last year." And with that she turned on her heels and was out the door with Sean, leaving me glued to the couch with an erection dilemma. Two months went by and I ran into them at the store. They invited me to dinner to catch up and I brought three bottles of good wine. By the end of dinner, we had finished all three and started on a fourth. We got to talking about growing up and how we did absolutely everything together. "Everything?" I saw that mischievous twinkle in Kristen's eye as she caught mine. "Yeah. Everything. Hell, we even watched porn together." I winked at her. I had opened the door for Kristen to barge through. "Riiiiight. So did you jack off together?" She looked at Sean who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Yes we did." I grinned at her. "And who is bigger?" she chided, already know the answer to her own question. "No let's not go the....." Sean started but I cut him off. "I am over twice his size." I winked again at Kristen. "The hell you are!" Sean shot back. Kristen looked at me and simply said, "Prove it." "NO! WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO THIS! NOT NOW! NOT EVER!" Sean shouted at us. This changed the subject for a while. As the fourth bottle of wine disappeared, we moved over to the living room to watch a movie. Kristen settled in between the two of us on the couch and hit the power. Up popped a vision of a woman kneeling before a well endowed man going to town on his cock while another fully clothed man, presumably this woman's husband, sat and watched. Kristen looked at Sean. "I thought you changed the DVD, baby." "This is fine," I interjected, "I haven't been laid in a while. This looks interesting." The next few minutes were a bit uncomfortable as the woman called her husband over, had him strip down and then bring his much smaller cock over to the bigger one for comparison. The woman smirked and chastised her husband, making fun of his smaller cock. She then got plowed by her bull, screaming his name and telling him how much better he fucked her than her husband. When the movie ended, Kristen excused herself to go to the bathroom. I looked at Sean. He was drunk and looking a little dejected. "You alright, man?" "Yeah," he looked like he was about cry. "What's up, brother? You want me to go?" I sensed that he was working on something internally. "Look man. Kristen let me in on your little fantasy." Sean groaned. "And my guess is that you are struggling right now between your passion and your realization that she is starting to wonder what a bigger man feels like." He looked me straight in the eye. "I just don't want to lose her. She is the love of my life." I smiled at him. "Look man. You did this to yourself. If you hadn't brought her into your freak she might have never known that there were bigger men out there. Or perhaps one day one of her friends might have let her in on it. The way I see it, you have two choices. One, you let her sleep with me if she wants and keep it in the family. Or two, you try and keep her interested in plastic and hope she doesn't want to experience the real thing. Experience has shown me that curious women end up sleeping with other men. At least with me it's better the devil you know, right?" At this point Kristen rounded the corner in a sheer robe. It was clear to me that she had nothing on underneath it. I could see her nipples jutting through the fabric and could barely make out the landing strip pointing to her erogenous zone. "I am getting sleepy, Sean. Perhaps it's time for Mark to leave. Unless you need to sleep on our couch." She no longer looked like an innocent little girl to me. She was a full on sexual vixen looking to get fucked. Still, I wanted to respect Sean's wishes. "No. I can manage to get home alright." I stood, which was difficult because my hardening cock was caught in my trousers. I reached down to shift it to a more comfortable position. Sean was staring straight at the floor, oblivious to his wife and what she did (and didn't) have on. "Prove it!" "Sorry?" I looked at my cousin. "What did you say?" He looked at his wife, then looked me straight in the eyes. "Prove it. Prove to her that you are as big as you say." Kristen went over to Sean and knelt down next to him. "Oh baby. Are you sure? We don't have to do this if you are uncomfortable." "I'm good. Go show him what you can do." He smiled and they kissed passionately. And with that, Kristen stood up, walked towards me and pushed me back on the couch. She then went to the stereo and turned on some sultry music. She began dancing around, rubbing her body through that sheer robe. She then let the robe fall to the floor. Standing directly in front of me was my cousins kid wife, no longer a kid. No, very much grown. Her body was magnificent. Medium to large perky breasts with large nipples sticking out at me. A flat, washboard stomach. Curvaceous hips and a perfect ass. Her legs were muscular as well. It was a picture perfect sight. I had jacked off to magazine shoots of women who had less assets than Kristen. My cock was screaming for release. Kristen walked over to me, took my hand and stood me up. She then stood on her tiptoes and kissed me hard. Naturally my right hand went to her ample left breast and my left hand cupped her butt cheek. We stayed in this position kissing for a while. I tweaked her nipple and she moaned into my mouth. She then broke our kiss and started unbuttoning my shirt. "I am going to take my time. It's like opening my big present at Christmas." When she removed my shirt her hands began groping and massaging my arms and chest. "Fuck you are one mountain of a man." She kissed my chest and brought each of my nipples into her mouth. Then she started kissing and licking my stomach as she dropped to her knees. Sean looked on, a mixture of passion and jealousy in his eyes. Kristen's hands fumbled with my belt and button. She then unzipped me and brought my pants down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. Kristen the leaned forward and kissed my cock through my underwear. The then hooked her thumbs into the sides of my briefs and slowly pulled them down. "Holy Shit, the shaft keeps going on for days." Then, SPROING! Out popped my cockhead to say hello. She was so close to it that it bumped her chin. "Oh my dear God! That cock is HUUUGE! Baby it's bigger than my dildo......and yeah.....he's over twice your size." Kristen now had both our attentions. "Show him how good you can suck it." He was starting to relax and perhaps getting used to the idea of his wife and me together. "I don't know if it will fit in my mouth baby. It's so fucking big." Kristen took my shaft in her hand to steady it and brought it to her mouth. She kissed my cockhead and tongued my slit. She then licked the underside of my tip which made me squirm with pleasure. After a few seconds, she went for it, popping my cock into her mouth. She began working up a good spit as she bobbed up and down on the last third of my dick. After a minute she popped it out of her mouth. Spit connected my cock with her lips. "Fuck you're a big boy. This thing would rip my pussy in half." "You'd be surprised how much of this your pussy can take." I grabbed my shaft and guided it back to her mouth. "But it will take some time to train it, so first you need to make me cum. That way I can last longer as we take our time. Kristen smiled at me, licked her lips and then proceeded to make love to my ten inch dick with her face. "Come here baby. I want you to get a better view." Sean walked over and knelt by his wife. "Look at how big it is up close." Kristen was as giddy as a school girl. "He knows. He used to suck it. Didn't you Sean?" I looked down at him and winked as he blushed. Having a couple kneeling in front of your cock is quite the power trip. "Is this true? Let me see." Kristen gripped my shaft at the base with her left hand and angled it towards his face. Sean turned away. "No" "Yes. Suck it." "I'm not sucking his cock!" "You know you want to. At least kiss it." This went on for a minute before Kristen went back to working on it. I watched the wedding ring on her left hand sparkle as it caught the light from the room. "Hey Sean, look how pretty Kristen's wedding band looks on her finger as it's wrapped around my cock." Kristen smiled but she was now in heat. She was working up a good spit on my shaft and her drool was now running down it and dripping down onto my ball sack and hitting the floor. It was also draining down her chin. She was a messy and noisy dick sucker, which was just fine by me. She would suck it in rhythm with her hand, which was stroking the shaft. All the while her tongue squirmed across the sensitive underside of my cockhead. Then she popped my cock out and went straight for my balls. She couldn't fit them in her mouth so she tongued them for a while, causing me to groan with pleasure. She then grabbed my dick and pointed it back at her husband, the lust in her eyes was overwhelming. And with a low, gruff, fuck me voice she said, "Suck his cock or you won't cum tonight!" Sheepishly Sean opened his mouth and took my manhood in for the third time in his life. After a while he settled into it just fine. Grabbing my shaft and bobbing up and down in a nice smooth rhythm. "He sucks dick like a pro. Almost as good as you, girl." Kristen had a funny look on her face. Like some kind of crazed power trip kind of look. Like she was seeing Sean for the first time. "Yes he does." For the next few minutes I stood before my Cousin and his wife as they took turns trying to outperform each other on their dick sucking techniques. Then Kristen took over. She grabbed my ass cheeks and I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face with ferocity. I felt my orgasm starting to build as Kristen's spit started dripping to the floor from her chin and my ballsack. "I'M CUMMING!" Kristen grabbed my cock and started jacking it off. My first two spurts covered her face and tits. She then popped me back in her mouth and swallowed the rest of my load. "Damn that was great. Holy shit! It's been a while. Sorry about your face." Kristen wasn't listening to me. She used her hand to scoop up my cum, grabbed Sean and kissed him passionately. The she took my cum and shoved it in his mouth. "That's what a real man tastes like. Now if you boys will follow me to my bedroom, I need to get fucked." I loved watched her perky ass cheeks bounce as she strode away from us and down the hall. Sean was still on his knees looking shocked. I grabbed his hand and helped him up. "Come on boy. We have work to do." To Be Continued........

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