Written by Anonymous

22 Oct 2018

I previously wrote about the rush I so enjoy when meeting new couples. It never gets old. But if I am honest, I get that rush each time I get to play with couples from the lifestyle. (Which is not as often as I would really like!)

As a single guy in the lifestyle, it can be kinda hard to find a willing couple. Lots of guys have spoilt it for the genuine guys. Some have come on strong only to chicken out. Some become overbearing or rude...so its no surprise that the single guys get the bad rep that they do. But, every now and then you score big. Really big. Luckily I have met a good few couples that I can genuinely say are worth crawling through broken glass to be with! (You know who you are!)

Several encounters stand out for me, and over time I will share them.

So...earlier this year I was looking through the "seeking ads" and came across a couple that I liked. They were a "stretch" for me and I decided to take a chance and message them. Within 5 minutes there was a reply. A lighthearted chat ensued and within the course of the morning I was invited over for some drinks that night. I did my due diligence, shaved my jewels just in case and off I went.

I arrived at their upmarket home, with that feverish combination of nerves, excitement and a rampant hard-on! When hubby opened the door and greeted me like an old friend I immediately relaxed...until I saw her! Then it became extremely hard to hide my stiff member trying to make his presence known. Prior to meeting, hubby had briefed me...I was to allow her to make the first move. If she felt like it. It was not a given.

She was a goddess. Long dark hair, a body like a model and sex appeal galore. I greeted her with a polite kiss on the cheek and then sat down on the couch. (I always strategically sit in the centre...just in case!) She was wearing this incredibly tight dress, black and short...left nothing to the imagination. The three of us start chatting, having a good laugh and sharing some stories. They were sitting together on the couch opposite me. I am always fascinated by human interraction...and reading the dynamic between a couple in such a situation is one of the most interesting things. I try and read hubby's feelings, is he going to let me fuck his wife...is she really into this...am I likely to become a face on a milk carton? Its a wierd dance, but a fun one!

So there we sit, chatting about pretty much anything, and then she stands up and beckons him to unzip her dress. He does so without even stopping his chat with me. She peels her dress off to reveal a really sexy set of lingerie on what can only be described as a body of pure unadulterated sexiness. I can barely contain myself.

She walks over, gets on her knees and unzips my jeans and I lift to let her pull them down. She doesnt say a word and never breaks eye contact. She pulls my very erect cock from my pants and grips it like the accelerator of a motorbike...she strokes it firmly up and and down a few times before teasing my cocks wet helmet with her other hand...then she ever so slowly bends forward and places my throbbing cock into her mouth. My eyes close in sheer pleasure as her hubby continues with his story about something to do with his business, or world peace...details were vague at this point to be honest. She is now slowly running my cock to the back of her throat, taking it out and swirling her tongue around my helmet. She wanks me a little and then resumes her voracious sucking. I reach down and lift her head...she moves slowly up and kisses me, straddles me and presses against me so tightly it feels like she is gonna push me through the couch. I run my hands down her back and over her ass. She lifts slightly so that I can get my fingers inbetween her thighs...I can feel her sopping wet pussy through her lace panties. I slip my finger in for a small teaser and she pushes down onto my hand. I can tell this is going to be a good night!

Within a couple minutes she stands, takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom where her hubby is now waiting naked. She leads me in and she stops infront of him. Removes her panties and then she spreads her legs and bends from her waist and starts blowing him. I drop to my knees behind her grab her hips and bury my mouth into her wet pussy. I can remember thinking she was going to break my teeth with how hard she was pushing back. After a while I stand up, quickly fit a condom and slip my cock inside her extremely tight pussy. She moans as I do...and her husband laughs. I am just doing my best not to explode at this point. I pound her slowly at first, then hard...pulling out to rub my cock against her pussy lips before ploughing back in. Within a few minutes I am on my back with her riding me to the point I think she is going to break my pelvis in half! Several position changes and swaps later...I am on my back again with her straddling me reverse cowgirl style and her hubby standing with his cock in her mouth. She bucks wildly and cums with such intensity it feels like she has just poured a bottle of water over my crotch. Within a few minutes she is kneeling infront of her hubby and myself as we wank ourselves and cum all over her face and boobs. What an evening. We clean up, say our thanks and goodbyes and I leave. The stuff really sexy porno's are made of!

We chat a little over the coming weeks and arrange another similar mind blowing fuckfest. Same story again, lots of sweat and cum.

But...about a month after the second meeting I am having a dinner with friends of mine at Monte Casino. Who should walk up and sit at a table close by? The sexy couple! At first I am a little unnerved but smile and wave casually when they see me and are also visibly shaken at first. But then it starts...the sexy glances. The smiles and winks. After about 20 minutes her hubby does a gesture to show me to follow her as she gets up and walks away from their table. I comply. We walk upstairs in the restaurant and she sits down at a table. I sit next to her and she greets me with a big kiss. We start chatting and she grabs my cock under the table. She tells me they want me to come home and fuck her. No problem...that night after we get back to their place her husband and I fucked her so hard and so many times that I thought I was going to need medical attention!

These are the meets that make this site so much fun. The uncertainty and the eventual payoff. I love it. Its worth every drop of sweat and cum!!

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