Written by sailorcat

01 Oct 2013


Our last visit to the club really had a big impact on our relationship. We found that we had a new respect for each other and a new closeness which was born out of our shared experiences. So much more chat, communication and understanding than ever before. But now that we were back home in a very conservative village things can become challenging because much as we would love to talk freely about our new experiences with our “vanilla” friends, we also realized that it could mean committing social suicide. Not all friends will be able to understand and accept your new lifestyle. So after a couple of months of not being able to enjoy and partake in this sexy fun, we found ourselves on an aircraft bound for South Africa.

It was a long journey with many delays, a fantastic spin on the newly opened Gautrain, rented an Avis car, went to the Sexpo… Saw lots of cheap Chinese fake willies and pussies and finally got to PFC.

We had a big cleanup and shave and pluck and made our way down to the bar. There were already several couples dancing and enjoying and the music was inviting. Met Lara for the first time, wow what a sexy lady and so in touch with all the people and what is happening around her. We had again decided to stick with light white wine and soda as we like to fully enjoy our short trip and have all the senses buzzing. Went for a general “inspection” and saw all the changes and the now open dungeon room and cuddle puddle which had a mattress instead of water for more quiet private fun. We drifted through to the kitchen where some good food smells were beckoning. There was a fantastic selection of chicken, spare ribs, various veg dishes, great salads, enticing deserts, very nice spread. The food was great, but quickly chomped down because as much as one needs food, we were there for the main reason PFC exists, sex…. And lots of it!!!

Although the evening was a bit slow to get fired up in the rooms, the dance floor was really heating up. One regular lady which I will call V had gone all out on a fantastic costume with wings and another couple S&R also did not disappoint with their outfits. S had decided to just wear bead stickers instead of knickers in the appropriate places and a flimsy gown. Of course many of us just had to get a close up view of the artistic beads and a little touch to make sure that they were in fact stuck securely onto the titties. It is very, very tempting to just bend down and give her a little kiss and one has to have a lot of resistance and control at these moments. Such a comfortable couple. We had been chatting to another couple who I will call Sane and Angela for this story. And it was nice for us to keep in touch with someone from the club while we were unable to attend. At least it was one way in which we could share and compare stories and ideas of what we liked or disliked. This is nice to do, but can be quite tricky because everyone can read and interpret a story differently and it is very easy to get the wrong idea. We had a couple of hiccups during our many chats, but managed to iron them out pretty quickly. Nothing was planned for our return trip but because it was Lara’s birthday, there were many familiar faces. We bumped R and his wife who we had previously had a really crazy scene with. We could probably have hooked up with them but the night was young and we wanted to see what new opportunities were around. Anyway they were already chatting and dancing away with another couple who also taken the trouble to dress up. The guy had a G-string and a sort of suit top with socks and shoes (no pants) and a hat, his wife had a kinky little blue suit with shorts. It looked like R and wife would probably play with them. We were happy just to mingle and dance away for a while. We noticed two ladies to the one side which looked like the real deal. I know there are many girls who dance around and do the little girly thing for the benefit of their husbands but it is all an act. These two looked like a proper couple and we looked forward to seeing them in action later. Then there was the really buf, fit, bodybuilder couple who we had seen a few times before. Had never seen them in a room though, perhaps they just came for the dancing? One guy seemed to have to support his wife who was already a bit “dizzy”? They were sitting on the side of the dance floor and he had her top down showing of a cute set of tanned boobies. She seemed a bit shy and sort of out of it, so I lifted Cat’s blouse and gave them a flash just to show that it is all good fun as long as all are consenting. So we carried on dancing and every now and again checking on the rooms to see if anyone had got started.

Some couples moved into the pool and started to make out, we stood on the bridge for a while watching them. Then one guy got out of the Jacuzzi and it was one of those OMG moments where you cannot quite get your head around what you are looking at. He was seriously hung like a horse and wrapped a towel around himself and came towards us on his way to the bar. He was still fully erect and had just pointed it upwards. Although the towel was wrapped quite high around his waist, his cock still peeped over the top of the towel which was over his navel. We went through to the rooms and found Sane and Angela busy in a missionary position in the small voyeur room. Another couple was on the same bed right next to them and the girls were full on into each other. Kissing and touching nipples and rubbing clits while the husbands slowly fucked their respective wives. No complete swap over, just the girls playing. It was really heating up and the other couple wife was very vocal which drew quite a crowd as everyone wanted to see the action.

We went to the larger voyeur room and the guy with the tanned dizzy wife were busy on the floor, he was fingering her and she had her eyes closed and was slightly moaning. There was another big guy with his lady on the high bed and we decided to hop onto this bed. We started making out and kissing and feeling and playing, I went down and was playing with Cat’s clit. Then the dizzy couple from the floor obviously not happy that we had not joined them on the floor mattress squeezed in between us and the other couple so we were now three couples on the bed. He was lying right against us and I felt a bit uncomfortable because we did not choose to play with them but anyway soon got used to them and just carried on with our thing. I entered Cat from behind in a real standing/squat position and this guy was intently watching as I slid in and out of my wife. He was just a few inches from our coupling and fingering his wife who seemed to be on another planet. We changed position and I went from kissing Cat to suckling her nipples and slowly worked my way back to her very excited pussy. Now concentrated on giving her full pleasure with three fingers rubbing her G-spot and my tongue playing games with her clit. I noticed that next to me the guy was not having much success at getting it up, perhaps too much to drink and just lay over his wife making as if he was inside her. After a while he got up and walked out the room leaving her lying with legs spayed wide open and looking at the ceiling. We were sure she may have taken something with her drink because the behavior was strange. It almost seemed as though her husband had left her like that on purpose hoping that I would hop on and take advantage of her. We ignored her and after both of us had climaxed we hopped off the bed and got dressed. As we were about to leave the room she shuffled over to the edge of the bed leaving a long dribble of sperm on the sheets as she staggered to the door. We were standing to the one side of the door and she tried to close the door and go behind the door?? Very worrying, she then staggered back to the bed but slipped and fell on her butt. Clambered up the side of the bed and lay back again with her legs wide open and her pussy exposed. We left the room and noticed her husband standing in the little alcove watching through the one way glass. There was something very strange about him. We met Lara and Craig in the passage and I think they were already aware of the situation, but anyway we mentioned that we were concerned about her safety as she was in no condition to be just left on the bed for anyone to use. Lara went through and I think sorted the matter out somehow and they then came out of the rooms. We went back to the bar grabbing another soda water and hit the dance floor. Again as usual the DJ did not disappoint and was pumping out just the right tunes as all the couples gyrated in there sexy embraces on the floor.

A little later we started feeling like “sum more” so headed back to the rooms, this time going straight through to the voyeur room settled down on the couch. We were just casually stroking and touching and kissing each other while taking in all the happenings around us. There was no hurry, this is why we were here, to make love in a very sexually charged environment with other couples fucking and cumming around us. The nice thing is that the lighting is so kind in these rooms that it does not matter how you are built, everyone looks sexy. There were two couples directly in front of us. We could see clearly as the two guys pumped in and out of their wives, it was like watching an old steam engine as the pistons drove in and out. These guys were well endowered and you did not need to search for your glasses to see what was going on. I was slowly fingering Cat while licking her nipples, we were just chilling and not pushing for a climax yet. She pushed my hand away as she was about to cum from watching the other couples sex scene being played out a few feet away. Sane and Angela and their playmate couple were going at it big time on the high bed. There was another couple to their left who were also just laying back watching the action like us. Again their playmate lady friend was very vocal and seemed to be blowing through multiple orgasms as she frantically pushed up to meet her mans thrusts in a missionary position while in passionate embrace with Angela. Angela although not as loud, was also clearly enjoying herself and also playing with the girls nipples while kissing her. It was all very exciting to watch and I entered Cat in a scissors position so that both of us could still watch and I could also play with her clit same time. It did not take her long to cum and I joined her a few seconds later, tensing and shooting in an incredible orgasm. We lay there for a while in an afterglow just enjoying it all while others still carried on in various stages of lovemaking. I started to play with Cat again as the couple in front of us got a nice close up show of her very wet pussy. Lucky we always put down a facecloth as sperm began to dribble out of her. I guess we could also have brought a towel. And I think that many couples forget that what goes in also runs out…directly onto the bed so that the next couple end up in the wet spot…yuck!

We went back to do a bit of rehydrating and dancing again. We were taking a break and then decided to go back again for thirds. Getting back to the room we found Mr Big from the Jacuzzi pumping his large equipment into his lady. Wow it was amazing…like watching a donkey fuck. The were on the high bed and I just bent Cat over so that her hands were on the bed and she was staring directly at the action a few inches from her face. I entered her very wet pussy from behind and started to slowly push in and out almost in rhythm with the couple in front of us. Mr Big changed position several times then put his lady on her back with her legs closed and entered her without even touching his cock. It was so large and stiff that it could push in between her closed legs and hit straight into the right spot without any assistance. I have tried this position before and with my seven inches I have to have Cat open her legs slightly and then bend my dick until the head finds the entrance, then I can let go and push in as she closes her legs. But this guy had the length and stiffness to just shove it in wow! We were both a bit gobsmacked at watching this type of thing firsthand and close-up happening in front of us. I could feel Cat’s pussy tighten up and just then also felt the skin on my dick split…dam. Anyway we were so turned on that I just carried on as the pain turned into a sadistic pleasure and I just pumped away with no regard for the further damage I was doing to myself. Mr Big was really pumping now and his cock was so big that it was pumping air into her causing fanny farts and squishing blowing sounds I have never heard when I am with my wife. The sounds coming from them made it clear that this was some big equipment sex going on. His wife was fortunately quite a big built girl and we were impressed how easily she accepted his size. Cat has quite a big toy of similar size but she can only fit half in. We decided that it was lucky we had not picked him to play with. Mental note to self, more practice necessary with big toy to get Cat’s pussy ready for possible assault!! All this was too much for me as my whole body contracted into a very tight climax. Cat did not cum this time but I knew we could correct that back up in the room. When we got back to the bar I complimented Sane and Ang on their show, the laughed it off. It was nice to finally meet them after so much correspondence online. They only do soft swap. Although we are comfortable to go all the way, after having watched this couple’s soft swapping, it would more than satisfy our appetite. In fact we go to the club with no expectations. Even if we just danced away and had a bit of sexy atmosphere, it would be enough for us. Luckily we are also exhibitionist and enjoy having sex in front of others as well as watching them. So there are always many possibilities.

It was getting late as we said our goodnites and took advantage in the gap as the rain had stopped so that we could get back to our room. We were quite tired and went straight to bed, but waking next morning for a bit of top up. I did enter Cat for a few strokes before realizing that firstly I was injured and that although up and about, I was not going to cum anytime soon, it would take long and cause more damage. So I settled down to breakfast at the Y…

To be continued….