Written by Magnum Opus

01 Sep 2015

Excerpt: " She can't control herself anymore, months of subtle hints finally pay off as my wife turns into the sexual vixen I so desired right before my eyes. I can see her pupils dilate as she arches her back in pure ecstasy, while all six of our hands run over every inch of her body."

NOTE: This account includes multiple sexual encounters and may be a lengthy read.

My wife and I have been together since our high school days, where she was 2 years my junior like most couples in our day and age. She was never the wholesome type in the strictest sense of the word, but hardly ever would she risk anything more than the vanilla exploits one would expect. On the total opposite spectrum of the moral compass, I found myself fantasizing evermore often, pushing my boundaries on what I found enticing. My internet history would attest to the rapid evolution of the search terms I used, from the lustful and adolescent terms such as porn, tits and pussy I used when still in school to more complex social taboo such as swinging, cuckold and hotwife, I find myself typing in these days.

Empowered by my new found fantasies, I started hinting towards more adventurous exploits, but she would often expertly shrug them off, leaving me frustrated and wanting. We had an accidental encounter when she was still in High School and I was in my first year in Uni, where we had a couple of drinks and more tequila with my best friend and I ended up getting a sensual BJ in full view of my buddy. Although not exactly what I had in mind, it was the first step towards the realization of my fantasies of having a promiscuous wife.

I learned from the experience and started subtly hinting through erotic poems and stories I wrote her, focusing on her needs and experiences, rather than that of my own. I sent her erotic images (Non-porn) and erotic stories I encountered online, slowly grooming her to adopt my fantasies as her own. The sex grew increasingly steamy, but still remained far from what I would have her do.

Running out of stories and images to really send her, I started accepting that this may never happen, unless I conjure some sort of pièce de résistance. That's when it hit me, I once read an online confession of a gent who let his friend seduce his wife "without his knowledge" and I knew that this may be my ticket. Instead of having one of my friends seduce her I thought of a mutual male friend of ours that she briefly dated before we got together and again once during a little break up we had. I had no idea how to approach him and realised that there was no easy way to say it, so instead I "accidentally" sent him a nude pic of her, showing her face and all of her glory.

Needles to say, I got a reply saying: "Uuhm, I think you sent me a pic by accident" to which I profusely apologized and said it wont happen again. Much to my delight he replied again, "feel free to send more, you are a lucky guy." and right there and then I knew the game had just begun. Over the course of the next couple of days I sent him another pic or two and we exchanged some texts in this regard until I invited him out for a beer. We met up at a local pub, awkward at first, but after the beers and shots started flowing, I broke the ice by showing him a pic on my phone he has not seen before.

To have you imagine the look on his face, my wife, GF at the time, was a looker and just turned 21. She is leggy at 1.74m, ashblonde hair with 34B breats, a perfect hand full. She was fit, but curvy, a real woman figure with a fantastic ass. Most of all she has a flat stomach with a perfect "V" sloping down from her hips to a clean shaven and very attractive pussy.

The pic I showed him was unlike all the other "light nude" pics I have sent him, with this one showing her spread on the bed with her fingers on her clit as she masturbated for the camera. At least she was not camera shy as these pics would prove to be the introduction into a whole new life for me. He gaped as he grabbed my phone to get a closer look, uttering the words: "Fuck, she is hot" as he downed another shot of tequila. "I am sorry to say this, but I wish I fucked her when we dated and now I will never get the chance," exactly the words I hoped for as I casually replied "why not?" He shrugged and asked what I meant and I simply replied: "If you can get her to fuck you, you are more than welcome. I kinda like the idea, but she can't know about this discussion or the pics. You can try to seduce her, but just keep me in the loop. What do you think about that?" He was taken aback at first and after a couple of "are you serious?" questions, he committed to seducing her.

He gradually started seducing her over the course of the next couple of months, sending her some texts, emails and meeting up for coffee, whilst in the background I pulled back on the sex to allow her to build up some desire. I realized then that this could backfire and possibly cause a break up if she ends up liking him more than me, but I was at the time willing to take the risk. After a couple of "friendly dates" he forwarded me a text that she sent him reading: "Hey B, for your eyes only," with a nude pic of her breasts attached. At last, she took the bait and with that pic followed a couple more pics, increasingly revealing every time util she sent a message to him asking him if they could get together one night for drinks. This all happened without my knowledge off course, so as soon as they made the date, he let me know so I could make it happen. A couple of days before the date night I told her that i was going out to have some drinks with a few buddies and would probably only get back early in the morning hours, to which she enthusiastically encouraged me to enjoy the night for obvious reasons.

I left early on the night of the arranged date and went out for drinks with my buddies, nervous as to what is transpiring when I got a message from B with a pic of him fucking my GF. during the course of the evening he sent me more pics, obviously without her knowledge as he fuck her good and what seemed like for hours and multiple times. When I got home early in the morning hours, she was in the shower and I inquired as to the nature of her evening and why she was in the shower at such an odd time. She just said that she had a fun evening, and wanted to freshen up before bed. Needless to say, I hardly slept that evening, constantly thinking about the pics B sent me and what she experienced and what she thought of it as the emotions of possible consequences and jealousy started tugging at my gut, while the pure ecstasy of what transpired lead me to tug at my massive erect cock. After mulling it over, I ended up more horny than ever and any remote feeling of jealousy washed away as I was more convinced than ever that I wanted this.

I was surprised when I woke up with the smell of coffee and bacon right infront of me as she served me breakfast in bed with a wry smile on her face, that quickly turned to a concerned expression. "something wrong?" I asked her as I took a bite of bacon and a sip of Douwe Egberts. "Yes, I did something terrible last night and I have to come clean" she said, her eyes slightly tearing. I did not expect a confession this early if even at all, but I was relieved that she could not keep it away from me. I realized after the fact, that I have been quite manipulative and could have seriously damaged our relationship and possibly scarred her emotionally in this pursuit of my fantasy, but know that it has happened I had no choice other than to go with it. In hindsight it turned out that this manipulative game I was playing would seriously change the dynamics of our relationship with me unfairly securing the upper hand as if it was a power struggle, which it is not. In that moment I probably felt more remorse for setting up her infidelity than she felt for fucking her ex. "I cheated on you," the words hardly escaping her lips as if they were burdened with an unbearable load. "what do yo mean hunny, in your dream?" I asked playfully. "No, I have been chatting to B for the last couple of months and I ended up going over to his place last night while you were out with your friends. We haven't slept together for a long time now and you have been so distant, I just wanted some affection and attention."

I paused for a while, staring into the distance, while trying to hide my erection. I felt guilty and did not want to punish her by dragging out her guilt. "I wish you would have told me, then maybe I could have got some pictures." I said bravely to which I got a totally stunned look, "what do you mean you want pictures?" she asked coyly. "You know I like threesomes and swinging stuff, I just wish you told me and took pictures, at least then I could have enjoyed it as well. I mean, damn I wish you did not have to go and do it behind my back, but hey, I can't keep you all to myself all the time. To be honest, I have fantasized about you having sex with other people, I am surprised you actually did it, but it kinda turns me on." I could not tell if she was murderously furious or entirely dumbstruck, but I could probably fit two dicks in her mouth, as she almost broke her jaw with her mouth hanging open. "I just told you I cheated on you behind your back with my ex, who fucked me harder than you concentrate on your fucking exam studies and you tell me I should have taken photos? Where does this leave us?" Her demeanor seamed to shift towards angry and I distinctly remember feeling that this might backfire in my face. "All I can tell you is that I am not angry. I don't know why, but it turns me on. Shoot me for finding it attractive to share you with other people and I will shoot you for doing it!" There was a slight pause as I put down my barely eaten breakfast and moved in to kiss her. What ensued was the hottest and most vigorous sex we have ever had. Afterwards we agreed that if anything like that would happen again, we would be open with each other. I asked her what would happen with B now that its all in the open and she said she did not know. She recounted the evening in detail (YOU CAN REQUEST THIS AS A SEPARATE STORY and I will recount what she told me) after which we went for another round as I could not contain myself. She later got a text from B and showed it to me reading: "Hey, thanks for last night, you were amazing and I enjoyed every second of our time together. I hope we can get together soon." after which I got a text from him saying: "Man, thanks for letting me fuck your GF, I swear I haven't cummed that hard in my life. She is a fine piece of ass and I really hope you let me fuck her again, or at least I hope she lets me fuck her again." I obviously did not show her the text, but I had another idea for the two of them.

I arranged with him to play none the wiser as I pretended to send him a text saying that I know what happened and that I am not angry, but if he intends to fuck my GF, at least he could send me some pics. I told her that I sent it to him and showed her the reply: "Hey man, I am so sorry. It just kinda happened and I did not mean to come between you guys. I did take a pic if you wanted one?" He sent me one of the pics he sent me before and I showed it to her. She was a bit angry that he took pics, but quickly blushed as she read what I typed back. In full control of the situation I seized the opportunity to steer the conversation. "Great pic, next time you fuck my gf, I would like at least 10 pics and maybe I will be there to take them myself." She almost fell on her head, slapping my shoulder as she called out my name in embarrassment. " I am not going to fuck him again. It could have ruined our relationship if you weren't such a perv." I smiled and told her that she could fuck him anytime she wanted, as long as I know about it.

A couple of weeks went by with them only exchanging casual sms's every other day and I started to get bored with nothing happening. I decided to put the wheel in motion again and arranged for him to meet us at a local pub without her knowing as a coincidental meeting. That Saturday I took her out to our place of planned meeting and got her warmed up real quick with a couple of shots and a few drinks. B arrived later and pretended not to see us as I wanted her to recognize him first. She took a quick run to the ladies room and bumped into him when she came back. She got back to the table and told me that she bumped into him, after which I called him over for a chat. It was a bit awkward so I decided to just let it hang out there. "hope you enjoyed fucking her. did she at least give you her signature BJ?" she slapped me again, her cheeks turning slightly red as she blushed. "yeah, uhm, she gave me a BJ. I don't know if it was her signature one." he replied. "well babes, did you?" she just shook her head, leaving me with the perfect follow up. "Well then I thin k you should show..." I could not finish my sentence as I was interrupted by my best friend, who really coincidentally decided to pitch up at the same bar.

I haven't told him about our encounter yet and asked him to go to the bar with me to get a drink and catch up, leaving my GF with B alone at the table. "Isn't that her ex?" he asked me as we both looked over to the table and saw my GF giggling like a little girl. "Yup, that's him. We bumped into him here." I said. "Well tell him to fuck-off or he might en up fucking your GF!" he said, balling his fist. I did not know whether I should tell him as he may be caught a bit off guard, so I decided to rather keep it to myself for now and we walked back to the table. I asked her to join me and my buddy and told B that it was nice to see him again and to excuse us. He caught the hint and went on his way. Nothing happened that evening and would not happen again for quite some time.

We ended up getting married in the meantime and about a year into our marriage we were out for drinks with my best buddy when we ran into B again. He was as surprised to see us as we were to see him. Communication between us all faded as we all become busy with work and marriage plans on our side, although my wife and I talked about him every now and then. He approached our table to greet and he quickly saw that we were already way ahead with my best friend grabbing his hand and forcing him to take a shot of tequila. Loud as he was he asked B: "Aren't you, his wife's, ex?" to which B just nodded his head. "Well to late buddy, she is taken now!" He said laughing aloud. In good spirit we asked him if he would like to join us for some shots and he agreed as we ordered another round. We were enjoying our evening, joking around about how they would have looked like as a couple and even joking around about how my best bud would have been with my wife. Obviously hammered my best friend burst out saying: "I wish I was you, I would have fucked her silly!" almost immediately putting his hand to his mouth. "Oops, I did not mean that. sorry" he said just as the barman called final rounds.

We all were still in a drinking mood so I invited them back to our place that was close by as the last comment my best friend made, initiated a train of thought I have been envisioning for quite some time. We got back to my place and I poured us each a glass of wine and a round of cookies and cream. We put on some music and lit a fire in the fireplace and carried on where we left of. My wife excused herself to the bathroom and left us drinking another shot as my buddy said: "sorry about earlier." I replied: "it's nothing to worry about, I take it as a compliment." shrugging my shoulders. "Just so you know, she would have fucked you silly and not the other way around." they both looked at me, burst out in laughter and pointed behind me. My wife standing behind me with her arms crossed asked: "I would have fucked him silly." she said as both of them went into a laughing fit after her comment. "You caught me." I said as I stood up to get us another round of drinks. I walked to the kitchen to get more wine when the laughing abruptly stopped. It was eerily quiet and a paused for a moment to listen. I left the glasses and bottle of wine on the counter and decided to sneak and peak around the corner when I saw my wife dancing half naked in front of my Buddy and her ex. I immediately got an erection and an intense feeling of anticipation bordering on anxiety. It truly was an indescribable feeling almost like butterflies, but not quite the same.

I let her dance as I peaked around the corner, my hands trembling with excitement as she moved closer and let them touch her. I was in awe as this was exactly what I planned, but without really planning or mentioning anything to her. "Where's the wine," my buddy called, as if to warn me that I should get back there. I turned around and finished pouring the wine to return. I walked in with a "What the Fuck," remark as I just stood there while my wife sat between them topless. "What baby, don't you like sharing?" my wife asked me with a sly smile and a wink. My buddy stood up to grab a glass of wine, not even bothering to hide his blatant erection as he gulped down the glass in poor fashion. I could have served him with motor oil and got the same puppy faced look on his face, hardly taking his eye off her boobs.

"Well, you know you can't tease a pride of hungry lions with half a lamb, right?" I asked her as I motioned towards the two of them with my head. "We will see how much pride you have left after we are done here tonight," she replied quirkily, as she spread her legs and put a finger in her mouth. The comment and pose she gave almost instantly pushed all our libidos into overdrive as B sitting next to her turned his head and started fondling and liking her breasts. My buddy stood next to me in awe and whispered: " Wtf man?" as he stared at my wife's breast being fondled by her ex. "Its all fair in love and war" I replied taking another sip of wine. "Are you ok with this?" he asked turning his head towards me. "Yeah, I enjoy it." I said motioning for him to go over to them. He approached my wife hesitantly and I could see that he was not sure what to do. Before he could sit down next to her she sat upright, grabbed his arm and positioned him in front of her. She unzipped his jeans and whipped out his cock, turning to B to do the same.

There she sat, the love of my life, drunk, half naked with two cocks in her hand. She just sat there holding a cock in each hand as if she has done it a thousand times before, slowly playing with them, staring at them while licking her lips. My best friend almost looked like a dog humping air as he tried to push it closer to her mouth, but she would not budge. She asked B to stand up as she dropped off the couch and onto her knees, placing them one on each side of her giving me a full frontal view of her with a cock in each hand. I almost dropped the glass of wine, hardly capable of containing my excitement. She kept unwavering eye contact with me, as if telepathically telling me that I should be careful what I wish fore before she turned her head to suck on B's cock first, still maintaining that same resolute eye contact with me. I could not take it anymore as I unzipped my jean and pulled out my erect cock which I swear grew with a couple of centimeters as if to demonstrate exactly how horny I was. She turned to my best friend, pausing with her mouth slightly open as if to give me one more chance to pull out before she plunged it down her throat, taking all but the last centimeter of his dick in her mouth on the first go. In that one singular plunge all the way deep down her throat she foreshadowed exactly how deep she was going down the rabbit hole tonight.

She interchanged between their cocks, sucking on the one while playing with the other as I walked closer to the action. I positioned myself in the middle of them with my cock approaching her mouth when she tapped it on the head with her hand and said: "Down boy" as I recoiled from the sudden shock with a look of surprise. "You can't leave me hanging here, I will die of low blood pressure at the rate this is going!" I said pointing to my erect member." I stood there for a moment as she sucked their cocks like a pro before my best friend lifted her up and undressed her completely, laying her back down on the couch. He positioned himself between her legs and started licking her pussy as B readjusted himself to have her suck his cock again. My buddy ate her like a hungry lion, bringing meaning to my earlier analogy as she rocked her pelvis in a swirling motion harder into his tongue. B stepped away for a moment and I assumed it was because he would have blown at any moment as the two of us watched in silence as she moaned with every lick of my buddies tongue. B moved in to replace my friend as he positioned himself right in front of my wife's mouth. I could see she was in another dimension as her moans increased in intensity as her swirling accelerated, grinding ever deeper into B's tongue. He slipped a single finger into her now wet pussy as he suckled on her outer labia, moving away from her clitoris for a while. I could she her appreciate the variety as let out a deep moan right as he slipped his finger into her.

I watched this all unfold in perfect view as my wife let loose all her inhibitions. Through the loud moans there was a serene moment when all sounds faded away in my head as I realized in that moment what I may have unleashed. Yes, in this moment of extreme passion, nay lust, I glimpsed a possible future of my wife turned into a total slut. It was a surreal experience with a hint of doubt creeping down my spine, taking the edge off my throbbing erection. A strike to my groan, brought me back to the present as my best friend threw me with a shoe to get my attention. "hallo, wtf are you doing standing there all zoned out?" he asked as I took in the changed scene. Both their cocks were back in her hands as she pulled B's out of her mouth. "I want them to fuck me now!" she exclaimed as they both waited on me for approval. "They can fuck you if I can join in on the action."

It was clear to me know, she was overwhelmed with lust. She can't control herself anymore, months of subtle hints finally pay off as my wife turns into the sexual vixen I so desired right before my eyes. I can see her pupils dilate as she arches her back in pure ecstasy, while all six of our hands run over every inch of her body. She slowly lowers my cock in her mouth as time seams to pass slower with every millimeter she swallows. Lost in the moment I did not even realize that my best friend has positioned himself between her legs, rubbing his cock against her labia and clit, but not entering her. She tries to position herself to let him slip in, but he purposefully does not enter her. He looks at me, his face asking the question, to which I just nod. He does not even hesitate as he plunges into her and she lets out an abandoned moan, attesting to the nature of what I have unleashed. Within a couple of thrusts, he let out a moan as he cummed in her. In that moment I let it be, as he pulled out and flopped down next to us. "Holy shit, that was ridiculous. I just couldn't help it" he sighed. B moved in to replace him, oblivious to what my friend left for him as he slowly dipped into her. As he has had her before, he savored every moment this time, pounding away at her.

She looked at me with my cock in her hand, her ex deep inside her with my best friends cum still dripping from her, she squeezed my hand and between moans said: " I love you, I fucking love" and I knew right then, my wife, best friend, and love of my life has become my slut as well.