Written by Chikeetah

30 May 2014

I met my wife in very strange situation to long to describe. Soon after we start dating we discuss our fantasies with each other and hers was a 3 some (also drive me insane)

One Saturday afternoon i told her what if i can arrange for a guy to join us we where both excited.

i phoned the guy and asked him to be at our place around 9 in the evening. She got in the bath shaved legs and her pussy was smoothly shaven. We where discussing how will we start the party once the guy arrives, which drive as both insane she was so wet and willing. I suggest to tie her naked to the bed blindfolded and she agrees.

Half an hour before the guy arrives she was tied up and blindfolded naked on the bed. When the guy arrive i met him at the gate and talked a bit but said to him absolute silence in the house. We both walked through to the bedroom. He couldn't believe his eyes there she was tied up naked and waiting. He got undress and went on the his knees touching her gently all over the was quivering. The he slowly start sucking her juicy pussy and she was insane and had an orgasm within seconds. i mounted at her mouth and she gave me a blowjob .

I directed him to her mouth and i took over on her clit she was having a few orgasms

then she start begging to untie her which i did and she took of the blindfold and grab his thick cock and suck him.

i suggest we do a 69 i lei on my back and she suck me and he dog style her and she was screaming with pleasure

Once again she grab his cock and start sucking him and once again her was ready for action. she was on her back and he opened her legs wide and he was riding her hard one orgasm after the other followed. then i grabbed her and dog style her but was to horny at this stage i couldn't control myself and unload into her.

the guy left later but we carried on for a long time was so amazing seeing her having all the orgasms