Written by sailorcat

06 Oct 2013

Back to the Fantasy Club.

It has been a while since our last little dirty weekend at the club but finally we managed to get back for a bit more fun. Our room is upstairs above the club which only opens doors at around eight in the evening. We like to look over the balcony and anonymously watch from above as others arrive until there are at least three or four couples inside and then we are not the first to enter. We are getting more confident now when entering and know that all the other couples tend to check you out as you walk in. The music was still slow, lighting low and sexy as we went up to the bar for a wine and soda, then took a walk around to see what had changed in the rooms since our last visit. The owner often changes the décor of each room and so it is always new and different each time we return. By the time we got back to the dance floor, many more couples had arrived and there were a couple of ladies doing their thing on the pole. While waiting to order drinks at the bar looking at all the sexy people we met up with Marv and Liezl. She had very short black hair and he was a big guy, clean shaven with some tattoos. I asked Liezl what they were in to and she replied anything and everything like liquorice allsorts. I told her that Cat’s fantasy was to play with another woman as she had a small lady, lady experience a few years back and really enjoyed it. We did not at that stage pay much attention because they were not really the kind of couple who would normally appeal to us. But we watched them dance and kind of thought about it for a while. Then Lara made an announcement that there was going to be a professional photo shoot for the Sexpo booth and she was looking for cock n pussy shots. So anyone brave enough to bare all should go through to the dungeon room where the photographer had setup lights and cameras. Mmmm, sounded like fun so we strolled over in that direction. It was a small room and there were quite a few of us crammed in watching. One by one the guys would go and stand in the spotlight, drop their pants, Lara would give them a little tug to give it a bit more length (it was winter hehe) and the photographer would take a couple of shots. His assistant then stripped off and she had a neat tiger tattoo over her pussy and was really quite stunning, she had boob and pussy pics done just to encourage the rest of us. Then I went for a cock shot which was quite something. You must imagine that being winter my willy had shrivelled away, I got the tug treatment and that gained me a few centimetres which made me feel a bit better. Next was a tall (about six foot) girl which was absolutely model perfect with long jet black hair and followed by her equally tall perfect husband. He dropped his pants and rolled out about a ten inch long dick, which caused a few gasps from the crowd. His wife agreed with me that it was winter and so a bit small but you should see it when it is erect!!! Marv and Liezl did the next one and we moved on back to the pool area where a small crowd had collected outside the blue room. The blue room has a one way glass so that those inside cannot see out but the whole bar area can see in. On the bed was the tall girl with black hair and she was taking care of her well-endowed husband as well as another Chippendale type stud who too had a cock like a donkey. She was like a professional as she kept both guys satisfied, wanking one while being fucked by the other and changing guys and positions continuously, it was fantastic to watch so close up. Then she straddled her husband and the second guy came up behind her and inserted himself into her anus. He was very gentle put the head in and waited for her to relax before pushing home the whole length. The crowd was very quiet as this highly erotic scene played out before us. We had never seen a double penetration before and it was a big turn on. When they had finished we walked through to the other rooms to see what other action was going on. There was a couple in a small room which just had a curtain as a door and he was using a small dildo on her. He was bald and she had dark hair, they reminded us of a couple on Californication so that became their nickname. We watched till she had a climax then went back to the bar and refreshed our drink as it was time for supper. We bumped into a guy who we had played with us in a threesome before and he took a bit of liberty playing with Cat’s nipples without asking…not good etiquette at a club. We were not interested in playing with him so went through to the kitchen to grab some food. Excellent spread and selection of all sorts from chicken, beef, prawns and salads. After supper we danced a bit and then decided to go to the rooms and start playing. We stopped off on the bridge to watch a couple making love on the hanging bed over the pool and then carried on to the private rooms. In the passage we ran into Marv and Liezl. Liezl asked if we would like to join them in a room and we quickly accepted. Clothes came off and soon I found myself kissing a strange girl for the first time, it was very different. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as Marv took off his pants and my wife removed her clothes. Marv was large, Cat had not seen it yet and I wondered if it was going to fit ok. As he went off to grab a few bottles of water, Cat and Liezl started playing together. Liezl went down on Cat and was also fingering her at the same time as playing with my cock while I teased both her nipples and Cat’s at the same time. Things can get quite confusing when there are many hands, pussies and tits around. Then the Californication couple joined us, she had picked up the Chippendale stud who had just finished doubling the tall dark girl in the blue room. Very soon they were rolling around in a hot threesome on the same bed as us. You have to imagine six people on one bed!! She was very vocal and as she did a cowgirl riding her husband she shouted that she needed the other guy in her arse right now! He obliged and for the second time that night we watched a girl take two large cocks at the same time. Wow, hot! Marv arrived and started fucking Liezl from behind as she worked on Cat’s clit. I was still swapping between kissing Cat and her and alternating between all of their boobs. Marv reached past his wife and started fingering Cat with three fingers. The room was super charged with sexual tension. Miss Californication was moaning very loudly about how incredible these big cocks were feeling inside her. There was a crowd of spectators at the door watching all the action in our room which just added to the whole thing. Then Liezl said she wanted me to fuck her and we moved to one side as Marv lined up a very large dick at my wife’s pussy. I stopped and told Liezl I first wanted to watch it go in. As he put the head to her entrance I noticed that he had a piercing just below the head which quickly disappeared into Cat when he slowly pushed forward. I looked up at Cat’s face and she was staring at the ceiling almost as if she was in a trance. I was amazed to watch as Marv slid his whole length balls deep into my wife without any difficulty then it was time to pay attention to Liezl who was getting a bit impatient. We shuffled in between Marv and my wife and the Californication couple who were pounding away. I kind of felt a bit under pressure as the smallest guy (dick wise) in the room as I listened to all the ladies satisfied grunts of pleasure from the other guys. Even Cat was giving a couple of moans as Marv started to fuck her in a steady slow long stroking rhythm. So I thought to myself I may as well do my thing and ignore the others. Just do what I do well and so I started a really passionate kiss with Liezl, I sucked on her nipples and slowly moved down to her pussy. Surprise…she had a pierced clit, wow this was confusing. How should I lick around the clit ring? She also had very long labia and long dark hair so the whole package looked so different to my wife’s neatly trimmed blonde pussy. I kissed it and gently blew on her clit which soon firmed up nicely. She was already very wet and slippery and had quite a distinct flavour and scent which sort of acted as an aphrodisiac to my senses and made my cock throb in anticipation. I looked over and saw Cat hanging onto Marv’s muscular shoulders, his butt moving steadily in and out as he fucked my wife. Again that rush of blood to my cock and I needed to get into Liezl’s wet pussy. After fitting a condom I slid in with no resistance and then a tap on the shoulder as Lara wanted a close up picture of me entering Liezl. I did a quick pose and then sank back inside her. Soon asked Liezl to get up onto her hands and knees so I could enter from behind in a doggie position. All the action around me put my brain into overload and I just could not hold back any longer. I am very loud when I come and so as all my muscles cramped together I pushed in as far as I could and came deep inside a strange girl. Marv quickly hopped off Cat and leaned over to watch our joined bodies. I am not sure if it was a part of his fantasy to see a guy come in his wife or if he was checking to make sure I had a condom on and was not busy impregnating Liezl!! Anyway as I slid out of her she had not yet had an orgasm and he immediately took my place. He must have done about ten strokes when her climax arrived. I joined Cat and slowly licking her clit brought her to a climax which she did not get to with Marv, by this stage I was hard again and entered her doggy style while watching the other action in the room. Miss Californication was ready for more and begged Marv to help her out. I was amazed at this guys stamina, he had been with my wife, brought his wife to an orgasm and then hopped onto Californication’s wife who was now moaning in throws of passion about how incredibly well he was fucking her and explaining in detail what his big cock felt like. She did not last long before exploding in a massive orgasm as well and only then Marv let loose and came inside her. We all were flaked out exhausted on the bed and chatted away in after sex bliss. Cat and I were thirsty and went back to the bar for some water leaving the others to carry on. A short while later we returned but decided we wanted some variety and went through to the big voyeur room. We lay on a couch and showed off a bit for a couple who were right up close in front of us. Nice thing about this couch is that you are a bit higher than the mattress on the floor which gives you a good view of all the other couples fucking all over the room. It did not take long for us to finish and we had to call it a night and go up to our room as the club was closing.

The whole experience was once again mind blowing and gave us weeks of crazy hot sex at home as we brought back images of our wild night. The one thing which also came up was Liezle’s very wet pussy, we suspect that she had likely had a fuck before joining us and Marv had shot a few rounds of sperm into her snatch which I ended up eating…too late for me to do anything in retrospect. I probably did suspect it but at the time the scent and taste just fuelled my excitement and made my erection twice as hard.

It is already too long since our last visit and we are both dying to get back for some real dirty fun!