Written by Toyboy6969

14 Dec 2012

Hi guys been awhile since we had any company over so we decided to go out clubbing last night. Got to this club over in morningside club was all packed due to the holidays walk in and went over to the bar to check out wats going on there and order us some drinks.I had a black jack and a fish bowl for Lucy walked around abit only to find Gerald and his new partner sitting at the far end cuddling each other in the corner off the couch,Well Gerald was all excited to us and invited us to join them he got up hugged Lucy n gave her a soft peck on the lip and smiled cause she looked all sexy in her black short dress and knee high boots and his lady Alicia didnt look all that bad as well in her tight blue levis and sexy red top so we all had a few drinks together and spoke about our last weekend that the three off us had together which was awsome and no Alicia knew nothing about it So i ask Gerald if Alicia was up for some sexy fun with us He said he wasnt sure but did ask her,She wasnt to keen on the idea but said she was up for some fun so we decide to go dance for alitle swaping and dancing Lucy enjoyed herself rubbing up against Gerald and me Im sure he wanted to fuck her right there cause he kept grabbing her ass and pulling her close to him as for Alicia she was more the quiet type but dam did she have a sexy figure you could just see the shape off her pussy and ass made me rock hard Then we all decided to go over to Geralds place which wasnt to far away and left my car in the parking lot.On our way over had Lucy get in front with Gerald and us at the back we started kissing passionatly at the which made lucy go wild on Gerald kissing and squeezing his cock while he drove then Alicia unzipped my dick and started to gently flicker her tounge on my head and then swallow to my balls taking me deep down her throat i moaned with pleasure as she sucked on me as we drove into Geralds garage and the doors closed and Gerald dropped Lucys seat down and parted her legs and started to lick and finger her pussy with one leg over the dash she reached over to Alicia and unbutton her jeans and rubbed her pussy which was dripping by now from the way it glowed as she pulled off her jeans and got onto the back seat and licked each other while we got to watch as Alicia ate Lucy realy turned me on with me rock hard that i grabbed Alicia from behind and started to pound her pussy And Lucy deep throating Gerald fuck did that feel good and we all came together Me filling Alicias pussy with my cum and Lucy in her face and Gerald on Lucys face and mouth we all went into the shower and into the bedroom were we fucked Alicia got onto my cock and lucy onto my face and said eat me and they both licked on Gerald then Gerald decided to go fuck Alicia from behind While she rode me he mustve fucked her for about 10 min or so before we turn our attention to Lucy and shoved both our fat cocks into her pussy and fucked her until she passed out We then went into the kitchen for a drink with Alicia had about 2 drinks then set Alicia onto the counter and turns fucking her sweet pussy and asked her if she would like us both in her pussy at once she said cool so Gerald lay on the floor she got onto him facing me She was tight with abit off a strugle but in it went and we fucked her until she passed out DAM WAS IT GOOD