18 Oct 2017

I remember last summer on one rainy Saturday morning we drove into AW parking area, a guy was sitting in his car next to ours, Pat with his naughty grin said lets put on a little show for this guy, So, Pat opens my window, leans over to me we kiss passionately, he pulls my t shirt off me, i never wear underwear when i know we going to play. I feel his hot mouth over and on my nipples i love that so much, i groan out loud. I immediately notice the guy parked next to us is watching intensely , i see his face is flushed, i smile at him, Pat carries on, my skirt is lifted, fingers exploring me, i'm loving this. i'm gyrating in time with his fingers, gasping, putting on a show for this dude next to us.

I see him exit his car, he stands next our car smiling at me, i reach out and take his hand to my boobs, oh it tingles with pleasure, i gasp as he pinches my nipples, his hand moves to my groin, Pat removes his fingers as this dude starts to finger fuck me from outside the car window.

I can feel my orgasm building up and suddenly waves of pleasure flow over me, gasping i move his hand away. and randomly say" thank you, see u inside for the mains now, the starter was awesome."

We enter the cinema and Pat's friends greet us, cocks out and hard, the new guy saunters up to us smiling and introduces himself as Paul.

The guys are stripping me, mouths over me, i say "Condoms guys or nothing!". Paul pushes his hard throbbing cock into my mouth, i taste his pre cum he is so juicy and Salty, I feel another cock sliding into my wet , very wet cunt and oh it is bliss as i move in time with the thrusting and i feel Paul erupting in my mouth.

Lovely more cocks still to go