31 Jul 2018

Chapter 13 even I cannot forget Magda. We met shortly after I moved to barkly as she free lanced as hotel reservations and ran the pub mostly for locals at the mountain shadow resort. Our meeting was chance as I needed staff and she was popular with locals.

How can one describe Magda a very sexy woman in my life and never forgotten we had a very sexual relationship and she showed me the pleasures of uninhibited and unbridled passion. I posted 2 videos recently my archive of wonderful memories these videos of Magda and I making love are real and disturbing as it is nearly impossible too replicate again so I decided to share them along with this story.

The passion in our love making untouchable. She is very much the woman of my dreams. Soft skin a beautiful rose lip pussy soft breasts and willing lips. She explored my body and insides she touched me from with in. Her lips sucked me and tasted me while her fingers were wet and soft and her lips kiss my bum. I touch and stroke and feel my pussy contracting as she makes me cum. We made luv for hours and in the most unusual place s One night after her shift behind the bar I could not hold my lust for her. She bent over the fridge and I enter her from behind its delicious hard and firm her pussy wet and open for my cock as I enter her she cries out uncontrollably and it’s only second s before we cum

She carries a special place in my heart and our videos will live on wow who would have believed that these stories and memories would be such a hit but thanks for your comments. To be cont.