Written by freetobeyou

02 Jan 2014

It was Anton’s birthday party, a friend from school with whom she had kept in touch with mainly through the wonders of the digital age, it promised to be a good party with many of her erstwhile school mates going. Thhe evening was spent reminiscing about the old days, the normal what you been up to and plenty of laughs. By midnight there was just a few diehards left and Anton chucked a couple of logs onto the fire and asked if anybody felt like playing poker. At first she watched, not knowing the game really but as one player left she joined in. Everybody was more than willing to teach her the game and as she grew accustomed she enjoyed it more, the betting, raising and bluffing. Soon it was only Anton, his wife Janice and her left. After a couple more rounds Anton declared the game boring and suggested they play for downers. Fetching a bottle of Jeigermeister he explained the rules. One tot as the opening bet, raises by the tot. They played on and pretty soon the bottle was finished, each of them having consumed their fair share. She could feel the effect of the alcohol and was pleasantly surprised that she felt more tipsy than drunk. In the absence of shooters and emboldened by the alcohol they decided to play strip poker (that old high school favourite!) Anton been a pretty good player soon had the two women down to their underwear and pretty soon after that they were topless while he was in boxers. It was already two in the morning when he suggested truth or dare. Still fueled by the amount of alcohol she had drunk and the freedom of not having to go home at any particular time (and the guilt free feeling associated to that) she was quite happy to stay and play. Anton won the first hand, hers being the lowest losing hand, and his dare was for the two losers. She chose truth. Had either ever had a girl-on-girl experience or had they ever thought about it. Her answer was no to the experience and no she hadn’t really given it much thought. Janice admitted to having awkwardly kissed another girl once (at college when both were drunk) and she had considered it but as a fantasy. She won the next round and again the losers opted for truth. Anton was keen on a threesome (probably atypical for a male) and Janice said she would probably also opt for a threesome under the right circumstances. Anton won again and this time Janice chose a dare. Anton said the two women must kiss. She leant across and they kissed. That was not ho whe meant, they should kiss properly. Once again she leant across towards Janice and kis her, her tongue exploring as Janice’s hand cupped her face. It was different, no feeling of stuble, Janice’s mouth was sweeter and the kiss more subtle, not hard and thrusting. Janice nibbled her lip and flicked her tongue in and out. Kissing her just how she liked to be kissed, she felt Janice’s hand drop away as they parted and as it brushed against the side of her breast it sent a small shiver through her body and her nipples stiffened. When she looked across at Anton she could see he was visibly aroused, the outline of his erection stretched the thin material of his boxers. Janice won the next round and she immediately accepted a dare. Anton and she were to kiss. She stood up and walked slowly over to Anton’s chair. She straddled him allowing her breast to brush his face as she sat. She lowered her face to his and kissed him, her nipples brushing his chest. His hands on her waist pulled her forward so that the ridge of his cock rubbed her pussy through their underwear. She moved her hips provocatively, grinding against him as their tongues explored each others mouths. Judging that he was suitably turned on she broke off the kiss and as she stood she let her breasts brush against his face, a nipple passing over his lips before she pulled away his head moving to try follow the elusive pink button. She could feel the warm wetness between her thighs and as she walked she could feel the slickness. She sat down and when her hand was dealt she folded without even looking at her cards, Janice followed suite. Anton, bewildered for a moment, smiled. Without waiting for them to decide on truth or dare he instructed the two women to play with each other. Pulling their chairs closer, Janice leaned over and delicately began kissing her. Janice’s hand caressed the side of her face, her neck and slowly moved down to her breasts. She in turn ran her nails lightly down Janice’s spine. She felt Janice begin to trace circles over the curve of her breast, moving ever inwards till she reached the nipple which she gently tweaked, pulling and pinching with just the right amount of pressure, she responded, feeling the delicious weight of Janice’s breast in her palm as she cupped it, softly kneading it as she used two fingers to tease the nipple. Janice’s kisses moved away from her mouth, down her neck and finally over her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as Janice took one stiff nipple in her mouth, sucking and nibbling it more expertly than she could have imagined. She felt a hand move over her belly and slip past the elastic of her panties, the fingers combing through her pubic hair before caressing her outer lips, gently but firmly they parted them, drawing out the wetness and massaging her clit, she pushed against the hand, the fingers deftly manipulating her clit, rubbing and circling it before quickly dipping into her wet pussy to draw out more of her juices. She was groaning with pleasure when Janice whispered in her ear to lie on the table. As she complied she looked at Anton, his cock was rigid and he stroked it slowly through the material of his boxers. His eyes filled with lust as he watched these two beautiful women fulfill his fantasy. She lay back on the table and Janice tugged at her panties, lifting her hips she let them be pulled off and discarded. She lay perpendicular to Anton and when she turned her head she could watch him playing with himself. She sensed Janice seating herself between her spread legs and then felt the cool breath on her hot pussy followed by a soft tongue. Janice used her tongue expertly on her clit and without being too forceful or repetitive began to tease and toy with her swollen clit. She felt Janice’s finger slide into her and begin stroking the inner wall, seeking and finding the tingling mass of nerves of her G-Spot. Watching Anton rub his cock she urged him to take off his shorts, he complied standing up he pushed them down and kicked them off, his cock bouncing as it was free from its constraints. She reached out and wrapped her hand around his shaft, feeling him hot and throbbing, she gently drew him closer and by shifting slightly closer to the edge of the table she was able to bring him within range of her mouth. With one hand resting on the back of Janice’s head, urging her on, she cupped the base of his shaft and balls in the other, she gently squeezed and released as she drew his cock into her warm wet mouth, her tongue flicking and licking the engorged head. She took him deep into her mouth feeling his thickness throbbing as she sucked hard. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Janice watching intently as she drew the cock in and out her mouth, the shaft glistening with her saliva. It wasn’t long before Anton was breathing roughly, rocking his hips back and forwards in time to her. She new she wouldn’t last much longer as Janice licked and fingered her throbbing pussy. Pulling away she moaned and in a voice husky with lust demanded that he fuck her. He moved between her thighs, holding her hips he pulled her down the table so her legs dangled free, she wrapped them around his waist as Janice guided her husbands cock up against her slick lips. She felt the brief resistance as his head parted her lips and he then he slid smoothly into her, her pussy wet and hot stretching around his hard shaft. Janice climbed up onto the table lying with her head to toe. Janice resumed rubbing her clit as Anton slid in and out of her, slowly at first but soon he was driving hard into her, his balls slapping against her buttocks. She groaned and writhed at the intense feelings, Janice’s expert touch and Anton’s cock fucking her deeply. Her clit throbbed and pulsed and her pussy muscles clenched as she began to cum. Her back arched against the table as she sucked in a deep breath, her nails digging into the wooden surface. As she was about to cum, Anton withdrew his cock and Janice guided the swollen head against her clit as Anton came in a thick hot stream, the cum erupting over her clit and across her lower tummy. She came violently, from deep inside her pussy the nerves fired off waves of ecstasy, her breath exploded from her as her body shuddered, muscles tensing and quivering before she collapsed back onto the table. As she looked down, Janice took her husbands cock into her mouth, sucking hard she drained every last drop of his cum before she licked the cum off her clit and tummy, Janice turned and lay on top of her, her knees drawn up, her upturned arse facing her husband. Their pussy’s rubbed together and Janice’s breasts brushed hers. Janice lowered her face and they kissed. She could taste the cum in Janice’s mouth and she savored the saltiness of it. Janice reached behind her and guided Anton’s cock into her pussy. As Anton fucked Janice his balls banged up against her and she could feel his shaft sliding in and out of Janice. She lay back on the table as Janice kissed her mouth and fondled her breasts, her pussy throbbing deliciously. Janice pulled away and as she opened her eyes she watched Janice bite her lower lip, her brow creased and eyes clenched tightly, she felt the shudder run through Janice’s body as she came. Anton must have cum too as he sagged forward. His breathing ragged.

Janice sits on Anton’s lap as they both watched her dress, both wearing satisfied smiles. As she leaves she kisses both, wishing Anton happy birthday again and hoping he enjoyed his birthday present.