Written by ashlee

26 May 2014

A night that was never meant to be…

It was never meant to happen. We had always said that we have no friends that we desire to drag into our small to none existent circle of swinging friends. The only real reason was not of fear of rejection but the fact that they will not understand why we do it and I refused to explain. Until one fateful day, we went out for a wild night at our favourite watering hole with 5 friends. Some close and some distant but all good friends either way. The night was great. Draughts were flowing like the Niagara Falls and shots were being demolished like the perfect home run hit. We all knew we didn’t want to spend our entire night there but we all had no idea what we wanted to do next. So I decided to invite everyone over for a relaxing night of fun at our place after noticing that the alcohol would soon show us the reason for the massacre of drunken bodies spread out on a bar table that I could see coming. So off we went. Jumping into cabs and cars we followed one another to a little spot where we could buy a little alcohol for our time at our place. Lots of beers and a couple of ciders and we were off.

Got home and immediately switched on a music channel. Some people started dancing while others just sat around chatting and laughing up a storm. Well the ladies did most of the dancing. 3 male friends of mine were present and the Mrs had a female and gay male friend there. The night was going really well with the woman performing some of their infamous flirtatious dance moves and the guys cracking jokes in endless succession. The Mrs dancing around in a sexy short black dress that could make any man crumble to his knees. A couple more shooters and a couple more beers and a few people felt fatigue slowly settling in. Eventually at around 3 or so people began to fall asleep and we all agreed no one is to drive home. We never took the time to notice that we hadn’t properly arranged the sleeping arrangements as of yet. Soon the house looked like something out of a frat party, 2 sofas with 2 guys sleeping on each one. We tried to wake the guys up but realised it was far too late. None of them were interested in moving on to a comfy bed. Ahhh well what a pity. Sleep where you land is a motto I created in our college youth days that these men had taken far too seriously. I ran off and collected a whole heap of blankets to keep all the sleeping souls warm. The Mrs alongside myself sat on the sofa watching a little TV talking nonsense with the Mrs friend. We were all just relaxed and laughing at the sleeping bodies around us. The look of every person sleeping around us showed how harsh the night had been.

So let us call the Mrs’s friend Miss Z and the Mrs, well we’ll keep it simple and call her Mrs A (my wifey of course). It was clear that the Mrs A wanted some of me earlier on, considering how she was grinding on her gay friend that she had brought along (which personally didn’t fill me with as much joy as it should have, but I shouldn’t have avoided fucking her somewhere quiet earlier on though). With the addition of the words she had whispered in my ear earlier. So I began to play with her under the blanket we had wrapped over our legs to keep warm, while Miss Z sat reading a mag she found with an interesting cover to the right of the Mrs A. Obviously I was to her left. I slowly ran my fingers around Mrs A’s pussy without touching her lips, teasing her with every little touch of her needy pussy. Looking into her eyes I could see all she wanted me to do was grab her legs, rip them apart and shove my mouth over that wanting delicious tight pussy but I couldn’t. We agreed we wouldn’t show our non-swinger friends the reason our sex life was so different. So I rubbed her clit while teasing her outer and inner lips with my now sopping wet fingers. Mrs A was now trying to quietly moaning trying not draw attention to us. Looking at her face showed that she wanted more, but how could we leave the last guest who was awake all alone is all I could think. Without any warning Mrs A grabbed my wet hand and buried one of my fingers deep into her wet pussy letting out a little moan trying not to alert anyone to the situation. The only thing I didn’t know is that by the time my finger had been forcefully thrust into Mrs A’s tight pussy she had grabbed Miss Z’s thigh. Miss Z simply asked Mrs A what was going on and if she was ok while I kept going at Mrs A’s wet pussy with my finger thinking that the little moan is what she was taking about. I shrugged it off not knowing that Mrs A had now started her own journey around Miss Z’s lovely body. At this point all I wanted to do is see how far I could take this. Fucking her with my finger waiting for her to get up, grab me and drag me to the room. All this time Mrs A was teasing Miss Z’s pussy under the same blanket while her moans got, what sounded like a little louder to me. After a couple of minutes Miss Z stood up and asked Mrs A once again what she was doing, not too sure as to if the situation was really happening and not knowing whether I was aware of what Mrs A was up too. At this point it became apparent to me that Mrs A had made her decision. She wanted to get fucked and right now. Too my dismay she simply latched onto my jeans buttons ripping them apart violently pulling out my hard wanting cock and shoved into her heavenly mouth. All I could do is moan in what was a sigh of heavenly relief. I looked at Miss Z and said “what happens here stays here”. “This will be our little Las Vegas”, to which she simply said “that’s ok with me”. By this time I was gripping onto Mrs A’s lovely tight ass begging myself not to moan out of pleasure. Miss V looking truly amazed at how well Mrs A was sucking my hard dick could only say “WOW you sure know how to suck his dick and you seem blessed with what’s in between your legs”. I flashed a little blush because after all, this is someone we were never meant to play with in the first place. Seeing that we had lost ourselves in the moment the why not factor had intervened and infested my state of mind. I just let go off all inhibitions and allowed myself to succumb to the pleasure of Mrs A’s lovely lips. We all wanted more at this point and darted off to the shower.

The ladies jumped in first while I got a room ready. As I trotted back in to the bathroom I found the ladies finishing off and bathing each other. What a beautiful sight. They jumped out and I quickly jumped in. while I was trying to take the quickest efficient bath known to man I was distracted by the two woman playing with each other in front of the shower door. Kissing each other while teasing and fingering their wet pussies. They were putting on a show that was far too interesting to look away. I jumped out dried myself and led them off to the room. Mrs A jumped onto the bed and Miss Z spread her legs wide open and started licking her wet pussy. I assumed the position behind her and started licking her wet pussy. Then she turned and looked down at my cock. I lied down and let her suck my cock while I focused my attention on Mrs A’s pussy. Miss Z was pretty handy with a cock in her mouth and hands while licking Mrs A was pushing my cock to the limit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed Mrs A by the waist and buried my cock into her sopping wet pussy. Miss Z was told by Mrs A to fuck her face and so she did. Rubbing her wet pussy all over Mrs A’s face while I fucked her hard in missionary position. I had my thumb rubbing Mrs A’s clit while I fucked her watching her tongue fuck Miss Z with a lot of enthusiasm and finesse. Miss Z had her hands firmly gripping the top of the headboard while she pulled Mrs A’s hair in pure ecstasy. Miss Z slowly pulled her wet pussy from Mrs A’s face and started kissing her, tasting her pussy from Mrs A’s lips. Mrs A looked at me and said “now I want you to fuck her hard”. “Make her your slut” were the words that flipped me into motion. So I grabbed Miss Z by the hips and dragged her to my hard cock, bent her over and fed her pussy my cock. While I fucked Miss Z from behind she made out with Mrs A, who lay there beneath her. The moans were getting louder and we were getting hotter with the smell of sex in the air as dense as fog on a cloudy day. I could feel she was enjoying it by how willingly she was thrusting her hips back towards me, trying to take as much of me as she possibly could. Grapping her ass with a hint of force I began to really fuck Miss Z from behind. Seeing her hands grip onto the pillows with every thrust was turning me on even more. I pulled her back so she could suck Mrs A’s clit while I rammed Miss Z from behind like a sex starved bull. She could barely keep her lips and tongue in the right area to please Mrs A so she slid a finger into her own mouth and into Mrs A’s craving pussy. Now she could thrust back onto me and thrust into Mrs A and I loved it. At some point or another my own moans seemed so audible that I struggled to hold them back. I held one of Miss Z’s ass cheeks in my hand and gave it one swift spank. Her moan stuttered somehow, so I smacked her light skinned ass again, but a lot harder. Then the other ass cheek suffered the same fate. With her ass tightly gripped in my hands I pushed her forward and pulled out, turned my cocks attention back to Mrs A and started fucking her again while I fingered Miss Z’s pussy. I could see Mrs A didn’t expect this to happen, but I needed her tight pussy lips around me once again. She loved my dick being back in her and I rubbed Miss Z’s clit while Mrs A fingered her. This was multi-tasking at its best by everyone involved. Both ladies were sopping wet and the sheets were well damp at this stage.

The room had the sweet smell of pussy in the air and as the thought of what heights our sexual passion would reach, came an unruly interruption. We all froze in our positions in a pitch dark room while I screamed for some privacy. I was too far gone to stop now. I should have locked the door but instead I turned my attention back to what I had in front of me. 1 thrust, 2 thrusts, 3 4 5 6 and another knock on the door. An odd knock again that nearly had me running through the door like the Incredible Hulk, screaming who would dare disturb myself and Frank (Frank being the name bestowed upon my penis). Flip the accused into the air and Bruce Lee spun kick them, but alas my only choice was to slowly pull my hard and now angry cock out of his happy surrounding. Feeling that last little piece of pleasure as my cock departed from heaven inch by inch to a reality we had not expected to see for at least another hour. I got up to attend to whoever had interrupted the heated session. Carefully walked out the room and quietly asked what the problem was. This was not an easily solvable problem let me just say because I have promised to never usher out what had happened that fateful night to a friend. He was audibly frustrated by what had happened and in he’s drunken state was complaining at the top of his drunk voices ability. Before I knew it everyone had awoken and a great night had come to a premature end. I assumed the ladies would keep at it until I had dealt with the issue and returned but clearly I had been gone for too long. Miss Z walked out the room intrigued by what the entire ruckus was about and could not hold back her laughter at the situation. When it all dies down I merely walked back into the room where Mrs A was half asleep and awoke her to the sight of my cock in her face fully hard again. We tried to call Miss Z back in but by this point the conversations were flowing again. So Mrs A and I resumed our fun again before we hit the hay. Miss Z walked win while we were still at it and was shocked I still had a bit of stamina left while she was totally bushed. So she watched a bit and joined us for a good night’s rest and awoke to a sunny morning headache for a few of us.

We all make rules in the lifestyle and we try not to break them. But considering all the circumstances at hand, I don’t know anymore. All I know is that this was a rare gift that I will never forget. A night that was never meant to be was something beyond my wildest dreams. If only I could turn back the hands of time. I would have put everyone to bed in their own rooms but oh well. It was, after all, A NIGHT THAT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE………………………