Written by LickSuck69

17 Aug 2016

The cooler box ready with cold beer and wine for the trip, just waiting for my lady friend. Placing the box on the rear seat of car, and opening the door for my lady friend to get in, all in, the car hits the tar road at speed, because the farm is far, and we want to be there before night fall. On approaching the farm road, we reduce the speed to turn left and get caught in a convoy of cars on the dust road to the farm, on reaching the house we park our car under the trees.

The host introduces us to all the other guests, milling around under the lapa. There were six couples, the ladies lounging round on the chairs, whispering there fantasies while the men were standing round the fire watching the sun disappearing behind the mountains in the distant. With the fire crackling and the Jacuzzi bubbling in the back ground, I see a swing hang from the tree in the garden, I says is that what we here for and take a few steps towards the swing, everyone just burst out laughing, and carries on drinking and chatting with every one.

The ice been broken, the liquid flowing freely every body starts to get much more open minded, a lady jumps up and shouts meat is meat and a man must eat, she slowly removes her blouse an rubs her hands slowly over her breasts, leading to the back of her skirt which disappears below her knees, stepping out of skirt, she slowly walks up to me and shouts out loud you are mine. Stripping me down, my shirt first, then my jeans, she leads me to the bubbling Jacuzzi, whispering in my ear I have been wondering all night what I was going to see. On entering the Jacuzzi, we clinched into each others arms, leading to kissing each others ears, licking her breast, tickling her hardened nipples, leading my hands to her horny pussy. After fondling her pussy, she stands up and shouts out loud, this is the meat a man must eat and pushes my face right into her horny pussy, and says eat eat until your heart is content. While licking and sucking on the soft lips of her pussy, causing her to moan and scream and squeeze my cock with her hands, she forced my rock hard cock into her mouth and deep down her throat, and running her lips up and down my shaft, she says to me, I just want to ride you like a cowgirl, she leads me out of the Jacuzzi and onto the giant size bed, already been used by other couples, she mounts on top of me and thrusts her pussy onto my already rock hard cock, and rides like no tomorrow, causing me to cum many times and just feel her warm pussy juices running all over me, collapsing in my arms she whispers in my ear, this will be one of many more swings between you and me