Written by UninhibitedGuy

24 Dec 2015

True story about me and wifey,

We met and started dating in Highschool, we also started fucking quite early in our lives and remained in a monogamous relationship for a long time. All went well, but the comfort started setting in and before long we went through a rough patch and broke up to take some time apart.

Days grew into weeks and into a couple of months before we saw each other again by chance one evening out with friends. We hit it off and ended up at my place having an amazing night of ex-sex.

In fact the evening went so well, we started seeing each other again and that is when we recounted the past couple of months. She told me about all the guys she fucked and how they were rebounds etc. I had some mixed emotions, but found myself more horny than jealous.

Things went well for months, but I still had these vivid images of her fucking other men in the back of my mind. I started hinting towards threesomes and started carefully selecting the movies we watched to subconsciously get all these ideas in her head. I sent her some erotic stories and increasingly naughty pictures, gradually making her used to the idea.

She started participating, sending me pics and texts and lightly discussing the topic until one evening of drinking when we were out with a friend and ended back at our place. I can’t remember all the juicy details, but she ended up sucking both our cocks and getting fucked by us both.

I could see in her eyes that this was only the start…