25 Jul 2016

True story!! ! My husband wanted to surprise me and at the same time to make me happy ,been always wanted to taste a black cock finally we did it.Here is the story.. . The guy call himself Joel but he told us he's real name later as he was open to us

My husband ia straight but also curious he also wanted to suck a big black cock lol

It was Saturday night when my hubby invited this guy at our house he once told me about the guy but I was bit scared and not in the mood to do it with a black dude as it was going to be my first but now feel like all guys duck like him ok like Joel

When the guy came and sit on my couches looking around the house all our family picture frames I told myself maybe this guy is a thief or something my hubby said I must go bath again and smell good also wear short skirt but wasn't in the mood, but didnt want to disappoint my hubby as he planned this also wanted to see him sucking the guy

When I did a quick bath and dress like hubby says I came to my lounge hehehehe when I get there I saw my hubby holding a black black dick

My hubby called me to come taste the cock but wasn't also not shy apart from scared

Believe it or not the guy when he looked at me his cock started to get more hard and he turned and started touching my pussy he quickly kneel down and started licking and ducking my pussy with his tongue

He asked me to do dog style in a low voice he ducked me hard like they is no tomorrow lol

When I know he was about to cum I quickly say pls don't cum inside me he stopped (bit angry) and said ok I won't the guy continue fucking and didn't cum for long time and I believe the use mutti not saying coz never saw him taking but it was hard and rough

Finally he came but his cock was still hard and hard he continue but was tired so my hubby continue sucking him we did the whole night

The following day was tired

Wish we can do it again but he's now staying in Roodepoort and we not mobile we just chat

DANKIE .........