Written by Lustyboy

15 Jul 2017

So it was my 3rd encounter from the site after being on it for years and years.so this lady and i had a short chat after she said my profile pictures looks good,she would like to see more.so we ended up chatting a bit over whatsapp,not much really.well i only saw her pics on the site that did not show much and i imagined she was very hot.she was like an upperclass late 30s female that know what she wanted.

So she invited me over to her place.i drove there and it took 40mins due to it being in a neighboring town.

I arrived at the up market address where she lived.she came out wearing a mini and a blouse that reveals great amounts of tits.

So went inside and she offered me a beer and she had whiskey on the rocks.she was beautiful,with huge perfect tits,blond,light eyes ,nice body.the full monty!

We chatted a bit about general things and quickly we had a connection and talked a bit about sex.the quickly she she said:well its my place and ill make the 1ste move.she went straight to rubbing my dick thru the jeans as I started to feel her perfect tits an sucking her perfect hard nipples.we kissed a bit and her tits was out. So she said:let's go the bedroom (that was upstairs)would be much more comfy there.

Well she put on some dimmed lights and opened the porch doors.so i sat on the bed edge and she started to get rid of our close.she started to give me a decent blow till i was rock hard.she the said wait,she want me to cum inside here now.she layed back and i got ontop.we banged a while and it made noises,she complimented me on my dick and i came inside here.went on a bit but did not cum.

So she started playing and sucking my dick like I never had felt before.she was wanking me hard sucking my dick and balls.i was constantly touching and playing with here tits and pussy.she also played with herself while sucking me constantly.

We finished off and it was great.we got dressed,chat a min or 2 and she walked me to the door.we hugged and off i went

It was a really hit experience and certainly my 1st female only encounter

I do have her number and know if i ask that she wont hesitate to have me over again